Comments for Dwayne Johnson Loses “Highest Paid Actor” Status to Another Hollywood Superstar

dwayne johnson in jungle cruise

Credit: Disney


  1. frank

    How about we say the other person in the title instead of having to go through half the article for an answer

  2. Vina


    1. Frankly I don’t care. After the news about Disney charging for Fast Passes I don’t feel the same about Disney. You can TELLING they are in it for ONLY the money now. Everyone suffered this past year because of Covid. Disney has decided that they will make up ALL the money they lost on the backs of their fans. Food prices have already gone up anywhere from 25% to 100%. I don’t know if anyone has thought of this but the second tier where you pay for each ride is going to be all the top rides. There will be plenty of people who can and will pay this. That means unless you pay you won’t get to ride these rides anymore. They will be strictly “pay to ride” rides. They have already said that the the mine train and the new Remy ride will be pay as you go. In Paris they are charging up to $18.00 per ride. So, if your not rich or well off you will now be segregated from the good rides. Everyone should boycott Disney. I know this won’t happen but it should. It’s only going to get worse.

      1. S.Espi.

        Good Ole Mr. Walt Disney, just turned over in his grave…

  3. kim gray

    I do not like Daniel Craig. That is my taste. The rock is a totally different type of actor/person. They are in different type of movies. The rock is in a variety of different movies. He branches out and does other things. Daniel Craig. is lately the only one they could get to do 007. I do not reccall him doing other moviesor anything else.

    1. Sheila Bradley

      He has done a lot of different movies. Knives Out, Girl with the Dragon tatoo, House, where he met his wife Rachel Weiss etc. He also starred in the voted 2 top James Bond movies of all time. He would still be James Bond if he wasn’t getting old.

  4. Sandra Evans

    I can’t believe that Daniel Craig gets that much,for what!?If he had to stay in shape,act in different categories, and be as accessible and approachable as Dewayne Johnson, maybe he should receive half of what the Rock gets.Hes a great husband,dad,and son on top of all that! Love Dewayne Johnson 😇🥰

  5. Jie

    100mil and tied for a franchise, while DJ gets 50mil for a single movie and able to proceed with another movie of his choice. Still a win for DJ to me.

    1. Heather Warner

      The only way to win the Disney gouging is to boycott. The bulk of their money comes from the very fans they are pricing out of the market. I was planning a DW vacay for next year…were hitting Universal instead.

  6. S.Espi.

    Charging EXTRA $$$ to Ride Rollercoasters @ His Park..? A 100% ‘Mark-UP’ on Foods…?
    The Great Mr. Walt Disney, just turned over in his grave…
    he wouldn’t have agreed to that in HIS FUN Park…..

  7. Jim Barber III

    I have always liked the Rock and I like Daniel.I can’t feel bad for anyone making that kind of money.It would take me 800+ years to earn that much and right now I am just hoping to stay on top of my bills.I should be in some movies.

  8. Pamela Scherer

    Scarlett should be banned from making movies for Disney, by Disney. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you, you foolish girl. Now go away.

    1. Eve

      I agree almost 100% of the time, but working in this industry and knowing how specific contracts get, she did lose a huge chunk of what she was rightfully (or should have been rightfully given) because Disney released it on the same day as the theatres. Disney breached her contract. She gets absolutely know royalties from any money Black Widow made off of streaming vs. box office. And since it made well into the hundreds of millions in Disney + she’s not entitled to any of it, whereas if they hadn’t released it and it was in theaters it would’ve gotten huge numbers and she’d be getting paid. She got paid X amount I think it was about $10 mil for the movie, the rest of her income was to come from box office sales which were the worst of any Marvel movie and it was because Disney released it the same day as theaters. This is becoming an ongoing issue in many different points of views. Theatres are losing out now that they’re back open, actors who are under a clause like Scarlett are getting screwed, it’s just unknown territory because of COVID still even though theatres are opening back up. She also is the only star from the Marvel/Avengers Cast to be an executive producer of any movie in the series. She was executive producer of Black Widow and extremely hands on for her movie whereas other actors from the MCU movies haven’t been. So while I normally would agree with you and say “listen these are the people paying you” in this case I 100% agree with her because they’re paying her but if they’ve done her wrong in any way, just as employers of everyday people…you’re grateful for your employer but if they’ve done something wrong you’re going to want to take action and have that corrected. Only difference here is we’re looking and talking about millions of dollars and celebrities.

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