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  1. Kelly

    Salt and Straw is going in where Ample Hills was supposed to go, they announced it on their Instagram.

    1. Val

      Dave and busters would be great

      1. Gern Blanston

        Nope and Nopesters!

    2. Gmc

      Bring back and updated Disney Quest that place was amazing!

  2. Glenn

    like to see an updated Disney Quest return to NBA experience

  3. Val

    Dave and busters would be awesome

  4. Donna Stevens

    The Adventures Club must come back. We need an adult only place. We would go every night and stay till closed. Best entertainment ever! Please bring this back!

    1. Chantay Visokay

      I agree! We loved and greatly miss the Adventurers Club!

    2. Jenny B Stoneburner

      Definite the Adventurers Club!

      1. Carol

        Definitely something for adults!

  5. Soft play for kids and adults,trampoline Park,updated disney quest.

  6. DianeMRL

    If they would have updated Disney Quest, like they should have, it wouldn’t have cost millions to tear it down and build something very few wanted in the first place! We as a family attended the soft opening of DQ and went every year. My older son went in it’s last days. Yes, it was in serious need of updating, which could have been done easily! Disney exec’s do not listen to the shareholders! Getting rid of The Adventurers Club was another bonehead idea!

  7. Joe Biden

    They should put a President Donald Trump museum in there.

  8. Make the building into a multilevel Disney themed escape room(s). Add audioanimatronics, Disney princess’s, villains, Marvel, or even the big 5. Clues based on Disney movies or rides. Lots of Disney magic and all ages fun and music. Imagine Elsa creating and ice bridge to get you out of a room or figure out how to help Buzz and friends escape from the trash. Or a room that makes you part of the haunted mansion. It could even be different adventures and
    Clues every visit based on your decisions. Sounds like at least 3-4 hours of entertainment experience. $29 per person one
    Experience or $129 for all day. Disney would make bank.

  9. JT

    Bring back DisneyQuest! It worked as there were myriad options plus dining areas

    Add in Disney/Marvel/Pixar themed escape rooms!

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