Florida Man Arrested After Threatening to Blow Up Homes of Disney Executives

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On Friday, August 13, local Florida news channel WESH2 reported that Orlando authorities had arrested a Florida man on some very chilling charges. The man, identified as Steven Jordan, allegedly used a Twitter account to send numerous tweets threatening to blow up the homes of Disney executives. Jordan created the Twitter account on August 8, and Twitter suspended the account on August 9 after flagging numerous texts.

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Jordan had reportedly sent over 180 tweets in just a three-hour period but did not name any Disney executives specifically. In a report by WESH2:

Two of the tweets were directed at Walt Disney World, threatening their executives. The tweets read: “@Disney or we will blow up all of your execs houses with C4” and “@Disney I will toss a hand grenade threw their loft window.”

Officials say Jordan made other tweets at Activision Games about their executives, making derogatory comments. Twitter suspended the account on Aug. 9.

Detectives say when they interviewed Jordan, he admitted to writing the tweets.

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It is being reported that Disney executives were not the only target of the man’s angry rants. Other tweets were allegedly aimed at Activision, a video game company that is currently dealing with its own issues stemming from a sexual harassment lawsuit launched against the company.

While Disney World might be The Most Magical Place on Earth, it is not free from problems. Back in February, a man was arrested at Disney Springs after refusing to have his temperature checked and refusing to leave the property when confronted. Several Disney World employees were also recently arrested in an undercover child predator sting.

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According to authorities, this is not Jordan’s first run-in with law enforcement. Jordan has been convicted of making a false report ab0ut planting a bomb, explosives, or weapons of mass destruction. He is currently being held in the Pinellas County Jail on a $10,000 bond.

Authorities are still investigating at this time. Luckily, the account was flagged and Jordan was arrested before anyone was injured.

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