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  1. We are extremely disappointed in the changes to the fast pass system. Additionally, it’s a shame that one has to purchase a special ticket in order to ride such attractions as Ratatouille and others. We already pay a dear price for tickets to enter the parks and these additional charges are becoming more than a normal size family can afford. Many people also must also incur the cost of a flight as well. Also, having to choose a park in advance for every day of our trip is difficult since we don’t often know what the weather conditions, etc., will be on any given day. Not being able to park hop as we want to is an inconvenience. I’m not sure what prompted all these changes but I find it difficult to be believe that this all stems from the pandemic. I really think Disney is losing its magic and is no longer the “happiest place on earth”. I sincerely hope Disney revisits their decisions. We’ve always visited every other year and the last time was in May of 2019. We won’t be going back until things are back to normal, including dining plans, parades, meet & greets, park-hopping, and free fast pass lines! We are totally disappointed.

    1. Josh

      You can still ride Rise of the Resistance and Remy for free with the boarding pass system. You arent going to see your old “normal” ever again. Fast pass for free is gone and isn’t coming back.

  2. Kevan

    Disney took a huge loss due to this pandemic. No matter what their profits are, they are not nearly as high as they would have been if they had to shut down parks on both coasts and internationally. I mean Disney is the last theme park to take away free “cut the line” passes at any worthy theme park and honestly, its quite affordable compared to Six Flags and Universal or Busch Gardens. So yes, it stinks, and WHEN they bring back the dining plan I am sure it’s also going to be quite a bit more expensive, BUT, people are always going to pay for nostalgia, and Disney Has that. Sure 230,000 or so people are joining the twitter group to stop going or cancel plans, however, as of 2018, 58 million, give or take 5 million due to repeat customers, visit annually. With all they are rolling out and all the hotel refurbishments, Disney needed to update ticket, pass and dining prices to alleviate costs. In the long run, I feel, I personally feel that it will even out when the train from MCO, the 10+ new rides and shows are in full tilt, Covid-19 is a time once past, all hotels have been refurbished and all forms of transportation are up and running people will understand the price of what they pay.

  3. Mary Thompson

    Disney has gotten away from caring for their customers it seems. The prices have gotten way over the top. They raised the prices and take away more and more to make you pay more overall . Disney may have lost money profits during the COVID but so has everyone been hurt financially. Their Disney fat cat executives live high on the hog however. Walt wanted the magic to be enjoyed and yes make money to but not gouge people. Disney no longer seems the magical place. I hope people wake up and not be taken advantage I’m a very disappointed X Disney lover.

    1. Charles Elias Disney II

      Please on behalf of Disney Family call it Corporate Whore World. Walt or Roy Disney would never approve any of this abomination!

  4. Alex A

    I absolutely love the change.

    As somebody who refuses to pay comparatively exorbitant prices to stay on site, I feel like I actually have a chance to get on rides like FoP, Mine Train, amongst others that were difficult to get fast passes to unless you were staying on site, without wasting a big chunk of my time standing in a queue.

    Fastpass+ to me was one of the worst changes that WDW had made, and I’m glad it’s gone. Legacy Fastpass was the best, and obviously would’ve loved for them to go back to that, but paid route is still a much better alternative to FP+.

  5. Charles Elias Disney II

    My cousin Walt and Roy Disney have the rope in Heaven to cast the Satanic Disney Corporate Whores to Hell! Tamara and I call Disney Theme Parks Corporate Whore World. May Jesus give these Corporate Whores at my family company die from Coronavirus and suffer in Hell for all eternity!!!

  6. Ed Marks

    Disney will regret this paid Paid Lightning Lanes & Genie+. They are going to lose business & upset people. I had a great Fast Pass+ system worked out to do everything that I wanted to do over several days. Disney getting rid of free Fast Pass+, Disney’s Magical Express, & Extra Magic Hours will push more people to the parks of their far distant competitor Universal. This is not about guest experiences anymore, now it is only about making extra $ & that is wrong. I don’t like Universal, but they will definitely benefit from Disney’s mistakes.

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