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  1. Eric Haar

    While the mouse has deep pockets, I don’t see them trying to buy the absolutely massive (120 Billion market cap) Sony outright. Just Spidey or Columbia pictures, maybe, but I’m not sure how anxious Sony would be to give either up.

    One correction – Feige was a producer on both previous Spider-Man franchises.

    1. RBBrittain

      IMO buying the Sony film division is most likely, though it might run into antitrust issues that could force it to sell some assets to key third parties like A24, Netflix or Amazon/MGM. Selling just Spidey, or just Sony’s Marvel rights, seems questionable when they’re such a big part of SPE’s bottom line & reportedly Sony has been trying to sell SPE as a whole; but all of Sony (hardware, PlayStation & music too) would be FAR too much for both Disney & regulators.

    2. Justin Blatney

      No. Disney is already a monopoly. Stop. This is more important than having a full MCU experience.

  2. Vina

    That would be awesome!

    1. Alex Lue

      Heck yes it would!

    2. Stormwatch

      The fact that anyone could support this monstrous, monopolistic, anticompetitive idea for even a second shows that kids today are really stupid. If anything, Disney needs to be chopped up under antitrust laws.

  3. DTZ

    Buying back the Spider-Man characters, sure. Buying the whole film division just wouldn’t be allowed to happen. Buying Fox was a one time thing. They won’t legally be able to do it again on such a large scale like Sony.

    1. Chris Wood

      Maybe Disney should buy out DC/ Warren Brothers. Its an better investment

      1. Ludze

        No dude in terms of comics,animation and game production DC is doing better than marvel And there’s no possibe way DC would allow that it’s only movies thanks to Disney that Marvel is way better than DC

    2. Alex Lue

      It would be too big to buy all of Sony for just Spidey. I totally agree.

      1. Kevin

        Movie division is the goal not sony as a whole .

  4. Chris Wood

    Maybe Disney should buy out DC/ Warren Brothers. Its an better investment

    1. Alex Lue

      I would love DC to expand with Zack Snyder’s Justice League 2 and 3, and maybe another Superman film as well as a solo Batman movie and another Wonder Woman. There’s so much potential!

    2. Kevin

      No, first all Marvel back at Marvel then maybe give that some thought

  5. Kevin

    Yes Disney /Marvel should buy Spiderman rights back but I see it best to buy Sony Movie division for Billion than pay the speculated price Sony will get from their fictional numbers.

  6. Ray Bryant

    Regardless of Disney’s deep pockets, I highly doubt that such a major Japanese company would sell their whole business to a non-Japanese company.

  7. Tom

    The MCU Spider-Man movies are terrible. They are more Iron Man Movies.
    Both films feature villians, who are villians solely because the actions of Tony Stark. Again the only motivation Vulture and Mysterio had was to hurt those associated with Tony Stark.
    Ok Vulture had to feed his familly.
    Stark tech everywhere. Bleech.

    Sony makes better Spider-Man movies

  8. Jordan Howell

    I think it would be a good idea, but Disney should just buy the movie division of Sony since they have the 2 Muppet movies which are The Muppets Take Manhattan and Muppets From Space, Disney needs the film division of Sony to get both Spider-Man and The Muppets back.

  9. Xero

    Even if Sony gets bought out by another company spider man properties go back over to marvel was part of the deal when they bought spider man why Apple was reportedly going to buy Sony was for spider man id kt was true nothjng probably ever came of it cause of that deal

  10. Xero

    Even if Sony Pictures gets bought out by another company Spider-Man properties go back over to Marvel that was part of the deal when Sony bought Spider-Man thats why Apple was reportedly going to buy Sony Pictures was for spider man if it was true nothing probably ever came of it cause of that deal

  11. Billy

    I say Disney buying Sony is a great idea, I don’t just want Spiderman with Disney, but I also want Ghostbusters, Hotel Transylvania, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Open Season, Surfs Up, The Smurfs, Jumanji, Man in Black, The Karate Kid, Goosebumps, The Angry Birds Movie, Peter Rabbit and of course… Sony’s Spider-Man Universe to be with the house of mouse

  12. Lenny

    Well, there are rumors where Disney, Apple, Amazon is planning to buy Sony Pictures to make it let go of the Spider-Man rights completely (it’s possible because if any company buys SP, the SM rights will go back to Marvel Studios automatically). I pray that these are true to the MCU’s and Spider-Man’s sakes. IT’s a good thing they are not debunked, and Disney buying Sony Pictures will most likely happen because Disney is much more successful with Marvel than how Sony does.

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