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  1. Drew

    Disney realizes that movie is about Segregation, right? And that white Southerners are portrayed as cliche, ignorant racists? I’m interested in the makeover because I enjoyed Tiana and the movie, but like Song of the South, I wonder how it stands the test of time.

  2. Jayce

    Honestly – a totally irrelevant and unnecessary change. If this truly is for the remodel that is. I love PATF as a film and think it would make a great ride. With all the space they have there’s plenty of room for a new addition. However, Disney is failing on this one. The amount of people (of all types) that have spoken out against the change went ignored. Sending a message that they truly do not care about their guests. This is a sign of the times, and like all things, will fade. No matter how “good” they make the ride, the reasoning behind it overshadows any good that they will try to invoke. Now if they want to represent people, great, but now you have to represent everyone fully and accurately. Everyone.

  3. Marcus

    Praying this doesn’t mean that. I don’t understand why they are listening to such a small majority of people who don’t even know or understand that culture importance of the Uncle Remus stories or have never even seen Song of the South. They are trying to erase Black History with a story by a white European woman who they added black characters too. I like PATF, and it does deserve it’s own ride. I’d be super sad to see the Disneyland Splash Mountain go but at least there it’s close to New Orleans Square and fits with the theming. This makes no sense whatsoever in WDW.
    The petition to keep it is well over 90,000 signatures now and yet Disney still won’t listen. The lines are always super long for the ride, it’s popular. There is no justifiable reason for them to remove this ride from the park. It shows they truly don’t care what their patrons think or like.

    1. I definitely 100,000,000 % times agree with you on this. It reached 90,780 already and it means its winning so far.

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