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  1. Joseph Kastner

    The new segregation in America. We are so afraid of a virus that isn’t going away and that 99 percent will survive

    1. Joseph Hansel

      A couple of things to consider: I’m not sure how many dead you consider acceptable? But 1% of the USA population would be over a million people dead. And the polio virus still exists in the world, but we have prevented death from it for decades through mandatory vaccination.

      1. Kamm

        Well said. Agree with you totally. Thanks for the post/

      2. ConnieWms

        and how long did they test that vaccine before it was being offered? And it was never mandated that everyone needed to get it.

    2. Connie


  2. Paul

    Why are people so afraid of a vaccine that both Trump and Biden have already taken? Also, NFL QBs are apparently also suffering from the Dunning-Kruger effect.

    1. Ethan

      The Dunning-Kruger effect and NFL quarterbacks? Come on alter that’s old news! google “colin kaepernick”

  3. Bert

    You might find this shocking but there are smart people and doctors on both sides of this. How many people who die from the jab and who are injured from the jab are we okay with? There are people like myself who were told by their doctors it is a bad idea to get the jab. A lot more complex than you think. I suggest you do your own research and have an open mind to others who choose not to get it. They are a lot more informed than you think.

    1. Matt

      Of course, most people seem to change their position on this once they need to be intubated or are on verge of death, as has been widely reported recently of the numerous cases those on your side of the aisle. Scary way to live, if you ask me – pretty selfish and shortsighted and uneducated. You’re affecting the lives of others as well by allowing this disease to go on and mutate.

      1. Bert

        You show my case exactly. You listen to nothing except, “I did not get the jab”. Not that I was told not to from a really smart doctor. Not the hours of research that went behind the decision.

        I encourage you to listen to others and realize there are other points of view. Just a little understanding is all this world needs.

      2. ConnieWms

        YOU are the selfish, shortsighted and uneducated one. Not to mention rude. How about taking responsibility for yourself. If you don’t want to get sick then make sure YOU, keep your distance; YOU wear your mask; YOU wash and sanitize every little thing around you before touching it to make sure the person cleaning is actually cleaning not just wiping down with an old dirty cloth. YOU take care of yourself. There are so many more dying and being injured from the vaccines then the public is being told. I just spent 7 hellish days in the hospital BECAUSE of getting the vaccine. Infectious Disease came to my bedside apologizing for the Pharmacist’s neglect in giving me the second shot after telling her I had been exposed just five days prior and that I had started a cough and I have a history of leg blood clots. I now am searching for a cardiologist because I have an aortic aneurysm of which I did not have prior to my first injection. So don’t be so quick to judge others because you were scared and believed the news that getting the vaccine will protect you from those choosing not to get something that isn’t yet proven to cause defects.

    2. PAlterBoy

      Bert, actually no, there aren’t “smart people on both sides of this”. That’s a meme the anti-vaxxers like to use. But the reality is those who actually understand, research, lead public health policy and educate on vaccines are unanimous.

      Now, if you have a medical condition that your physician says might be dangerous for you, that’s different. But if a doctor is recommending against the vaccine and isn’t a specialist in this area, you need to go get another doctor. These doctors are a lot more uninformed than you think.

      1. Bert

        Again, just listen to others. It truly amazes me. I can list the doctors who are cautioning others right now. Again, they are smarter than us.

        I am not an anti-vaxxer. I am pro-science and pro vaccine. Do your own homework and be open minded to others. That is all I say. If it is good for you, then great. I am happy for you.

      2. pauls not so bright

        the only dumb people on either side are the people who got the shot because a politician and news anchor said to! and I’m willing to bet its most of the people posting on here including you paul!

    3. Jamie F

      This is completely ridiculous. If someone doesn’t want a vaccine that doesn’t work, just like the flu one, then that’s their choice. I’ve never had someone ask me if I had a flu shot to go to work, restaurants, shopping, etc. Had the flu shot twice in my lifetime & was the sickest those 2 years I’ve even been. There’s plenty of evidence that the numbers are inflated. My entire family tree has pretty much had COVID & they were fine after a couple days. Just run down for a few afterwards. The vaccine has been proven it lowers your immune system which is what the flu one did to me. I won’t get right now & I shouldn’t be exempt from any place just because of it. Those that are forcing people is completely unethical and need to stop dividing people one way or another. It’s ridiculous.

  4. Manny

    Now that FDA approval for Phizer shot is coming I wonder what the next excuse will be? Those that are so flippant about the death rate can add themselves to the list. I work in the insurance space and there is talk about a vaccination rider. So good luck getting your hospital bill paid. I guess in the end Darwin’s theory will hold merit once again.

  5. Lisa Harrigan

    Good for Disney.
    And there are no smart people on the anti-vaxxer side, only very sick and dead people. See who is currently filling the hospital beds.

    1. Jamie F

      Currently it’s the vaccinated that are taking up the hospital beds. Everything was going down till the open borders started it back up again. Stop watching the National news. They lie. Try local

  6. SG

    As a nurse who immunized thousands this year. I had no one, zero, who were getting the vaccine or in the car with someone getting the vaccine EVER say their doctor told them not to get the vaccine! EVER people! The science is clear, if you have any health issues, stage 4 cancer, renal failure, heart disease, any chronic health issue you are at the top of the list to get this vaccine. It will not kill you, COVID will, especially this Delta varient! Yes the vaccinated can get a break through case but 90% won’t need hospitalization. They will live.
    I just worked a shift at my neighborhood monoclonal antibodies injection center and those people were horribly sick, all were COVID positive and wanted to live, some were faint and terrified, they knew they will end up in the hospital. They welcomed 4 injections of this life saving medicine and most of these were not elderly, they were all ages (over 12). One young couple were fitness buffs assumed that they were healthy enough to ride out this epidemic but when they started feeling horrible they knew it’s get this medicine, this last chance before going to the hospital and hoping to walk out. Many don’t.

    1. Melanie Durham

      Thank you for sharing! I’m a scrub tech and I’ve seen 2 deceased people being rolled out last week from ICU because of Covid! I wish I could bring these disbelievers into the unit to show them these poor people who are suffering.

  7. Don

    It’s useless trying to talk to these MSM brainwashed people Bert.

  8. ConnieWms

    And I’m an anti-vaxxer as someone said earlier but I feel myself to be pretty smart person. Unfortunately the pharmacist who didn’t follow protocol injected me yet I’m the one that spent the week in the covid floor with pneumonia and supposedly according to some of the doctors who saw me, Delta variant but the crap of it all is that I now have to find a cardiologist because DUE TO THE PFIZER VACCINE that was given to me July 30th I have an aortic aneurysm! I am a commercial bus driver and will more likely lose my job because I can not fully perform. I was not going to get the vaccine and am 100% against it! The ONLY reason I got it is my ailing mom is about to undergo three kidney surgeries and my dad just recently died from cancer I was told I could not escort her into the facility if I was not vaccinated.

    My niece was given the vaccine while pregnant because “its so safe even pregnant moms can receive it” well. He otherwise healthy baby was a month early and spent his first month in the NICU due to her getting the vaccine!


  9. Hope

    1.6 million is being allocated to address the issue that a lot of women aren’t getting their menstruation for months!!!!
    No one knows yet what the real ramifications of these vaccines are. It’s easy to demand but who will help those women when they can’t have children. There are problems now without the vaccine. Which will be compounded by the vaccines.

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