Comments for Did Disney Just Hint at a ‘Princess and the Frog 2’?

princess and the frog 2


  1. Josh

    It’s possible but most likely the comment is in relation to the already announced Tiana series coming to Disney+.
    Disney seems to be more on a rollof doing series set after movies than sequels. Tangled had one and Moana and Zootooia both have ones set to come out.

  2. Ken Brenner

    My main comment is based on your inaccurate statement leading off your article:
    “Disney fans everywhere have been eager to learn more about the upcoming The Princess and the Frog retheme of Splash Mountain.”
    Outside of the WOKER and PC crowd, this retheme is VERY unpopular. Jus look at the comments on YouTube since this was first announced.
    You might get traditional Disney lovers like me (who greatly outnumber the WOKE community) to pay attention to your articles if you’d be more about news and less about “Disney Politics”…
    Regardless, I respect your right to your own opinion. In journalism (if there is really such a thing left anymore), objectivity is above personal politics. A departure from that brings on unexpected consequences.

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