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  1. It sounded like they got less for more money. It looks like the dance parties and parades were missing, in return guests got short lines for attractions and no crowds like events in the past. The former Not So Scary was more hours. I think it started at 7pm. I was so tired with my kids dragging me around the park trick or treating (they only had 2 or 3 kinds of candy, and my kids didn’t like one of them). It was Werther’s candy apple. Enjoy. I don’t think we are going to pay $200 for three hours in the park.

    1. Chuck

      This isn;t a Halloween party – its a Halloween themed after hours event. And it looks like it lived up to what is advertised for an After Hours event – low crowds, short wait times, and the theme. I was at MNSSHP in August 2019, and the lines to do everything were prohibitive. Even to get a bottle of water from a cart was a 15 minute wait. This event is billed as a limited attendance event – and it appears it was. That’s why it costs more than a high attendance Halloween event.

  2. Tacocat

    Wow! Just think, $170 for all that “free” popcorn and ice cream! What a deal!

  3. Ehab

    We were there last night and it was the absolute best thing we’ve done on any of our Disney trips. We went all in on our costumes, loved all the complimentary food and beverages, did a photopass, saw the cavaclades, saw several character spots, went to several trick or treat spots, and rode 8 rides.

  4. Jay Skelington

    So many folks blinded by pixie dust! ??
    It was only empty because it’s freaking August!
    By October the complaints will really be flying as the crowds build!
    Most will never be able to justify the cost of this charade, but to those who do…ENJOY…and BOO to YOU! ?

  5. Donna Way

    I noticed many of the positive reports were from travel agents and bloggers/vloggers. Did they pay for the event or were they invited for positive reviews?
    I went in 2019 to the party and it was just ok. I wouldn’t do it again.

    1. SG

      That’s exactly what I was thinking. You know those comments were from bloggers who get free tickets to events so I would take their positivity with a grain of salt.

    2. R.J.

      That is exactly what I was going to write. All of those people giving RAVE REVIEWS are being paid, one way or another, to go to WDW, if not by WDW, then a travel company or by viewers of their blogs, etc. Most regular guests, the ones already paying for flights, hotels, park tickets, food, etc. would expect, a 3 hour event for up to $800 for for a family of 4, to be a spectacular event with no ride lines, characters on every corner, real food (not crap), photopass at your fingertips, free souvenirs, and a whole lot of appreciation from WDW for paying the prices asked.

    3. mike

      Remember this site & Academy Travel are intertwined for the promotion of themselves & Disney products & promotions. Hard to get an unbiased report in that situation lol. Same reason Allears website pretty much tanked, too much interaction(free) w/ Disney.

  6. Michelle

    I did Boo to you in 2018 and yea it was packed, for an out of state visitor it would’ve been great to have some short ride times. We’re in Cali and got tickets for Oggie Boogie, looking forward to reading reviews for that.

  7. Shan

    We are hitting up Oogie Boogie bash at Disneyland next month. It will be interesting to see it. The shorter waits are almost worth the extra money spent.

  8. Patches

    We attended the Villians After Hours event in 2019. I don’t think I’d rely on the minimal waits/crowds reported for this. Our waits were 45+ for Space Mtn, 7 Dwarfs, Haunted Mansion. This was after I’d been influenced to buy because of the reports of low waits and crowds. With the show schedules, we had to choose between getting to ride or seeing a show. It felt too rushed and I wouldn’t spend that much again.

  9. Tonya

    I would absolutely spend the money just for the lower attendance rate. MNSSHP was awesome when I went in 2018. Best fireworks spectacular of all of them. That being said, I am fully expecting to be disappointed by Boo Bash but still, I spent the money because it is not like I have to spend it every day. It is a once (well, twice, I’m going twice) a year thing. But I don’t expect everyone to follow Disney sheepishly as I do. I really wish Disney would quit messing around and begin giving the people the value that they deserve for their hard earned dollars! They keep removing magic and raising the prices and that spells corporate trouble. C’mon, Disney…

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