Mysterious Construction at Super Nintendo World Could Be Donkey Kong

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Donkey Kong

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Donkey Kong has long been rumored as an addition to the Super Nintendo World expansions that are coming to Universal theme parks around the world. But could this expansion be coming to Universal Studios Japan soon? New construction next to Super Nintendo World has some fans hoping for Donkey Kong in the near future.

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The first Super Nintendo World expansion is already open at Universal Studios Japan. NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell said that Super Nintendo World will be the “cornerstone” of Universal theme parks. That is why I am not surprised to see construction already taking place in this newly opened land.

Thanks to Universal fan and Twitter user, @PUSJJJJ you can see the massive scaffolding structure that has gone up in between Hogwarts Castle and Super Nintendo World.

So what makes fans think this is a Donkey Kong addition to Super Nintendo World?

Back when Super Nintendo World was announced a model of the land appeared online, at first this appeared to be a leak but when the land was completed at Universal Studios Japan it was clear that the model was accurate. In addition to the model of Super Nintendo World, there was also a full model of a Donkey Kong land.

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Source: The Unofficial Universal Podcast

Universal has not made any announcements regarding Donkey Kong coming to the theme parks. However, we reported on data miners uncovering Donkey Kong stickers inside the app used for interactive play at Super Nintendo World.

Again, since Universal has not acknowledged Donkey Kong coming to the parks this is all pure speculation! I, like many Universal fans, believed that a Donkey Kong addition to Super Nintendo World would likely only appear at the planned Epic Universe Super Nintendo World as Epic Universe would be a brand new theme park with plenty of room for it.

Universal's Epic Universe
Credit: Universal Orlando

However, given the construction at Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Japan, it is possible that a smaller Donkey Kong addition could be coming to USJ!

Currently, Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan features the Maro Kart: Koopa’s Challenge attraction, and Yoshi’s Adventure attraction.

We will just have to wait for Universal to make an official announcement in regards to the mysterious construction at Super Nintendo World to be sure. But as a Nintendo fan, my fingers are of course crossed for Donkey Kong.

Do you think this construction could be for a small Donkey Kong expansion? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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