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  1. Manny

    Now everything is ala carte. The top level should have the water parks
    Included so basically they are charging the same price and removing perks. This is the new business model for Disney. The value proposition for the Disney guest is getting less magical by the day and better for stock holders.

  2. It is hard to believe that the most magical place on earth, would give you only 3 days to play in the park. My family and I loved to spend 4 days at the Cabin’s once a month and enjoy our family time. We miss every minute of that special time of memories. It’s about the memories and the family time you get to spend with each other. Not having to worry about well if it rains and we made reservations on that day or well my Dad is a total a permanent Disabled Marine, and He can only do so much in one day. We can’t come back for several months or we will use up all our reservations. This is for people that don’t visit your parks often and could careless about memories and family time. Those that our staying 8 days in Florida Disney use to crave for them to be at their parks. Now you our okay with allowing these guests to go somewhere different or go on cruises.

    1. Tonya

      @ Kelly Howard, If you have reservations on property, you get to hold as many park reservations as you have in your stay. So if you have a 10 day resort reservation, you will be allotted 10 Park Pass reservations.

    2. Robert

      The 3 day limit for reservations is only for the “Pixie Dust” pass. The “Pirate” pass gives you 4, while the “Sorcerer” and “Incredi-Pass” give you 5.

  3. Manny

    Omg you have also increased the black out dates.

  4. Damon

    All I’m wondering about is how Genie+ plays into this?

  5. Ben

    No Florida Resident Incredipass rate? Florida Platinum pass holders just got a BIG price increase!

  6. IC

    Bob Chapek’s greed for money has ruined the most magical place on earth. For a non-Floridian and non-DVC member person, it will cost $1299+tax to get an annual pass. Does iDisney only want to cater to Floridisns?

    1. Al

      I live in Florida and I do not call what they are offering a break.. I’m still 3 hours away they took away my silver pass now they want to charge $700 for a pass. If I wanted the top tier it’s the same price you pay.

  7. Daniel Doolhoff

    For me I usually would go for 2 weeks at a time.

    This really makes it almost useless to buy an annual pass now, or to even schedule a vacation to Disney World.

  8. Michelle Schlemmer

    I live in GA and can travel to Disney as much as someone that lives in certain places in FL, do you not want my money just because I’m not in FL?!? I would buy 3 of these passes if 1) the cheaper ones were available and/or 2) the payment plan was available to out of state residents

    1. EL

      I couldn’t agree more! I live in Georgia, and I’m closer to Orlando than Atlanta. It’s crazy that we can’t reap the same benefits because of a state line.

  9. Ben Murello

    what are they thinking???

    Way to expensive for the average family. I really enjoyed the Gold pass. It gave me a reasonable return for my money.

  10. Ben Murello

    do DVC members get a break on these passes?

    1. Jeremiah

      I haven’t seen a complete breakdown. But it doesn’t appear. The only perk is that if you are an pit of stater, you can also purchase the 3rd tier package, whereas if not a DVC member, you are only able to get the top tier plan and must pay all upfront.

  11. The most expensive IOA pass is still cheaper then the pirate pass, plus you get 100x better perks. I get that the CEO is suppose to make money for stock holders, but nobody had a problem with what Iger did, and he made the stock holders plenty of money.

    1. Bernie

      Its not for the stock holders, they haven’t payed a dividend for a year now!! Its going back into the park expansion.

  12. Kim Reynolds

    Chicago family here – used to take our whole crew every other year for a week – we’d rent a multi family house and drop a buttload of money at the parks. It’s become painfully clear that Disney could give a rat’s arse about 1- out of state visitors and 2- those not staying in an owned property. Season passes are ludicrous if you can’t come four times a year, and being just the average joe trying to get a park ticket and get on rides is like visiting a third world country. We’d finally had enough – the experience could no longer balance out the insane financial burden. I could go to Italy for ten days for what it costs to stand in crazy lines over five days in Disney’s world – not the values I want to teach my kid in the end. Nice while it lasted.

  13. Jeff

    Greed, greed, greed. AP holder for years, now you can kiss my a**! Disney assumes their customers are stupid and will cough up more money for less and less. Paying for FastPass is the last straw.

    1. Jeremiah

      You need to vent to a website that is actually ran by Disney. This site isn’t and is made for travel planners that carer to Disney. Disney doesn’t read these comments.

  14. Marc Disney

    I can’t wait to renew my pass so I can choose from one of these magical options!

  15. Wilma ine Sussi

    Will you be able to purchase annual passes on line or do you need to speak with a live agent

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