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splash mountain scaffolding (left) splash mountain (right)

Left Image Credit: Bioreconstruct / Right image Credit: Disney


  1. Princess Tiana deserves her own ride and restaurant by retheming Tom Sawyer Island better than retheming Splash Mountain in Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom

    1. Stockton

      Yeah Disney doesn’t need to indulge with the WOKE BLM.

  2. Ian

    It’s funny. Everyone who supports the change trots out the Change.org petition…without noting there was a second that was to keep SM the same that got at least double the signatures. If we were really going off public desire, then SM would remain the same.

    1. Alex

      The only people who really want splash mountain changed are people who don’t go to the park anyways. It was a knee jerk reaction by Disney because of the riots last year and they wanted to be seen as “good guys” even though their stock prices doubled.

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