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Disneyland resort magic key program

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  1. KenG

    As a so-called “Legacy AP” that had the top-level Disneyland pass, I am not sure if I would call this “exciting”.
    I have a very bad feeling about this….

    Maybe this is just an interim program until 2022. I just don’t see how Walt Disney World and every other theme park in California (and everywhere else) has back their full annual pass programs and Disneyland will not. Folks will (and already are) bypassing Disneyland and buying annual passes to Knott’s, Universal. Legoland and others.
    We will see how this goes….

    1. Chris

      It depends on what they do, but I strongly suspect that will also announce the program is going to be at Disney World too, and almost everyone will be shocked.

      1. Manny

        Disneyland Annual passes have always been an issue due the park’s limited size. Covid has given the management an opportunity to get rid of it. This will not be happening at WDW due to the park’s larger size and how locals actually kept the park afloat during the pandemic. What has been seen is how loyal some AP holders were and are being rewarded as such. Those that decided not to continue their Annual Pass are reaping the consequence of their actions.

  2. mykie

    if the “California resident special” is any indication, I suspect the new AP will just be wholesale tiered blocks of days that can be used throughout the year, subject to block dates depending on the level of pass bought.

    Of course, the top-level will include more days than could possibly be used (but not “unlimited”)

  3. Kelly

    Disneyland could not sustain the AP program as it was. It was way too crowded to enjoy the parks and so many locals just hanging out and people watching. I love being there now with just paying day ticket holders. Hopefully an annual pass never comes back.

    1. CJ

      Disney missing an opportunity to receive monthly payments from its “Biggest Fans”?!? Not A Chance! lol! The “Biggest Fans” will just pay more and get less, This “Magic Key” is going to be nonsense if that makes you feel better

      1. Jason

        No way. Annual pass holders don’t spend as much as a vacation guest. Also passes are much cheaper overall than tickets.

        1. T.M

          I have to disagree We were Annual Pass holders for 28 years and we spent more because of the savings on Entry to the Parks we were able to spend multiple Thousands of dollars each trip on Premium view rooms, dining experiences, shopping and expensive vacation Park experiences and several times each year.The Passes afforded us to spend the money anyway they got it all but so did we.A better deal all around.

    2. T.M.

      I disagree, we come from out of state and have for years I never complained about the crowds, always had a great time, and understood the long lines.I also understand that the locals deserve to be in the Parks whenever they choose it’s their backyard and they pay plenty in taxes and cost of living to justify that.Disneyland is for everybody and worked just fine the way it was before the pandemic.

  4. Robert Jones

    I was just at DL and it was great. Not near as crowded as it has been in years past. I hope the SoCal pass at least is completely eliminated if not the whole pass program. As for those looking elsewhere for a pass..let them.. Disneyland will be just fine..
    As a note here…even with partial capacity Star Wars Rise of the Resistance was near impossible to get on.

    1. Patrick

      Rise is always tricky. Its nuts really.

  5. Ruben Ruben

    WDW’s AP program and DL’s AP program cannot be compared face to face. Though on the surface they’re similar, AP attendance to WDW does not compare to DL’s AP attendance, simply due to the fact that far more people live within 30 minutes of Disneyland than to WDW. In the past, it was far easier for person living in SoCal to make a day trip (or even a visit of just a few hours) to DL than it would be for a person to do the same at WDW. It was those “day-visitors” to DL, the kids getting out of school or the people getting off of work that had the hankering for a dole whip or churro and a ride on Pirates, that would cause the afternoon and evening crowd surges at the park. Though a tiered “Flex-Pass” style of AP won’t cure crowd surging on its own, that coupled with a reservation system will hopefully keep crowd levels at a level that doesn’t make everyday feel like Christmas Day at DL.

  6. Ron

    Those who “hope” Disneyland will eliminate the APs for their own happiness are going to be deeply disappointed, There is no way Corporate is going to miss out on monthly payments from SOCal residents,
    contrary to popular belief It’s the CA residents/ APs that keep Disneyland afloat
    Tourists don’t bring in the revenue at Disneyland like they do at WDW .
    So, enjoy it while you can…. They’re coming baaaack… lol

  7. You haven’t given us any new information so how can we comment on it??

  8. I hope they do something for Southern CA residents even though I am from Las Vegas. With no pass now from Southern CA it seems there is currently enough demand to support. We are waiting till we can get the new program which had and AP before.

    Bring on the Magic Disney. I need a $10 churro.

  9. Steven Pendelton

    Has someone who has had a pass or been a cast member since 1983 this is really weirding me out not being able to go whenever I want and spend more money per annual visitations (time frame) than a out of state or out of towner on a 1-3day visit.

    1. T.M.

      Not True.We are out of state and held Annuals for 28 straight years and our so called (time frame) because of the passes was as much as 6 times per year and as long as 11 straight days while paying for Premium Hotel rates on site, it afforded us to spend thousands more per visit and being local and a cast member I doubt seriously you have ever stayed a week at a time in the Grand paying as much as 7 to 8 hundred each night .We did many times and it was well worth it.The passes made it possible.I respect your local passion and privileges but also you must know even people that really do go for even one day and maybe even from out of state or in could easily spend far more than you or I in a day It just takes one piece of Art or one large Tip or one Themed Suite or even a one hour Wedding.

      1. Diz

        @ T.M , You obviously underestimate the passion and over the top dedication the locals /SoCal AP holders have for Disneyland. It’s cute you spend Thousands of dollars a few times a year , but I guarantee the local APs And cast members have outspent you over the last 28 years,
        I.E – Galaxy’s edge was considered a flop until the locals and cast members were allowed back into the parks with their wallets in hand, The out of towners simply don’t keep the park afloat the way the locals do, just a fact my friend

        1. T.M.

          Diz, I was in no way insulting what the locals pay,and it’s not cute that I have spent in the hundreds of Thousands now. I was simply stating that not all of us coming from out of state are a once a year visit and we do contribute much more when given an option of Annuals.It affords all of us extravagances to add to the magic.I am certainly not wanting or am even needed to keep this Empire afloat.I simply will continue as a native Californian and Disney fan to always be a part of the magic.This is nothing to get angry about it’s a discussion.

        2. T.M.

          Anyone that has experienced the Magic and returns time and again to the Parks are welcome and their money is good and they deserve to enjoy the magic and if you had read any of my comments above you would know I have respect and understanding of the locals,I to was very close to becoming a local until your local laws concerning this virus spiraled more out of control than the virus itself.I came very close to accepting a position and it would have afforded me also many perks and free days inside the parks as well .

        3. T.M.

          It’s sad to see a defender of all things local and Disney to be so ugly to others most of keep the Magic with us and are even happier the closer we are to the Parks. Wishing you a Magical Day.

          1. Diz

            @TM , Interesting that you found my comment so combative and ugly, I was simply stating facts Perhaps you should read it again without hostility?
            But also on the subject of Your comments, I found them a bit “Braggy” and to state to the cast member you “seriously doubt they ever spent a week at the grand” was pretty rude..I have and I’m a local,
            like I said before we locals love our Disney and take VERY good care of them with or without tourists, simply said..
            With that,
            I wish you a magical day as well my friend, I hope you can take other people’s comments without being so hostile next time ,
            Also wishing you and your family health and happiness wherever you moved to have less care and restrictions towards this global pandemic we are currently in. 🙂

  10. I am a Annual Pass holder and was active in March 2020 but I didn’t receive an email announcing the Magic Key program.. but Yes I’m very interested

  11. I am an annual passholder and my pass was active in March 2020 but I didn’t get the email announcing the magic key program. But yes I’m very interested in the new program

  12. T.M.

    Our Family held Annual Passes for 28 consecutive years and we did not receive an e-mail yesterday regarding this and we still have not received a refund after being reassured it was escalated 3 different times.We were never noticed in the crowd and sadly forgotten.

  13. Cocozee

    How come no one can get the time zone correct? It’s PDT when daylight saving time is being observed and PST the rest of the time! Sheesh! No tell me more about this Magic Key.

  14. T.M.

    I’m not really sure where all the mean comments come from with some of the locals, being from out of state and not visiting as often as the locals we really are a scattered pattern of Park time and people with children local or not are always staggering in Park time due to children’s needs and demands.Only since the shut down have some locals become quite verbally ugly and territorial about visitors to Disneyland.There are many in the Park that are local and make up a huge amount of the head count it’s to be expected and appreciated and shared for all.The crowds regardless of where they are visiting from has never been an issue with this family.

  15. T.M.

    It also sounds very hypocritical to me all the complainers that want us others from out of state to not crowd the Parks or obtain passes that they have not also taken into consideration how much Tourism means to the state of California how much money we pump into your area just getting to Disneyland and leaving.We have never stayed at Disneyland Resorts without also adding time at the beaches.Think about all the businesses destroyed throughout this virus we need food, shelter, gas,supplies, auto needs and repairs, On our last visit we paid a Doctor over $900 to visit our room and take care of our grandchild’s coming down unexpectedly sick.You complainers talk big about the locals well all above considered those are all locals.

    1. Lando

      @TM What exactly are you referring to? Most of the comments are people hoping they DONT bring the APs back and you disagreeing or getting offended about everything, the only hypocrite or complainer here seems to be you. lol

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