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  1. Flfam

    I personally think it’s a bad idea to take your unvaccinated children to a place that people are shoulder to shoulder.
    All the WDW resorts prices are surging I cant believe people will pay 200 a night for All stars … Holliday inn room at double the price..

    1. D.

      Ehh, considering children are the least affected group and in no danger, that doesn’t surprise me. What does surprise me is with masks making a comeback, why anyone would rush to Disney. Maskless Universal is there for a more comfortable vacation.

      1. Jb

        Yep. We cancelled our disney trip and are now going to universal. The ppl that don’t mind wearing a mask or think everyone should wear a mask are the same ppl more likely to cancel their entire trip bc of fear of delta. To be clear for us it wasn’t fear of disease that had us cancel our disney trip. It was Disney’s response that did that.

      2. Pjl

        No danger? Where are you getting that info. I live in fl and kids are being hospitalized and dying

        1. Jb

          Um OK. According to the cdc as of August 4th 2021 there have been 349 children total deaths in US since Jan 2020. Also according to cdc in 2018 there were 636 children 12 under that died from car accidents. So did you stop driving a car bc of “the danger”? Probably not.

          1. Aaron Cobb

            Don’t bother you can’t talk sense into people that don’t want to hear any.

          2. Aaron Cobb

            Don’t bother. You can’t talk sense to people that don’t want to hear it.

        2. Rroe

          I also live in Florida and were having over 20,000 cases a day. Our emergency rooms and hospitals are to the point of not excepting any more cases. All elective surgery’s have been canceled. I’m getting tired of seeing on the news of gasping patients on respirators that say, “Wish I would have gotten the vaccine”.

        3. D.

          Pjl, that information comes from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Please feel free to research it yourself. They state that among the US states reporting, children make up between 0.00% and 0.26% of Covid deaths. Yes, that’s right, several US states reported ZERO child deaths. The mortality rate for children is miniscule and they are in no danger. We can all stop clutching our pearls and going into hysterics over children not being vaccinated.

      3. Philip

        Delta variant affects children too. I mean ignoring the fact that covid-19 killed over 520 children, the delta variant has hospitalized around 1,500 children in the last couple weeks at a rate of about 120 a day. Not to mention a pretty large percentage of children who have recovered from covid are now suffering from long term and possibly permanent neurological issues. Not to mention even though their rates of hospitalization and death are lower than adults they can still carry it and pass it on to adults who can’t fight it off as well. So no, especially with the delta variant and the possibility of the theta variant coming up from south America, children aren’t that much safer than adults.

      4. Niecy

        Kids cases are increasing like crazy tho…

      5. Jb

        So around 20000 cases a day and around 80 deaths. That puts death rate at .4% that’s not 4 that is point 4. When this all started they were reporting death rates of 7%. That’s a scary number. Now that we know the death rate is more like .4% again point 4% all we hear about is cases. Number of cases is only scary if it’s accompanied by a high death rate. As for people saying please give me the vaccine while on a respirator, that has never happened bc ppl can’t speak while on respirators. You are probably talking about Dr. Corbia’s story. He said he had patients dying from covid begging for the vaccine. He would hold their hand and tell them sorry it’s too late. Well once ppl looked at the numbers from the hospital he works at they found there had been 0 deaths due to covid in the month leading up to his STORY. Or it was something like that. The point is the guy clearly lied. News organizations ran with the story. Once it was clear he was full of it, silence. Result: ppl are still going around referencing it as it actually happened. Look up Dr. Stephen Guffanti. His recent account in Sarasota are the reports I’m tired of hearing about.

      6. Lynn

        It does affect children. 2 night ago we intubated a 14 month old in respiratory distress from Covid. The child had no underlying health conditions. The Delta varient is affecting much younger people.

    2. Kathy

      We canceled our trip to Disney. Will not jeopardize grandchildren.

    3. steve jenney

      So many NON EXPERTS spouting about reasons to defy THE EXPERTS! “I’m doing my research” what you have a medical or scientific degree? Listening to right wingers telling you “I read somewhere that” is NOT DOING RESEARCH. FACT..before people had the vaccine the entire country nearly shut down! After the vaccine became readily available we were able to relax some of the preventative measures recommended! The Delta variant has put us back some. BUT if you have been vaccinated you are NOT LIKELY to suffer dire consequences as before. AND CHILDREN ARE GETTING VERY SEVERE CASES…WHY? Because their mommies and daddy laughed in the face of science.

  2. Adam

    Yeah, makes me sad to say we canceled our Boo Bash trip for October. Just don’t see things improving enough by then to want to take the kids who are too young to be vaccinated.

    1. Terry

      I DON’T plan on coming to Florida until the virus is over and done with . My health and family health is more important then visiting a theme park

    2. Matthew Lee Myers

      We had a trip planned last May that we had to cancel bc of Covid and had been promising to make it up to our kids all year. Went in April, after my wife and I were vaxxed, and felt really good about how Covid was finally getting under control. Told my wife last week that I was glad we went when we did because there’s no way I’d go now. Breaks my heart that people are having to cancel trips again over this pandemic, especially now that we have a decent way to fight it.

  3. J

    Some of us can’t get the vaccine due to health issues. The vaccine has many side effects, most of which we don’t know. We do know vaccinated or not, people are getting infected and dying

    1. Laurie

      What Heath issues would stop you from vaccine?

      1. Candy

        How about NONE of your business!!!! You don’t need to know the Heath status of others. But research it. There’s plenty of info Heath wise, why they can’t get the Vax… too many people think they have to know other peoples business. Take care of yours and you have nothing to worry about. Right?

        1. Ron

          When you comment in a public forum you will get questions and responses to what you post. Shouldn’t be surprised when you see it. Don’t like it, don’t post. Pretty simple concept. RIght?

      2. K

        Prior neurological issue due to a different vaccine could be one reason. My son’s neurologist recommends my son not get it for that reason. But his case was a 1 in a million occurance, and this decision is being made based on consultation with neurology specialist, so it doesn’t apply to all members of the family. Consult your doctor about your situation, but know that there are some people for whom covid vaccination is not advised.

    2. Sue

      I agree. People don’t understand there are some people that can’t take the vaccine and medical conditions. I don’t think anyone has to validate there reason. And what surprises me is when you got this vaccine they said it worked so why do you have to wear a mask if you got the shot and you want to wear one then go right ahead. And anyone who would paid the price Disney to go there is crazy. You get less but someone don’t see that. Just like the boo bash. Look all the money you spend and for a few hours not like it was before. Rides are breaking down park is understaffed. Anyone that’s complaining don’t go stay home we don’t need you down here in Florida spreading your germs if you don’t like the way things are done here go back home.

      1. Pjl

        Because not enough people are vaccinated and the virus is changing so yes you need to wear a mask even vaccinated and the Boo Bash is an after hours event which is pretty much the same price as they always are, it’s not a replacement for the NSSHP

    3. Lynn

      “The vaccine has many side effects, most of which we do not know.” 🤣🤣🤣
      So, how so you know there’s side effects??

      1. Terrie

        Good point
        I think Dr. Tucker Carlson probably made that very scientific discovery.

    4. Steve

      So you know there are side effects but you don’t know what they are? That makes zero sense. How do you know there are side effects but don’t know what they are??

  4. Phoebe L Ho

    Since many people can’t (won’t) get the vaccine, Disney World has to enforce masks and social distancing. I’m pretty sure no one wants it to close again.

    1. Colleen

      Social distancing isn’t going to happen. There’s no way to do it without reducing capacity and they aren’t going to do that because it would cost them money. Masks are a painless way to act like they’re being cautious.

    2. Common sense

      The amount of antivax nonsense here is stunning. Many of you talking about “risks” have absolutely no idea what what are talking about. You sound like peasants from the Dark Ages crying “witchcraft” with regards to science you simply do not understand.

      1. Candy

        Actually you have no idea what you’re talking about!!!! There are many that can’t run the risk of this vax. Maybe do more research then listen to cnn. Even dig deep into the CDCs website… you’re the one who sounds mindless drone…. Talk about not using any common sense

    3. Samantha

      Regardless of people getting the vaccine or not doesn’t stop Disney or any company from requiring masks. Vaccinated or not, everyone is spreading it! They thought making people get vaccinated would take away the masks …bahaha. This is all ridiculous!

    4. Tammy Linback

      It’s not just a matter of unvaccinated people. Vaccinated people are still getting covid. At my husband’s place of employment right now of 1,000 employees 4 have covid. All 4 of those are vaccinated. Not one unvaccinated person has it. Explain that???

      1. Pm

        As a nurse my resident’s are getting Covid. All are vaccinated.

        1. Terrie

          Are they on vents and dying?

          1. K.

            99% aren’t…so probably the answer is no.

  5. Bob

    Spoke to my doctor, who said to not go to Florida nor WDW. The Delta Virus will get much worse this year and one’s exposure could be deadly.

    I may go in 2022.

    1. Shelaine Beaver

      Almost 100% of people dying weren’t vaccinated. If vaccinated it acts more like a cold. Masks are so vaccinated people don’t spread to unvaccinated people.

  6. Mandi

    I have a Universal pass, and Seaworld pass, have been to Universal for 4 trips since covid reopening, Disney 1x, seaworld 2x, and a day at Discovery Cove. I have been hesitantly vaccinated with the J&J, my son with Pfizer because we have medical conditions that makes the risk of vaccine issues the lesser evil over covid, my husband chose not to. Right now my husband and I have covid, our son thankfully does not. My husband is much sicker than I am, for a couple of days I was afraid I was going to lose him, still not in the clear, just a little better. Vaccines don’t necessarily prevent you from getting it, it lessons the chance, it also lessons the chance of it killing you if you do get it. Unfortunately it doesn’t stop us from spreading covid if we’re asymptomatic, just like an unvaccinated person. I now will have double protection, and look into booster shot of pfizer, but to enjoy my happy places I will 100% put on a mask without complaining at all the parks! I think Universal will more than just suggest soon.

    1. Terrie

      I hope you’re both healthy soon Take care.

  7. Al

    I think that at this point, those who are scared or hesitant of getting sick should stay away. Stop pushing your requirements to those who are vaccinated or aren’t worried onto them.

    1. Kaylee McConnell

      I agree. If you are scared to death of the cold and flu viruses, STAY HOME! Why would you want to go to a crowded park where there is a 100% chance of someone carrying a virus.
      Let the rest of us enjoy life. We know that 98% of the masks being worn do NOT protect the wearer from the covid virus. We also know that being vaccinated does NOT prevent you from getting the virus. So stay home and be safe. But keep in mind that there will always be viruses.

  8. Q3:16

    I agree. Next thing those people are gonna do is tell me I can’t walk down the street blindfolded with my Taurus 24/7 dangling on a string, randomly firing because I modified it to have the loosest draw possible. I know my rights, and you’ll get my dangling string from my cold dead hands.

  9. DD

    I think the Xact opposite… those who R scared or hesitant of getting the vaccine (&/or wearing a mask) should stay away! If U R not willing 2 do your part (get the vaccine) 2 help stop the spread then U should stay @ home!! [Smh]

  10. Fergie

    Pediatric ICUs are filling up now. Children were less vulnerable with Covid alpha but with delta it’s “stickier”. The unvaccinated adults are getting sickest, kids can and have been getting very sick too. Taking my family or even friends to a melting pot of the vaccinated and unvaccinated is just too risky right now. For the most part if the vaccinated contact the virus we shouldn’t end up in the ICU. The problem is we don’t have the segregation at the parks only at the hospitals. Mixing these groups is not wise.

  11. Aaron Cobb

    There is no reason to close disneyworld or wear masks outside. Keep your distance is all we need to do. I haven’t worn a mask since all this began last year. I haven’t missed a day of work either. And I work around over 2000 other people. Masks gave a lot of people I work with a false sense of safety and got to close to others in return they got covid. Just be careful

    1. candy

      Yep, I got a horrible case of pneumonia thanks to the masks. Which made it much worse for me when I got COVID

      1. TacoCat

        You do know, you are supposed to wash your mask after wearing. Of course wearing a dirty mask is unhealthy.

    2. Beata

      Same here.

    3. Lex

      I went to Disney in mid July with my wife and 2 kids. It is impossible to social distance on any line. It was hot, sticky and 1-2 hr lines. No one wearing mask including us because of the heat. My 6 yr old came back with Covid. The rest of us didn’t get it (wife and I are vaxed). Luckily, my child only had a slight fever and runny nose for 3 days.

      My advice is stay away until Fast Pass is back. No point in risking it for 3-5 rides per day.

  12. Tamara

    Mask don’t mask, shot no shot, you don’t like whichever, your choice follow Disney rules or stay away.

  13. Laura

    You all realize Florida healthcare is also awful. How many of these tests are false positive? They’ve been known to falsify their numbers.
    Sorry not sorry , it’s Advent Health driving the news , not Orlando Health. I worked in healthcare 30 years before moving here , when I saw they are 20 years behind everyone else it’s perspective. Don’t believe everything you read. I know several hospitalists that will tell you they are admitting out of caution , but reporting Covid … stage 4 lung cancer terminal , but test positive 4 days after admission = Covid. Without all the data presented you get hysteria….

    1. Manny

      @Laura, please justify your claim of false positives with verifiable evidence. We have already seen plenty of Facebook, and Alex Jones reporting on how Covid is reported for other causes of death.

  14. Beata

    Going to both Universal and Disney in October. Not planning on cancelling. Only if Disney closes. Living my life. Enough is enough

    1. Lynn

      Same. I already had to cancel the trip from 2020 because Disney shut down. Not cancelling this one! I’m vaccinated, as are my kids, we’ll take precautions, but we’re going and going to have a great time!

  15. Jan

    I was one of the biggest Disney fans but the magic is gone and I am so over it. Good luck

  16. Ronzie

    Disney and Universal shouldn’t open in the first place. Both theme parks are extremely crowded and tourist act like Covid doesn’t exist. I see children under 12 without an mask all time.

  17. Kb

    Those who will not get a vaccine or at least wear a mask are selfish and unpatriotic. Since when do your so-called freedoms give you the right to harm others. Your gov is an ass and won’t even give you daily covid numbers!

    1. Jb

      They are not “so-called freedoms,” they are absolute rights. The answer is: When the harm exists only in your imagination or in someone’s theory. A more relative question is, when does your beliefs allow you to infringe on the rights of others? I call them beliefs bc there has been no scientific, peer-reviewed study showing masks prevent disease. We are told it has been proven time and time again masks prevent spread but when you look into it, there is no actual scientific study proving that. It was a demonstration that used mannequins and green smoke. We are not mannequins and green smoke in no way represents any virus. Now let’s look at actual studies that prove masks do not prevent the spread of disease. These are not every study proving masks are deffiecient in stopping the spread of disease but they are the ones that stand out in my memory. It starts with Dr. Kellogg in 1920, 100 yrs later May 2020 by cdc, and as it is most commonly referred to, the Danish mask study Nov 2020, (the most applicable study as it actually involves SARS COV 2) all of these studies showed no demonstrative effect on the spread of disease. They were also actual studies that measured human mask usage and the spread of disease, as opposed to green smoke and mirrors (oops sorry mannequins).

      1. Manny

        @Jb not only are their multiple studies showing the efficacy of masks but there is also a meta study which looked at 21 other peer reviewed studies also proving their hypothesis about mask efficacy. What I do not appreciate is
        someone like you who is misleading the public with false claims. This is especially true since there are people who are paid by PACs and think tanks to write across social media and comment areas to sway public opinion. This is not only disgusting but also evil since you are risking people’s lives for money. You disgust me and as an actual PhD find your lies about actual research abhorrent. You deserved to be doxed in the very least. Personally my patience with this campaign of profit for disinformation is growing thin. It is not anyone’s right to yell fire in a crowded theater. Your actions have consequences and karma will catch up with you. This is not a threat but a promise.

        1. D.L.

          I found the troll. Congratulations on being the troll Manny.

          1. Manny

            @D.L. I am sure marginalization might have been a good idea for you at the time. Internet trolling can also be defined as purposefully causing confusion or harm to other users online, for no reason at all. My reason is to fight against misinformation that is dangerous to the health of others. It is not a political agenda and I do not get paid to do it either. So next time you want to barge into a conversation to add no value think twice about it, unless you are someone’s payroll. In which case you shall also reap what you sow.

            1. D.L.

              Your reason is to “fight misinformation”??!! Wow, JB gave you easily researchable information. You gave…your opinion (and then threatened someone to boot). Sounds like you are the one spreading misinformation. Talk about not adding any value to a conversation… Go fear monger somewhere else troll.

        2. Jb

          I gave studies with enough info that they can be looked up. You say the same old thing. There are multiple studies showing masks work but you give almost zero info. And then threaten me, unreal.

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