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Boo Bash crowds (left) / Mickey Halloween Pumpkins in the trees (right)


  1. Karen

    Heck no. Way to much money on top of an already expensive vacation.


      1. michael vrooman

        PLEASE dont give them any ideas

      2. jen

        [ Bob will remember that. ]

  2. Tonya

    I have attended MMSSHP and can say that it was a WONDERFUL time. Best firework show! Unfortunately, my hopes are not high for Boo Bash as it seems that many of the perks have been taken away but we all have to be understanding with the pandemic and all. We will be in attendance in early October and feel fortunate to have any bit of Disney magic that we can get.

  3. Patrick

    I too have attended several MNSSHP events and had a great time and it was worth the money. It was long enough to do without doing a park ticket day and still get alot of MK time and fun in, just later. This Boo Bash for more money, less time, and events and also being run shoddy to boot? I get that Disney has to train new people, but they still have all the processes and procedures that worked before at least. Is no one able look up anything in a manual or old notes anywhere? And did they dump all of their management in the last year that no one else knows how to do anything?

    1. Jennifer

      I was leaving at that time and they had to turn styles open the exit it was like being herded into two exits! Peoples trampling on each other‘s feet, wheelchair is not being able to get through, scooters at a., It was chaotic and disgusting. Everybody was shoulder to shoulder smooshed trying to siphon out. I immediately said to management who is standing over near the wheelchair return that it was unacceptable that only two spots were open for us to exit and that it needed to change we should not of been smooshed like that because I wanted to leave all the other turn styles open for boo Bash guess! It was disturbing and disgusting!!!

      1. Brandon

        The Fireworks Dump is always super crowded like that because everyone is leaving at once. This is old hat for Disney fans. Settle down, Karen.

        1. Traci

          Still using that immature pop culture term “karen” sounds to me this is like a reasonable adult who just didn’t want to get squished in a herd of people. Or you’re just cow and will settle for anything Disney throws your way whether it works or doesn’t doesn’t work.

    2. Amy

      Won’t be wasting my money on that…..

  4. Sheri

    Our family went to the first Boo Bash and sadly don’t feel like it was worth the very high ticket price. No fireworks or parade. We’ve been to MNSSHP and another After Hours event. It did not live up to either. It was way more crowded than the previous After Hours event we went to. Almost like visiting a park on an off season day, but at night and with way less time. Way less entertainment and activities than MNSSHP. There were a bunch of photopass opportunities, but the lines were long which seemed a waste considering the event was only 3 hrs. Our family was disappointed to say the least.

    1. J Skellington

      Thanks for confirming our suspicions!
      We can spend that money better off property while in town! 😃

  5. Rusty

    These events are a Disney cash grab. They give tickets away for resort screw ups resulting in over crowding.
    The candy they used to give was the same everywhere you went 🙄 and photo ops and popcorn stands were plagued with long lines
    Did them twice, hoping for a better outcome and nope… never again.

    1. Traci

      Agreeded. I used to attend for the extra characters such as the hitchhiking ghosts. And I used to love the atmosphere.

  6. J Skellington

    Just this…



  7. Jen

    You’d think by now, bc parks are always so packed, they would be open for 24hrs, 12hrs of normal, 12hrs of 18+ at night. Two separate days in one, they could make so much money lmao

    1. Tom

      Great idea! Why not at least keep some lands of the park open til 2a.m.? Several years ago the 24 hour party created gridlock in Anaheim. So I was mystified it has not been repeated. It would have been great as a ticked event.

  8. yoyo

    who cares??? What about Chapek decision on free fastpass or paid. How much. Get on with it Chapek.

  9. Richard

    I’m sorry. But this is not worth the money. If you want to throw away $129 to over $200 for basically 3 hours that’s your money. I look for value. I will wait for when MNSSHP comes backs.

  10. R.J.

    Special After Hours Event Guests should be admitted to the Park… “AFTER HOURS”. I’m NOT leaving the Park on my regular admission ticket until the Park is closed at regular time. (I paid for a FULL DAY). You shouldn’t be entering the Park for your AFTER HOURS event until AFTER regular Park hours. Leaving a one (1) hour window for people traffic leaving the Park should be sufficient. After that, the AFTER HOURS event can start. WHY DOES DISNEY COMPLICATE THIS???

  11. Debbie

    I mean common, August,Halloween. It’s FAR TOO SOON.
    I think Walt would be disgusted at the decisions to maximize profit over the enjoyment of the park. It’s not even worth staying on property anymore. You have to pay for daily parking at your resort unless you’re staying at Grand Floridian or other high end resort. We drive down from Ontario Canada and we are on a budget and stay at Pop Century or the All Stars, now for a 10 day stay it’s another couple hundred for damn parking. No big parades in MK anymore the characters are far and few between it’s all about the mighty dollar. And it’s sad.
    We’ve been going down since the 1980’s including camping on our honeymoon ( Fort Wilderness). It’s just not the same. Sad really. We are planning our next trip and looking for a condo in Kissimmee to save some money. And I hate the thought of not staying in property.

  12. Jan

    I think Disney has the 7pm entry because it takes a while to get people into the park. If everyone tried to enter at 9pm, they’d miss a chunk of the time they paid for. Nobody is asking day guests to leave before the day is over.

  13. Tom

    I am booked for August 31st. I had tried to get tickets for dates I was booked at All Stars in October but the darn having to call in I was not able to get my dates until it went on general sale online. I am flying in from California. I loved Mickey’s not so scary on both coasts. I am bummed there is not going to be a special parade or fireworks show for this. I probably read it and forgot but dam no park admittance til 7 p.m. The new Disney management really blows !!!

  14. Lets face it, money, money money then more money…people are ridiculous enough to pay for it so why change anything for the better or to the plus side? For years now, disappointing because as so many other entities- the reason was 9-11 for more cost and negative changes, now its because of covid that more negative changes and higher prices– I do believe Walt would be so disheartened because if you watch the older black n white of Walts interview of when Disney first opened, today is NOT what he envisioned, i can guarantee that!

  15. Amy McLean

    How do they check to see if you paid to stay for Boo Bash? Do they check? Are people staying if they didn’t purchase tickets?

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