Comments for Disney Exec. Clarifies Why There Are No More Advance “FastPass” Reservations

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  1. Amanda

    Will Shades of Green count as a Disney resort for the on property perks?

  2. Sad

    Josh is just WRONG as far as this family is concerned. We will now be stressed with getting up and getting our genie pass purchased for the day for the park we have a reservation to – even when staying on property. We like to have as much done planned, reserved, and paid for in advance as possible. We do believe that there will be a point that guests just say enough is enough and numbers will drop. Revenue will increase with lower attendance because costs are so much higher. Magical Express, Fast Pass, Extra Magic Hours – all gone or greatly impacted / changed- why bother staying on property. Transportation buses, etc. within the World continue to have waiting times increase. Really, reasons to stay on property continue to diminish!

    1. Ab

      Agreed. Add to that the fact that we are west coast folks and 7am is very very early for us when we are at WDW.

  3. sddjd

    Josh should be on television selling the audience things that are counter to what their eyes are seeing. Fans told Disney that they:

    No longer wanted to hold multiple fast passes at once?
    Wanted to be charged for the ability to use an app function that was free a year ago?
    Wanted to PAY for access to the most popular rides’ fast lanes?

    It’s astonishing that this bold lie made it past the PR dept. Seems like ghosts of Eisner are running the show now. Apparently Disney is following Steve Jobs’ “you’re holding it wrong” approach to how lifelong Disney fans feel about their park experience, clearly stating they know better what those fans want.

    “Let the tool do the work for you”. If that was a self reference it was quite accurate.

    1. B

      So I’ll never be able to ride rise of the resistance is what I’m hearing

  4. Peter Paul

    This will work the same way as the awful premium ticket at Universal. I bought that once. I thought it would be worth the extra hundred dollars a person if I would not have to wait on a line. It soooooo doesn’t work that way! Instead of a 3 hour line, you only have to wait on a 2 hour line! What a rip off. These theme parks stopped being fun when they abandoned the American family and sold their soul to the highest globalist bidder.

    1. Steven Eldredge

      That’s not true. I use Universal Express all the time, most attractions are a walk on or a very short wait.

      Universal limits the number of Express Passes sold to prevent long express lines.

      Universal Express also allows you to go on the rides as you come to them, on your schedule. Unlike Fastpass, which forces you to “schedule” a ride and is limited to just 3.

    2. R.C.

      I believe Walt would be appalled at this money grab. We will not be renewing our annual passes for ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren.

  5. Chris

    Honestly, the only issue I have is that even if you buy Genie+ (AKA Maxpass, which was great), there are still other attractions that are an upcharge on top of that. Make them all included and honestly, this would be perfect, no planning way in advance, just go.

  6. jason

    Disney has lost their way, just canceled our trip for June 2022, have canceled twice in last two years. More money for less experience. People who knew how to use fastpass could ride 12 or more rides a day, now even if you shell out the extra 100.00 a day you will be lucky to ride 5 or 7 in a day. We have gone every year but with all the changes they are making we are done with Disney.

  7. CMC

    The original fastpass was quite fine the way it was. It was a paper ticket though. It was simple and quite effective.

    This whole system might in theory work for guidance as to when to go somewhere – that I like. But at an additional cost is just a money grab. And now we’re going back to the ride ticket system. That system used to exist at Disneyland when it opened where it was like $1 a day to enter. Yeah you’d pay per ride, but the entrance was extremely low. Now the entrance is extremely high AND you’ll be expected to pay per ride on top of that daily surcharge for the genie app.

    I’d really like to go and enjoy Disney without being buried in my phone the whole time. The concept of disconnecting from the world and going into a magical place is completely impossible. Disney and their parks have lost their way and it’s so sad.

  8. If they were listening to what their guests were telling them, they wouldn’t be charging extra for E ticket rides. It’s a horrible idea

  9. Mary-Cate

    My apologies for the stupid question. I’m having a really hard time understanding this, but do you have to pay for each ride that offers “FastPass/MaxPass/Lightning Lane” or is it a flat rate?

    With the way it’s going, Disney should bring back the ticket booklets.

    1. Jessica

      It’s both – you pay a flat $15 at Disney World for Lightning Lane Access, PLUS additional costs for specific rides that are not on that list (the most popular rides in each park.) It is a HUGE scam.

  10. Gigi

    Josh and Bob Chapek are basically FROST (santa claus2)
    Dont care about Family and have just pissed on Walts dream and its disgusting
    Just care about the Dollar

  11. This is obviously not easier, cheaper or better in any way shape or form. Don’t treat people like they are stupid. Just tell them you think you can make more money by offering less and people will still pay it. We are done w wdw. Why would anyone ever stay on property again? There’s no incentive at all. Stay at hard rock for $300 a night instead of contemporary for $900 per night and save $4300 for a 7 night stay, get express pass to skip ALL of their lines for FREE and then get a 2or 3 day park hopper and visit Disney.

    1. Freedomrocksusa

      I’m going to look into this as a future option.

  12. B

    The head honcho said to stockholders a few years ago that they would start making money on things that would not cost the stockholders money (charging for resort parking, extra magic hours(evening), Fast pass, etc. They’ll keep it up as long as people pay, simple as that.

  13. Caitlin

    I don’t care as much about the cost, as I thought that would be coming. However, I hate having to be at my phone at 7a every morning to plan the day. I would love to be able to plan, even a few days in advance. It puts a little more stress on my vacation.

  14. Jen

    I prefer the stress of waking up at 4 three months ahead of time, rather than waking up and dealing with it every day of vacation. And the a la carte ride fees are insulting.

    1. Jennifer

      This. 100%

  15. Jennifer

    I have canceled our two moderate(CBR) on-site hotels rooms for next fall. This was the final straw, no real incentive to stay onsite. Now we have to pay more for tickets for the 8 people we are taking or spend large chunks of our day waiting in line. At least I’ll be able to rent a house with a private pool for a fraction of the cost of two onsite WDW hotel rooms!

  16. Jodi Rives

    Disney execs are eyeballs-deep in ruthless profiteering and then lying about it. They could easily have brought Fast Pass or something like it back for free as a show of appreciation for the legions of families pouring through their gates and spending the equivalent of several house payments for a few days of the Disney experience. Grotesque greed. How many billions are enough? Jerks.

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