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  1. JW3971

    Ridiculous. Disney charges enough…..as a annual passholder, a DVC member, and a stockholder, I’m tired of it. The magic is just about gone.

    1. Karen


    2. Mel

      Disney is expensive enough for the experience ~ then you’re going to tack on additional fees for services that have always been free? Why? It’s getting harder and harder to justify going…Is this really what Walt had in mind when he opened this park all those years ago?!? I think not….

    3. JohnnyB

      Walt would be ashamed!!

    4. Manny

      As a “so called” stock holder you should be applauding. They come first above all else.

      1. yoyo

        NOOOO. Greedy Chapek comes first. Can’t you see that.

        1. yoyo

          The stock holders and the board members are allowing it because they are sharing in the $$$, They are all greedy money monsters.

    5. Stephen

      Enough is enough!! Service has deteriorated and prices have exploded. Annual pass holder, DVC member, Disney stockholder and I am fed up. Service was terrible in June!!!! Spent a fortune with grandchildren for poor experience!!!

    6. jo

      agreed. no more magic for lil. ones for sure.

      1. Charles Brinkley

        Magic is gone, author is too deep into Disney’s pocket to give real feedback and they hide half the comments.

  2. Brian

    This is BS. Thanks for making an already extremely expensive place even more expensive. By canceling magic express and not fast pass, the average trip will increase by nearly $500. I’m sure regular ticket prices will go up as well. Screw you, Disney. Your magic is fading.

  3. j

    This is really disappointing.

    1. Karen

      This is horrible A family of 4 who cant afford this outrageous option will be able to ride maybe 4 rides while waiting in the regular line in the hot sun and heat and paying outrageous amounts just to visit the park and on top charging $25 or more for parking

      1. Sherri

        My concerns are for families and other others who had to save and save to finally get to go to Disneyland, etc. If they can’t afford this extra nonsense, then what? They get to wait in line longer because others can afford to dole out extra money for the privilege of cutting to the front. Whenever we complain about Disney’s greed, there are several who slways remind us they’ll keep gouging us as long as we keep paying. The buck stops here for me. We were going to get our Magic Keys soon but we won’t be getting them at all. I’ve had enough. I’m disabled and this doesn’t have much effect on me personally as far as the line goes but I refuse to give more of my money to Disney’s “suck ’em dry” fund.

    2. N

      So you pay for the genie plus and yet certain attractions will have a seperate, higher fee, AND you can only have fastpass for one attraction at a time?! The previous system was free, covered all attractions that had a fastpass line, and allowed you to have three fastpasses at one time. Yet Disney is promoting this new system as a improvement offering “flexibility” to guests. It’s such garbage it makes Universal’s fastpass seem like a better option.

      1. Htk

        I’m told that some of upper tier rides may be as much as $35 per person per ride in high season.

      2. Karen Taylor - Steward

        Totally agree, this will stop people going, does disney want people to not go anymore, as their going the right way about it, making expensive & getting greedy that people just won’t go

      3. Jan

        100% agree – where is the improvement with this????? It’s all about money! Shame on you, Chapek!

      4. Jolyth

        If by “flexibility” Disney means you spend half your vacation staring at your phone and the other half hoping you can get a pass to a ride that doesn’t conflict with your dining reservations, all while paying even more money for an already expensive vacation, then yes, Disney nailed “flexibility”

        1. Tim

          Extremely disappointed with Disney lately, feels like everything is about the money and less about the magic. This has certainly tarnished the Disney brand in my opinion.

    3. Karen Taylor - Steward

      This is where people will stop going as disney is making it inpossable for families to afford to go
      families save up to go to Disney, but disney making it harder for the average Joe to go & making more expensive for the rich.
      We pay over 10k to go to florida disney as a family of 3, no way we pay for what disney is expecting people to pay, we liked the deals disney did on fastpasses & the disney dining plan, but now adding more cost for rides, families or the disabled will find it hard to pay out
      We won’t be going back, disney will lose people going back, if they make it too expensive, DISNEY IS GETTING GREEDY & people will not go, specially those in Europe countries that pay over 10k for package holidays just not worth it

  4. Deb

    If there’s a way to drain another dollar from people, Disney will find it. Pathetic.

    1. Steve

      It has all been said very well. I have been taking a Disney trip every year for 25 years. Fast pass was great because it was fair and free. Now Disney chooses to cater to those who have extra $$$. I know of families that save for years to take just one trip. Disney, your greed is shameful…I have a trip scheduled in December. It will be my last. Shame on you.

  5. VKN

    Disappointed but not surprised.

  6. Rob

    I love how Disney (and this blog) talks about “flexibility” and “choices”. No, when you CHARGE for something that was free prior, it’s a money grab. Plain and simple. This is probably our last year. Going to Disney is now a full-time job with all the planning. No more convenience whatsoever for annual passholders who want to make a weekend or a day of it anymore. The magic and the value, is GONE.

    1. Drew

      You forgot, “Just for you!” Not condescending at all, Disney.


        Wow ,you’d think Disney have enjoyed losing money over the past two years and want to carry on!
        Don’t think if I eventually get back over there (had to cancel 3 times because of this covid) I will be paying extra, as let’s face it ,the rides aren’t really that great for lads and mine are more into Universal.Think it will be a few days up the coast and mop up Busch Gardens and back down to Universal, might grace Disney with a few days but I’m not willing to pay extra for it ,it costs enough…..might not even bother!…… hope Disney enjoys being shot in the foot by everyone!

        1. Jolyth

          I agree with you. The cost for Disney is not worth it anymore and it is too stressful to keep doing virtual cues that conflict with plans you MUST make to get dining. We are looking to hit up Universal for the newness as well as the fact it will cost us half the price of a Disney vacation.

  7. Phil

    Disney loves to separate you from your money 💰 as fast as possible.
    The magic is gone for me and my family.

  8. D

    This is the stupid thing I ever heard of now the magic is being killed. Why Disney you are making it hard on the average customer to enjoy coming with or without kids.

    1. yoyo

      its the greedy man Chapek. He only cares about the $$$ in his pocket. Board allows it and American will complain and go anyway. No one has the stamina to boycott. As long as Disney is open, it will be shoulder to shoulder people.

  9. John

    I am actually pleased with this change. I hope it brings all the shady fast pass illusions to light. Although fast pass was always free, if you actually wanted to use it for something good you had to jump through so many money hoops the “normal” person coming to Disney never stood a chance. Ever wonder why all the good rides were already taken? It’s because someone who paid more got early access. And if you paid even more you got even earlier access.

    Hopefully, now it will all be out in the open. Everyone will know if you want mine train, you pay $100.

    Knowing disney thats a fat chance, but hey, one can dream right. After all isn’t disney where dreams come true?

    1. yoyo

      not anymore. or I guess for greedy chapek they do.

  10. Ann

    Will never go back.

  11. Doug

    This one is a tough pill. Normally this is where I would throw a fit and swear off any more Disney trips. However … I know good and well we will go back 2023 ish. And therein lies the problem. My family and I are huge Cardinal fans and used to go to 6+ games a year. It’s gotten so expensive we’ve been once in 4 years. I hope Disney doesn’t go this route but if they do, there are other vacation options. That for sure would be a tough pill but I bet we’d survive.

  12. ed

    Sadly, this is turning Disneyland into a “for the rich” park. It’s now like “first class” on a plane. A passholder with a family of 4 will have to pay an extra $80 every time, then more for some rides? Fastpass was great because even families with less money could get less time in line. Instead of calling it “Lightning Lane” They should call it “upper class” lane. Sad.

  13. Debby

    SHAME ON YOU DISNEY!!! Making an expensive trip even more expensive! Very soon only the rich will be able to go! I miss the days of getting all excited about going to Disney. All they are doing is putting their hand out for us to give them more money. I hope this new system flops BUT I know it won’t because there will always be someone to give them what they want.

  14. beaverlakeman

    at this point why doesn’t disney just go back to a $1 entry and paid e tickets for each attraction. Yes the park will be ridiculously crowded, but you would get to go on whatever ride you want and ultimately control how much you spend over the course of the day. Although it would probably be very easy to inadvertantly overspend, just like those who use cards instead of cash(out of sight out of mind). I will be honest that i think most people will return to disney being a once in a while treat instead of a local trip to the park for the day like it had become, which would be somewhat welcome.

    1. Sue

      I totally agree! I even still have some of those unused ride tickets. Back then Space Mountain was the only E-ticket ride. The train was an A-ticket.

  15. Charles

    This whole article completely ignores that there IS AN ENTIRE COMPLETELY FREE LEVEL OF LIGHTNING LANE ACCESS THAT’S BUILT INTO DISNEY GENIE (which is the app that will be replacing the My Disney Experience app) Genie (without the plus) will give you the ability to book a single fast pass at a time. Once you use it, you can get another. Genie plus let’s you book three at a time, plus Disney resort guests will be able to purchase an additional two.

    1. Jolyth

      Please clarify because I cannot find anything

    2. Manny

      The lighting lane has a cost. $15 a day per guest. You also have to be in the park to use it and Disney resort guests get first pick beforehand. So you are back to square one. Also remember that Disney is now tiering Magic hours. Those late nights at Disney are only for deluxe resort guests. So you value guests can go early and enjoy all the vitamin D.

      1. Jolyth

        We always stay deluxe so it is an insult that higher paying guests have to pay more for lightening lane. We are already paying with the higher resort costs compared to those who stay at POP and AOA.

      2. Ken Brenner

        Hi Manny.
        I agree with all those that don’t like this additional cost. But, you provided some “needed humor” with the statement about “Vitamin D”. Very well done
        Seriously, it is quite sad as to what has happened to Disney…
        Hope you and your family are well – God Bless!

    3. Bren

      There will be NO free fast passes. Genie + will cover 40 attractions at the 4 parks for $20 per day per person. Lightning will cover the other rides NOT included in the Genie + list (ex. Star Wars Resistance ride) with an additional cost per ride, and it will vary based on ride and day. You will pay either way if you want a “fast pass”. The only way not to is to stand in the stand by line.

  16. Nicole

    Disney ticket prices are expensive enough. Sounds like shareholders are greedy they want their money back from the money they lost from the China virus. So these billionaires are making families that we’re out of work pay them their “drop in the bucket losses” to them while families struggle to put together money to get to Disney. Not cool. Not Disney magic.

    1. Phoebe L Ho

      Cor-o-na vi-rus. Try it. Really easy to say.

      1. Josh

        Ch-i-na vi-rus. Try it. Really easy to say. Even easier than coronavirus – it’s one word btw, not two 😉

  17. Jolyth

    Just talked to hubby about this. No way are we going back to WDW. It already costs a fortune and adding on more fees while continuously increasing costs is unacceptable. We can do Universal for half the price and if we stay on site, line skipping is free.

    1. Holly

      We just booked universal for a week and saved quite a bit (and gee wiz it was less than a mortgage payment and on property plus had the fast pass).
      Disney has pretty much lost a lifelong member of the Mickey Mouse club (and we are annual passhold members). With all the up charges the mouse has got going on it’s just not worth going anymore.

  18. Kurtis Steensland

    Disney has no concern for the working class family who struggle to save enough for a Disney vacation. It is becoming a vacation destination for the wealthy only.

  19. Amy

    Just another money grab for Disney! No more magic. No more fun. No more trips.

  20. Barbara Browe

    It is so disappointing that this change would be made for those who have been annual pass holders for many years.

    1. Kimberly Craig

      Totally agree. Absolutely outrageous!!

  21. Tamara

    Another bad decision on Disney’s part, though a profitable one unless nobody uses this system. Just don’t buy and maybe Disney will get the message, though I am sure not enough of us will refuse this ridiculous, confusing, “lightening pass”.

  22. Rich

    Pretty funny to call it a “lightning lane” as you know it will be a queue backed up like fast pass was for for the most popular rides as people will pay and then find out they will be waiting just the same.

  23. TacoCat

    This is the Disney method of crowd control. Charge more so fewer people are willing to pay the higher price tag, therefore,
    you end up with less people ( the elite) and more money.

    1. Sue

      Yes that is true; the reservation system is the best way. Walt Disney is rolling in his grave as he believed it should be an affordable magic for all families.

  24. Kari

    This is ridiculous, Disney is definitely losing it’s magic. I 100% agree that Walt would be greatly disappointed. He wanted this to be a family get away and has turned in to a corporate rip off. So done with Disney!!!!!!!!!

  25. My wife and I, along with our 2 children who are now adults and 3 grandchildren have been coming to DisneyWorld fo 35 years. We are DVC members, buy annual passes and spend close to a month at Disney. I find the extra fee an affront. We are now in our 70’s so rides are few and far between for us (Peter Pan, Mother Earth, People Mover) and Easy Pass has been a blessing as walking as become more difficult with age. So we spend in excess of 20k per year at Disney Parks and restaurants. Now we are being asked to throw in an additional $30.00 per day to take a ride???? Surely this announcement is in jest!

    1. Jolyth

      Wish it was Mr. Neal. I am going to suggest, if walking is difficult for you, you see about mobility scooters for you and/or your wife and take full advantage of the Disability Access System. That, for now, is still free.

  26. Tom

    I watched the video on the Disney Parks blog and that used car salesman looking Gary Daniels acts like it’s fun to wait in a standby line. Hilarious! Then he answers a bunch of very scripted questions in a fake zoom meeting! Worst insult is AP holders have to pay daily if they want to use this. Max pass used to come with Premier and Signature Plus and you could add it to any pass for $ 70 a year!

  27. Steve

    I will never go back there again as a previous pass holder for many years this is outrageous . I hope many more people will do the same.Walt must be turning in his grave!😞Shame on you disney

  28. Shelley

    Disney sure is getting GREEDY….Walt would be so disappointed

    1. yoyo

      yes, greedy, Still they know Americans want what we want and no one will boycott Disney or not go. At the end of the day, out wallets are open. Chapek knows this and is taking advantage with his greed.

  29. David A

    Yet another money grabbing decision by the two Bobs. It’s about time these two rip off merchants were shown the door. Travelled from the UK to Orlando 12 times for a Disney vacation (and it’s not cheap) + 2 visits to Disneyland and 6 to Disneyland Paris. Would have been more but the pandemic caused 2 more Orlando trips to be cancelled. Already booked for next year for the 50th Anniversary but after that it looks like it’s time to explore other destinations

  30. Dawn

    Disney doesn’t care anymore, Walt would be rolling in his grave!!! They are making unattainable for families. Another reason why we won’t be renewing our annual passes.

  31. Mike

    This all illuminates a serious problem Disney has had for a long time. They are utterly incompetent when it comes to park design and planning. If you’re having to have these systems in place to manage guests, you failed at properly sizing the parks and attractions. Star Wars at Disney World should have been an entire park of it’s own. It certainly should not have been a cut and paste of what was at Disneyland. Every new attraction Disney builds is drastically undersized for the crowds it attracts.

  32. yoyo

    What happened to free, pick 3 things, 60 days from travel if staying on property. Now $$$,, pick one at a time and no real reason to stay on property anymore. Greedy man chapek sucks toad water.

  33. Phoebe L Ho

    I’m going back. For sure I’m going back. But I am NOT paying for any Fastpasses especially when I would have to pay extra for the “high demand” rides. If Rise of the Resistance and other high demands were included in Genie it would be worth it. But this whole paid Fastpass thing is just a ripoff. I can believe they want to recoup their losses somehow from the Coronavirus (yeah I can actually use its real name) pandemic that is STILL happening, but this isn’t the way to do it. I won’t give into this, I won’t pay for something that should be free, if I have to drive myself crazy in standby lines I will.
    Oh and since I rode on Rise of the Resistance once, no matter that if I ever wanted a chance to ride the most immersive ride ever again I’d have to shell out even more cash to do so. As if virtual queues weren’t enough now this trip of a ride is even more exclusive. Nice one, Disney inc.

  34. Rodney Wayne Simonson

    Sorry, there is no good news, here. Disney has accelerated inflation beyond even drug companies and healthcare providers.

  35. jo

    Does anyone understand if we can put everything on magic band and not use phone except to pick a ride. Dining reservations ect. my part tick. and reservations already linked to band.

  36. B

    Portrait of Chapek 🤑

  37. Yoda

    Actually read about new Disney Genie and it seems pretty cool. Unfortunately everyone is looking at Genie+ which cost additional money. You can use Genie and it predicts what time each attraction has shorter lines.

    1. Ed

      The app already told you what the lines are. Predictions are useless compared to a fastpass. Predictions can fail. This change is wrong and only favors the rich.

  38. Chris

    So the new idea is to keep the standby lines long and people will buy in to the gimmick. 100% profit on demand. That is some shady stuff going on over there.

    1. Ed

      Good point. Pretty sinister. You have a family waiting in longer lines, maybe children crying, impatient, then forced into buying Genie.

  39. Ed

    In addition to Genie+ and Lightning lane greed… Am I wrong that also their ridiculous Halloween “boo bash” starting 3 months early in August, will kick ticket holders and passholders out early if you don’t buy extra tickets? 3 nights a week?

  40. Alan Harris

    Big A – I went to the original opening of Disney World so I have seen the changes over the years particularly with park admission but the last 20 years have seen increases to everything at Disney World go up by 100% or more. I too was optimistic that my return for the 5oth would probably be my last anyway but now the magic is gone. I will not contribute to the greed going on here just to make up for last years debacle. Chapek has been the worst thing to happen to Disney ever.

  41. Dominic Palladino

    Of all the ways Disney can make a buck, I have to say that I am most disappointed in this one. As a DVC member, this should be an expense that we should not have to incur and should be a built in perk. They really should be ashamed of themselves as DVC members make up for the majority of the guest over the last year during COVID and are a huge source of revenue for them under normal circumstances. Disney is constantly showing DVC members year after year that it just doesn’t value us and takes us for granted. To expect a family of four to spend an additional $60 to $80 dollars a day is unrealistic especially when most DVC members come much more than a week every year as they are also annual pass holders. I hope enough of us complain loud enough that someone hears us because this time Disney really pushed the envelope too far in my opinion! Funny thing is I just went to Disney Parks Blog to post there as well and Disney has disabled the ability to post comments because they have been getting blasted all morning. Not a surprise on either accounts as they want to keep the polished turd looking as shiny as possible and try to sell it as a great thing for Disney guests.

  42. Holly

    Just booked universal studios at 1/2 the cost on property… and we are annual pass holders at WDW. We are over it. And don’t get me started on the Halloween price or the cost of the merry Christmas party ($167-299!). Not to mention how the parks are open less and less but more expensive. Just all around terrible for what they charge and now they want more money?! Hey Disney… catch a clue!

  43. This choice feels very hard to justify to me for the fans and ticket buyers.

  44. Chris

    This is awesome. I was just in Disneyworld and the lines were way too long.

    I’ll happily pay to wait less. If I’m flying to Florida, staying at a Disney hotel and then have to wait in extra long lines $15 a day per ticket is nothing.

  45. Jack

    So, no fast passes, no Magic Express, no Magic Bands, and no dining plan. My memories of a magical experience with children and grandchildren are simply memories. Is the monorail still free? Just bring lots of cash. This visit will be my last.

  46. Debbie

    Terrible! It costs enough to do a week at Disney World, is this charge necessary? NO! Fast Pass was working just fine. Disney does not care for the customer but just the almighty buck. Give us a break, Disney!

  47. Adam Collier

    It appears that WDW want to hit guests in the pocket. Perhaps we should reply by hitting Disney in the pocket. Just for your next trip, stay off property, take your own snacks into the park, don’t buy souvenirs, ask for free tap water, etc. All they care about is the bottom line. Finally, give feedback whenever you get the chance.

    1. Jennifer B

      Here’s the thing: I CAN afford to go to Disney and I used to love it. What I hate is the number of people who are there and how crowded it has become. In the current day and age, it’s not safe to have tens of thousands of people packed into ride queues. I genuinely hope this does decrease attendance. Disney just isn’t fun with the ridiculously long lines. Now, with all of that said, is it a good value? Absolutely not! The costs steadily go up and the level of service goes down. I was a passholder. I won’t ever be again. At least not with how I feel now. Not being able to get a reservation when we were promised unlimited access at the time of purchase was an absolute deal breaker for me. And I don’t appreciate being forced to stay on Disney property at a price that is far greater than off-property lodging with more amenities just enjoy the maximum benefit of the passes I already paid for.
      I guess my main point is whether or not I can afford Disney isn’t my main concern. It’s whether Disney delivers a magical experience or even a luxury experience for what you are paying. That answer is unequivocally NO!

  48. Sandi Burnett

    I was a pass holder for a few years, won’t do it again. Disney is getting so expensive and then to take away the fast pass is ridiculous!

  49. Steve Jackson

    I think that Disney will and is not charging enough for this. it will premier as an 85% of the guests will have. so all the stand-by lines will all jump from the 25 minute wait to a 60 minute wait with Genie +. I love it when people complain about Disney stopping a free service and starting a $20.00 a day service to skip the lines when all the other parks around the world all do it and charge big for it. in some cases around$200.00 per person, per day. but you don’t see You-tubers, all up in arms over the charge.

  50. Sherri

    My concerns are for families and other others who had to save and save to finally get to go to Disneyland, etc. If they can’t afford this extra nonsense, then what? They get to wait in line longer because others can afford to dole out extra money for the privilege of cutting to the front. Whenever we complain about Disney’s greed, there are several who slways remind us they’ll keep gouging us as long as we keep paying. The buck stops here for me. We were going to get our Magic Keys soon but we won’t be getting them at all. I’ve had enough. I’m disabled and this doesn’t have much effect on me personally as far as the line goes but I refuse to give more of my money to Disney’s “suck ’em dry” fund.
    Out of curiosity, in a hypothetical situation, what happens should all the remaining guests that go to Disneyland be ones that can easily afford the added costs and most do purchase these Lightning Lane passes? How can they shoot to the front of the Lightning Lane?

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