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  1. Chris

    I think this is a bad idea and hope it dies quickly.

    1. Erica

      Fast passes are essential to make the most of your time there when you can only afford to go every few years. We already try to go at the slowest time of year so we can do and see all we want to in the couple days we go. It already takes over a year to save up to go. We don’t buy souvenirs, we pack lunches, no max pass, we do it as inexpensive as possible and it is still such a stretch. I understand that Disney is a luxury. I understand that i can always just chose to go somewhere else. I want my kids to experience Disneyland like I did as a kid and I’m willing to make some sacrifices to do so. But when you add this in, it breaks the trip. I’m not just opting out of buying my kid a Mickey balloon here. Efficiency while I’m the park is key and if we can only get through a few rides a day, the already support expensive entrance fee is not worth it. They already have a paid option. Up the price on the by $5. That’s fine! But taking away something that is currently free and making it astronomically expensive… Per ride!? It’s too much for a family of five.

      1. We paid our deposit then cancelled. It was going to work out at £10,000 for the two of us. Can’t stand that we’ll never afford Disney again, but what with $20 a night added in to park, it’s just too much. So sad, Walt never imagined it would end up so money grubbing ?

      2. Rachel Winiecki

        I couldn’t agree more. The middle of the road person is getting priced put but apparently collasal greed is the norm now.

      3. Sarah

        This is really upsetting. I hope it dies out fast too or they keep free fast passes and let you buy in addition to the 3 free. Also if it was a lump extra fee per day like Universal does it, I would probably suck it up and pay but per ride is just abusing your customers. *mad*

      4. Backcountry164

        The Disneyland from your childhood is LONG gone. Your kids won’t have the same experiences or memories. Save your money and find something worthwhile that they’ll want to do with their kids. Because at this rate, by the time you have grandkids Disneyland will be even more inaccessible for average people…

      5. Deborah Patricia Schwartz

        The money grabbing has to stop! It’s already so overpriced. I really feel for the families who want to come to Disneyland. Like Erica said, it takes them over a year to save for it. That’s not crazy! And I’m sure Walt would not approve and would be sad to see what his park has turned into.

      6. Marie Wyke

        I agree with you, and when Walt Disney was alive, his DREAM was that every child be allowed the opportunity to live the dream of being able to walk up to the castle! He put a lot of work into his dream and now the owners of Disney is turning it into something ugly and over priced. Rides always broke down, extravagant fee’s…..they are getting ridiculous!

    2. Tig

      As a former Disney employee, people will pay and it will be successful. Universal has been doing over years and it works. Mind you theirs is a whole day for most rides but you have to pay sometimes $400 so $18 ride isn’t that bad. You don’t have to partake in it. But enough people will that it will be successful.

      1. Emily Charlotte Couvreur

        Yes. However, universal is a lot cheaper than Disney.

        1. Matt

          Not really, on average universal is only $10 cheaper for comparable Disney tickets. Universal used to be much cheaper but that was years ago.

      2. Beverly Ann Wilson

        Just another money grab. It will cost a family of 4 $72 extra per ride to avoid the lines when the fast pass was free. No excuse for this additional fee.

    3. Kaylee McConnell

      For a family of 4 that’s $72. That’s WAY too much!!!

    4. Rick

      Ok let’s say it like it is Disney is set up to keep lower-class minorities from ever going to the park because obviously, some families who struggle will never attend the park is set up for families with money plain and simple so when some well to do kids wish upon a star and get their dreams to come true the lower class minority kids keep dreaming and wishing Disney is the largest Racist company out there think about open your eyes

      1. Mark

        Oh God dont say that they will start giving free tickets to racial minorities but it wont help your average park goer. Then
        you’ll be paying their way too.

      2. Rachel Winiecki

        Really dude?? Stop beingvravist yourself. Do you think only black folk are struggling?? Do you think only white folk make butts loads of money?? Sorry Pal, but you need to read a little.

      3. Backcountry164

        Just stop with the nonsense about minorities. Pretty sure that implying that being in a minority group must mean you’re also poor is as racist as anything Disney has done.
        Disney doesn’t give a rat’s backside what color your skin is so long as your money is green and you’ve got lots of it…

    5. Tony

      I think Disney is getting too greedy and doesn’t realize exactly how expensive they already for the average family. The family that visits everyday is in the great minority. Most families of 4 would be lucky to take 2/3 trips before the kids are out of the house. And thats at the current prices. Now for Disney to ask people to pay for something they were giving away for free his greatly over reaching. Especially now when so many have been hit so hard economically by the pandemic. They will find eventually at some point thier loyal customers will no longer tolerate the greed. Im not sure if this is that breaking point but I think its coming up quick.

      1. Manny

        What most people fail to realize is this is caused by the fact that Disney is accountable to the stock holders above all else. Not to the guests, not to the employees, but to profit for the stock holders. Disrupt profits and you will see this idea go away. One is not to buy into it but even better is to target those who do participate. If you are upset let them know you are by telling them as such. Make those people who do purchase the premier pass so uncomfortable they will not purchase the product again. Do this in vocal manner. It is your right to speak your mind. Just your voice will be enough.

      2. Backcountry164

        They don’t care about “average families”. They can only fit so many people into their parks. Pricing out the ” average family” just makes for a better experience for the rich families. Why take a buck from two people when you could just as easily take two bucks from one??

    6. Constance

      You think and you hope while disney crunches…over with..

  2. Nonyo

    It’s literally a favor to Disney to have fast passes to distribute people through the park more efficiently. That they figured out how to monetize it in this era of heightened awareness of equity of privilege shows their true colors.

    1. Cj Brown

      When will the Greed stop at Team Disney? When the Disney ? stop going bah bah bah (seriously there are Disney Fans that will pay extra without question – and that needs to stop!)

    2. Mike Dunaj

      Maybe the big boppers at disney should pay for it…they make more than my family…. sinner’s

    3. Paul Stirewalt

      I won’t pay it. Especially if it supports stupid decisions like changing Splash Mountain.

    4. Molly sheard

      Already pay for fast passes in suites this will be last time I book a suite think it is wrong

  3. Josh

    We have 5 kids… costs $4500 for 10 day passes, approximately 220 DVC points (equivalent of $4,000 if we sold them), and airfare, plus meals. Now they want to charge us $126 per fast pass, or $478 per day or $4,780 per trip to get the same benefits we got free pre pandemic. You can count on us cutting our visits in half, probably more if this takes hold in u.s. I can take family on an african safari or to some other truly exotic locations for those prices. The value just wouldn’t be there to return to disney.

    1. Kathleen

      I think Disney have a pure cheek…I can only afford to go once every 4 years and I have only one kid…they should change name to ” park for the rich only” was meant to be going to USA next year but not now !!

      1. Cindy B Beck

        That is sad that Walt created Disneyland for all to enjoy but now it is only for the wealthy.

  4. Foob

    I agree this is too costly. However, people saying they will ‘out price themselves’ or ‘people wont pay it’, no they wont and yes they will. The amount of people that will not pay it is small. People have been saying Disney is too expensive for years but yet they all still go. Its no lose for Disney, either people pay or they don’t, FP+ was free so they only stand to make $. You’ll most likely never get enough people to say ‘no’.
    Lastly I do agree this is greedy and wrong, but people pay $1000.00 for phones and everyone said they wouldn’t pay it but here we are and yes they did.

    1. Eric M

      No. I won’t. Thanks to the power of good decision making I can go anywhere and do anything I want on vacation. I don’t go places that go out of their way to shake me down for money.

      1. Backcountry164

        You won’t go. That’s just one less person standing in line in front of the people who can and will pay. I hate to say it but you not going is literally their strategy…


    I recently paid $290 for a 2-day park hopper at Disneyland. If the US parks decide to implement this “premier access” price gouge program, this planned trip to DL will be my last.

    Think back to the old, old days where the Admission Price was REASONABLE and A-E Tickets were not expensive. Walt is likely rolling over in his grave.

    1. KTS

      Disney got greedy with the panademic, how do they expect families to pay for each ride per person
      This surely isn’t the most magical place but the greediest place
      Families won’t be able to afford, & disabled won’t be able to stand hours in line in queues

  6. Mike

    Going backwards. Might as well go back to no entrance fee and just charge per ride. They list us with this. We really enjoyed disney. But now looks like they just want money and more money

  7. Joe Jones

    The more expensive they make this, the less impact there will be on lines. If you think about it, this is already in place with the VIP tours package, but very few people can shell out $2800 ($400 x 7 hours). If Disney makes it expensive, it won’t be used enough to have a dramatic impact. When Fastpass was free, you had hundreds (or more) people using the return every hour, making the standby line long. If it is expensive, that will limit the amount of paid users, keeping lines reasonable.

    1. Dan

      It’s not ok i have stayed on Disneyworld hotel so i could get early entry and benefit if Disney changes i will not be going i have spent 6000 to 10000 for 4 days i see that Disney would lose me coming

  8. Marianne Ciarlone

    Utterly ridiculous, poor Walt Disney if he only knew what is happening to his dream. I love Disneyworld, but with . this happening I don’t know if I want to go back. Sad

    1. Andrew S Gerhards

      You know that Walt Disney charged PER ride right?

      1. JS

        Yes, but in comparison even taking inflation in to account it probably was still cheaper back then.

      2. Mark

        With no entrance fee and the costs even with inflation are nowhere near this. Walt gave out free stuffed mickey patterns so people who couldn’t afford to buy one could have one.

  9. Bret

    I just went to Cedar Point for one day and payed $129 per person for a Fast Lane Plus wrist band on top of the $50 regular ticket. A family of 4. Over $700 for one day of rides. The wait times were huge for regular tickets and at times there was an hour wait for the Fast Lane. I was very disappointed in that we didn’t go on all the rides even with the Fast Lane. These programs of pay per ride are fine at carnivals not at Disney. I can say easily that I won’t wait in the 2 plus hour lines it will create and therefore will enjoy the resorts and skip the parks. Disney will quickly solve there problem of over crowded parks. Bob Chapek needs to be fired for allowing the Disney brand to lower itself to the Carnival Level money grabbing.

  10. Mike Dunaj

    Maybe the big boppers at disney should pay for it…they make more than my family…. sinner’s

  11. Chad Stoianoff

    I can barely afford to go there as it is, this is not Walt Disney’s dream, this is greed. This was not Walt’s dream, Shame on them.

  12. Tlaw

    Likely that Disney believes people would pay $15 for Rise of the resistance instead of waking up early to play the internet slot machine to grab a space in the queue.

    Disney found a good way to get new rides paid off quickly. I guess Tron is next.

    Not sure why anyone for pay so much for some of the other rides….

    I’m not sure Walt would support the extreme capitalism, alcohol and gambling currently supported by this slimy CEO (that screwed over the Black Widow).

  13. Neil

    So, I’ve said this before, but how are people who walk into a paid Fast Pass line going to be treated by those in the Standby line? Assuming they are still next to each other as they are now. Seems like a recipe for inter-guest strife.

  14. Bill

    As long as there are people that will gladly fork over money for instant access, disney will find more ways to nickle and dime. If it comes to the u.s parks, people will pay it. Why not, the attendance numbers always bear that out.

  15. Paul Stirewalt

    I won’t pay it. Especially if it supports stupid decisions like changing Splash Mountain.

  16. Robert S.

    And this ia why this Texan and his family are Universal Studios Orlando Premier Pass holders. Disney has tried to make it impossible for me to have any spontaneity in their parks. It starts with dinning reservations months out. Then the actual park reservations. Add on anything special lime building a light saber. I’m so glad that my kids are grown. Will I visit Disney parks in the future? Perhaps. But you can be sure that I will be back at Universal long before that. In fact, the next trip is in 42 days!

    1. Andrew S Gerhards

      Lol Universal has a pay for FastPass system

  17. Chris Gapske

    If disneyworld charges 18 per day and no yearly option for passholders I am out

    1. Gregg

      not per day…per ride. o_0

  18. Megan Reed

    Having to pay for fast passes would be so terrible. It would kill the magic for sure, and isn’t that Disney’s whole premise? To make magic for families? Please WDW, bring back fast pass without the price tag.

  19. Robert Lacroix

    If people want to pay for this, why not. As long as it doesn’t disturb the normal lines for the normal timing, and im sure it will. Waiting in line for 90 minutes no thanks, been there done that way to many times. Just to much people in a park will do this. We are Dvc annual pass holders, if this happens im out. ?

  20. Dan

    Omg yes they are out of control. So greedy they want to squeeze every penny out of you. You pay for the ticket for the parking at the park and hotel if you can afford to stay on property. We use to enjoy going every year but this is to much. They will start charging for the toilet paper you use next. It’s time for a wake up call people if you stop going they will have to rethink this crap

  21. K.

    Apparently they implemented something like this before at Disneyland Paris and it failed. Let’s hope it does again.

    1. Emily Charlotte Couvreur

      It has only just started. We will see how long it lasts. I don’t think that people with annual passes for Disneyland Paris will be renewing their annual passes as a result of this new paid access.

  22. J

    Terrible idea. Even as someone in the middle class, it’s becoming impossible to enjoy a trip without breaking the bank for 5 years. Part of the magic was perks like Fastpass… having that peace of mind that you would be guaranteed access to your favourite rides. Without it, you end up spending the entire day in line, not out in the parks enjoying yourself and spending money, so I don’t even know how that makes sense financially for Disney anyway. Hope the idea tanks quickly

  23. Mark

    Sad thing is I’d be better buying tickets and selling them for the future than owning stock. The things they do to rise the price of stock is terrible for their customers. I literally need to save for retirement some day.

  24. Chris Bernard

    This is NOT Walt’s vision

  25. Leslie

    We always do After Hours events which run average $140 so at $18 a pop, that’s about 8 rides . I’d do that. No problem. Then I wouldn’t have to stay up so late and I would still get the time savings. I’m sure my view isn’t popular, but that’s how I see it.

    1. Michelle

      You would gladly pay it because you CAN, therefore you don’t care at all for those who cannot.

      1. NL

        I don’t like the new Paris system at all, but I think telling people they should “care” about whether others can afford a vacation run by a private company is a strange take. If someone in a designer purse store is buying something more expensive than you, you don’t call them uncaring if you can’t afford what they’re buying. I feel like people are confusing the concept of things like universal healthcare with things like luxury vacations. Is the idea that we should care about creating universal access to Disney vacations? If not, you’re already participating in a luxury market.

  26. Tamara

    Too much for working families and seniors on fixed incomes. I’m sure there will be people who will pay. So sad as it is I think it will be a success.

  27. Carolind

    We used to have annual passes for Disney World when my daughter was younger, and would go once a month or every 6 weeks. Even then, it was expensive, but we stayed on Disney property before the prices started becoming outrageous.
    After a few years, we quit going to Disney and started going to Universal and SeaWorld.
    I still live Disney World, but it has become exclusive to those people who have money. Yes, they may offer monthly rates once you pay your down payment, but even I get fed up with financing vacations that I rarely get to enjoy for the price gauging. Also, I quit going to Universal because they still expected payments even when they blocked out the park for Florida Residents.

  28. Matt

    I get the outrage cause it used to be free and now they charge without providing addition value (unless you count less crowded faspass lanes) but at 18 per ride, that is roughly in line with the cost for a universal express pass in Orlando. On a typical day from rope drop to close I rarely use more then 5 fast passes a day and and comparing universal to Disney if we divide the cost of the express pass into a per ride basis. Thats the same as 4 Disney rides for the price of express.

    1. Karla

      Yes, but how many times do you stay at a Universal resort vs staying at WDW resort for the perks like fastpass+, staying at WDW properties is already expensive, but was worth it when you had included:
      – the magical express from the airport (which is now going away),
      – parking inside the parks, which is now gone too
      – transportation while in property (seemingly now the only perk left),
      – your magic band (which has also gone away, I know you can access everything on your phone now),
      – fastpass+ reservations well in advance and included in your pricing.
      – dining reservations well in advance

      Now it seems that they’re taking away the bonus perks, but still increasing the rates…
      If they make it a pay per ride fastpass system, they better have like, 3 complementary fastpasses per day if you stay on property or have an annual pass… it’s the only strategy that might make sense…

      OR maybe have those 3 initial fastpasses as before, and charge for any others…

  29. CJ

    I was hoping they’d get rid of fast passes altogether because I truly believe this is why the wait times are so long. But if they’re gonna charge for it, I wish it would cost more so that hardly anyone would buy them to guarantee we could get on our favorites even faster. Waiting 2 hours for Peter Pan’s Flight is way too long, but we do it every time. I know that won’t be a popular opinion.

  30. Brenda

    This is ridiculous as most people could not afford. A lot of children cannot even go as their parents can’t afford to take them and this is just making it worse. I would never pay for a fast pass.

  31. Rachel Winiecki

    Disney has become justly another Money Hungry Entity Grubbing waaay extra loot on top of an already Crazy ticket price. Finding out that folks with the Cash to so is all but pushing the ordinary away. I won’t be visiting anytime soon.

  32. Rachel Winiecki

    I couldn’t agree more. The middle of the road person is getting priced put but apparently collasal greed is the norm now.

  33. jo

    However it turns out, Chapek should get off the pot and tell what he is going to do so people can change plans. I am still within my cancelling dates and would like to know whats up. I am not going for 20 bucks for one ride and then another 20 for my nephew I am taking. Thats just wrong. Chapek needs to fess up already.

  34. Kelly

    Absolutely too expensive they need to give other options

  35. J.L.

    Terrible idea, I hope it goes away.

  36. Chris

    Very bad idea

  37. Chris

    Very bad idea. The cost is already very high

  38. Luna

    What you don’t mention is that it’s not only per ride, but also PER PERSON. And for one access only.

    So to cut the line at Buzz Lightyear, for a family of 4, you’ll have to pay €60. Just to cut the line only once. Just for this ride. To save what, between 20min and 1h of your time ? Maybe less if you go at the beginning or end of the day, when waiting times drop ?

    And to top it all, Premier Access will enter the ride by the same line the disabled guests do. Which mean people who can’t stand up for a long time will have to wait standing up longer because of the people who’ll pay for Premier Access.

    I’m an annual pass holder at Disneyland Paris and honestly all these changes are beginning to frighten me.. I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to afford it.

  39. Ilona Kane

    How shocking, sad and greedy to charge per ride for fast passes for Disneyland Paris. I certainly hope this doesn’t happen in Florida or California! The entrance cost is supposed to include ALL attractions, not add an extra price tag for a fast pass. In a family trip in June, without the fast pass, the stand-by line moved much faster. Think about it, SB would have to stop/wait to let FP line move in thus creating a back up for SB. As disappointing that FP was suspended, I don’t see it as a bad thing now after having experienced it.

  40. Juan Marin

    Black and white: Disneyland is straight a corporation which goal is to maximize profits meaning selling merchandise, integrating what ever social movement is trending into their movies merchandise, advertising that sells the dream vacation or day visits that makes parents look bad or feel bad for nor taking their children to Disneyland. Disneyland is a great example of what you can accomplish if you sell happiness and market it the right way.

  41. Michelle

    You would gladly pay it because you CAN, therefore you don’t care at all for those who cannot.

  42. Ed Dart

    Another perk of being rich. Next year “Ice Cold” water fountains just $1.00 extra.

  43. J

    This is why I’m done with Disney. Start adding up the things they have done over the last twenty years and you’ll see nothing but greed. Price was $40 a day and now 3 times that. No more fast passes or magic bands, you have to pay to park ($30+ a day) at the hotels and conveniently they are taking away the magical express so you HAVE to rent a car and park there. The dining plan is a joke, the rides are down half the time. They spend more time coming up with ways to take your money away than fixing up the park and rides. Walt would be ashamed. We are DONE.
    I’ll go Universal if I go to Florida…or I’ll do a national park or give my kids some culture.

  44. Matthew Brewster

    This is the worst idea that Disney has EVER had!!! I have never seen a company stoop to such a level of pure, brazen GREED!!! (It is so crazy it sounds like something Eisner suggested). I hope the French soundly reject this plan, forcing Diz to abandon it. A reservation for an attraction should always be included with the price of park admission.

  45. Kurt Lohmann

    Hope this goes away quickly. The public is already paying park tickets, high room prices and high food prices. I really don’t think Walt would approve, it was suppose to be a reasonable place where the family can spend a fun day together.

  46. sue vincent

    Busch Gardens Williamsburg is my new go to park. Lovely park, historical city, museums, outlets, beach 40 minutes away, affordable hotels..

  47. Sandra Behr

    I’ve been to Disney World 41 times. This Pricing for a fast pass would end my trips.I would then choose universal studios.

  48. Rachel

    On top of the ticket prices? Absolutely not. I have legitimate reason to request one of the disability access things from Guest Services, which I plan to do at Disneyland next month. If they’ve rolled out the paid FastPass when I make it back to Disney World, you better believe I’ll use that disability thing as much as I’m comfortable with.

  49. Kate

    It’s just so sad. Disney was a treat and already very expensive. In the course of the last 12 years, it has gone from a vacation to a huge stressor that requires a spreadsheet to navigate being forced to book restaurants 6 months in advance & used to be fast passes 90 days out. Not fun, no spontaneous joy. I’ll take my last grandchild and then I’m done with Disney. I will not pay extra when it’s over a $100 a day per person already before you buy a thing.

  50. Elizabeth

    This is so sad, last time I was there it was ten dollars a fast pass for each ticket holder for the whole day. It used to be free now this. We were annual pass holders and as much as I love Disney I’m done. Every child should have the opportunity to go at least once and not have it wipe their family out financially. Shame on you Disney you make enough already on the mark ups for food, hotels, souvenirs and other items.

  51. Constance

    Stop going to Disney they don’t think you will notice paying more….dummies that do..silllllly…….

  52. Vince

    People complain but where are you going to find this level of entertainment? This has to be paid for somehow. I worked hard in my life to be able to afford nice things to include this level of entertainment. It’s not the end of the world if you can’t go to do Disneyland. There’s even people more well off than my wife and I and do things we can’t afford. It’s at every level in life.

  53. Leia

    If I’m in line and someone in premiere access walks by, it will feel like nobility walking by eating cake in front of the peasants!! 🙁

  54. Mel White

    Every time I turn around Disney is destroying more and more magic. It is becoming a generic park, So SAD!

  55. This is ridiculous the entry fees are expensive enough but theyre not stupid if you queue normally could be youd only get on a few rides in a day so thats why people use fast passes. Charge a flat fee per day,but unfortunately theres always some who can afford and will pay

  56. SeanD

    On a crowded summer day the average family of five rides 10 rides. The price of admission, food, and now two more premier access tickets will bring the total close to $1500. That equates to $150 per ride. So next time you visit the park you can decide if $150 is a good price to pay for the family for one ride on It’s a Small World.
    I might pay that for an E attraction, but at least half of the rides that day will be the mediocre rides. So paying $150 for the Dumbo Flying Elephants seems a little pricey. At what point will people simply take their kids to the local lake, park, river and enjoy the day for far less than $1500.

    In 2007, I spent $1250 for a family of five for 6 day hopper passes (all 5 tickets) and the meal plan was an extra $39 per day for two meals and two snacks. The meal plan was awesome back then. Thank god our family reunion was in 2007. With today’s prices, nobody would have shown up.

  57. Clemens

    It‘s just sad. I was planning on going to Disneyland Paris for the first time ever next month but with the cancellation of fast passes I have cancelled my plans to visit.

  58. Janina

    I was a regular guest at the various Disneyhotels. Sometimes we stayed two times per year.
    It will stop now. I booked a week in October. It will be the last time, thats for sure.
    I can afford the money but it is way too much and even if I would considering to visite the pars agaib there is absolutely no need to stay at the hotels. No free fast path. It wasn’t much Hut it was nixe to have. For 18 Bucks per Ride there are better places to go.

    1. Janina

      Damn. The iphone ruined my text. I think it is still understandable but is a little weird. I am sorry.
      But I am adamant. With this pricing I will never be at DLP again.

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