Comments for Stormtroopers Go Viral After Complimenting Child’s Face Mask

Stormtroopers on a balcony (left and right) Cinderella Castle (middle)

Credit: Nick Parker TikTok (left and right) / Disney (center)


  1. Sue

    Why is Disney, or any other, so desperate for face masks? So desperate they write a story about a child’s face mask.
    Stop it! Masks actually contribute to the spread of covid.

    1. Manny

      Based on which research study. People like you who spread misinformation should find some co sequence to your actions. Karma will eventually catch up with you. If you are doing this for money as many trolls are for right wing think tanks and PACs you should be doubly dammed.

      1. SG

        True dat

    2. Melanie Durham

      Why can’t you say something nice

  2. Melanie Durham

    I think this a cute a very refreshing story! Thank you In The Magic

  3. Scruff

    And literally nobody finds it mildly ironic or comedic that Stormtroopers like COVID masks? They’re the bad guys. They’re the fascist dictators in the movies in case you forgot. For them to be enforcing COVID masks is quite symbolic and accurate at that.

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