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  1. KenG

    It seems you are speculating about the prices!
    So let me speculate as someone who lives in this over-priced, over-taxed, over regulated state of California. There is the reason!

    1. Eric M

      It’s to squeeze more money out of annual pass holders.

      1. Gave my pass up when all this crap started. not going to renew. trying to gouge more $$ out of us for poorer service.

  2. rob

    there has to be a breaking point when the public will no longer pay these prices , hopefully its soon , I have reached that point i would rather be without something then pay these nickel and diming fees, just for a 5 or ten minute thrill , no thank you disney i will be curtailing my spending at disney

    1. agree with you. was an annual holder. getting too pricey. watch travel channel. less costly..

      1. SG

        Boycott Genie, Boycott Genie, Boycott Genie…

  3. Cary San

    I was a past Disneyland pass holder and I would like the option to buy genie + at a discounted yearly add on cost like I was previouslyable to do with max pass. I would also like a parking add on for the year like available in previous years.

  4. Lisa

    As if you were t getting enough money from us Disney? In the matter of the pandemic you have turned a super fan into someone who it ticked off by your price gouging all the time and bad decisions about things like for some employees to get vaccines. Add to it the tv shows that constantly wade into politics, the bias news. I am fairly over it as a passholder, stock holder and supporter. What happened to democratic society? Shame on you.

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