Comments for Woman Removed From Orlando Flight Says Disney Is “Corrupted” By LGBTQ+ Community

Credit: Paddle Your Own Kanoo (left), Disney (right)


  1. EricJ

    Disney has Broadway-style songs and princess gowns, of COURSE it’s going to attract LGBT audiences. And frequently does, even more than binge-TV or Instagram.
    It’s a fact of life us heterosexual Disney fans (who hated Frozen, and don’t see any “subtext” in Luca or Raya) just have to live with.

    Just so long as they know this isn’t Broadway, and they’re not the only ones on the playground.

    1. Phil davis

      I agree with the Woman. LGBT has been actively promoting themselves as just another American family. I don’t care about their lifestyle or anything else about their perversions, yes perversions, it legitimately describes their lifestyle. They are humans and should receive the same consideration as any human, but this is where it needs to stop. I especially don’t want them educating children on their lifestyle as if it’s a normal family, it’s not. This may be one of the few areas where religion and science agree. Homosexuality is a rail spur. It goes nowhere. It doesn’t advance the human race, it’s a selfish life of one’s own sexual gratification. It’s not meant in any way to fulfill the role in marriage of making a strong nuclear family, it’s Impossible. If you’re a Bible person you would agree, you would if you are an evolutionist. There is no evolutionary process that sustains the basic requirements of a species advancing and prospering ,it’s a dead end ( no pun intended). But, the community does not care, it keeps pushing their agenda down our throats (ahhh…) And will not stop untill everyone accepts them as a normal yet different lifestyle. That impossible..

      1. Joho

        Wow, you are quite a freak!

        1. Kathy


        2. pope francis

          it’s called being normal

      2. VDog

        For someone who is so “repulsed“ by the gay “lifestyle”, you sure are getting a “rise” out of all the sexual innuendos in your cute little paragraph there bud. I’ve lived long enough to see right through all of you holier than-thou straight men who are either a. Cheating on your wives with whatever pretty young little thing that comes along once you hit your mid-life crisis.. or b. End up on Grindr “discreetly” fulfilling the needs that are not getting met at home. If all of the examples of the loudest most outspoken men against lgbt equality in the past have shown us, is that you are the ones getting caught with your, ahemm… “pants down”. So unclutch your f**ken pearls and let these people demand equal rights. They are NOT affecting your 50% divorce rate, and 30% cheating husbands of the other half that’s left “holier-than-thou straight marriages. Seriously.. time to get over yourselves.

        1. Beann

          You know he typed that comment with one hand…

        2. Hamish

          As a straight old white guy, you pretty much called it Vdog. Phil is definitely overcompensating. BTW, continuation of the species? I think if push came to shove, science hast that handled.

          Beann, you called it.

      3. Steph

        She isn’t wrong though…I don’t care what people do, but do I have to see it and agree with it??? I mean Disney doesn’t have heterosexual month.

        1. VDog

          They don’t have a heterosexual month either. They simply ensure that we’ll all feel included. Lemme guess, you’re one of the ones that are triggered when Disney announces that’s that they are removing racially insensitive aspects from rides, right? Heaven forbid Disney wants to make sure that everyone feels welcome! Not in YOUR world!

          1. silvia saint

            When everyone is special, no one is.

        2. Hamish

          Steph, since its inception, every month at Disney has pretty much been a heterosexual month. Don’t be triggered by the fact that after all these years Disney is finally acknowledging their LGBTQ patrons.

      4. Jesus loves the sinner not the homosexual lifestyle. God finds it an abomination (Leviticus 18:22 – Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.) As a Christian, I will be kind and respectful to the LGBTQ (I think they are adding more letters, frankly, I can’t keep up) community, but they should equally be kind and respectful to people who don’t embrace their lifestyle. We can agree to disagree. Disney could care less. What they are doing is tapping into a market to make money.

        1. VDog

          There goes that beautiful holier than thou passive aggressive loveliness I was waiting for!! Just like you say we are “forcing” our so called abomination of a “lifestyle “, you’re doing the same exact thing with your bible thumping. The Bible also says that he is a god of love, but I know, that’s not what you choose to quote here, right?

          1. pope francis

            God lists a number of things he hates, Jesus tells people to buy weapons, and shoots swords out of his mouth in reveletation.

            Even Hippie Jesus flips tables and whips people.

        2. Tdot626

          That part of the OLD testament also says not to mix seeds, wear clothes of mixed fabrics or masturbate… pretty sure all you hate filled idiots do all of that!

      5. EricJ

        (And remember, folks, stand up for TOLERANCE!) 😉

      6. Chompy

        Total misunderstanding of how evolution works and how it effects a species. If homosexuality was genetically coded for it would remove itself from the pool and not effect the species writ large at all. But of course you don’t care about that, you just want to be able to claim that science somehow supports your ideology. Read a book you freak

      7. Paul Stirewalt

        Disney executives need to ask themselves, what would Walt want? I think the answer is very clear.

      8. Sue

        Totally agree.

      9. Tdot626

        Wow u are a pathetic excuse for a human being let alone a man

        1. Eli

          Such a great rebuttal. Must’ve taken you a long time to think that one up.

      10. Eli

        You’re 100% correct. Anyone who disagrees is living in lala land in denial. What you said isn’t intolerant, it’s just correct. But, in the society we are now FORCED to live in, even disagreeing is considered “hate speech” to these insane people who think they’re the same ones.

      11. Eli

        “all you men” lol well aren’t you just anti-man. You need to be more tolerant and stop your hate speech against people you disagree with….

      12. Anonymouse ?

        Actually, there’s a pretty widely-known theory that gay folks are actually an evolutionary benefit because they can help raise the offspring of other couples. 🙂 Humans are, after all, a social animal with wider families than just a set of parents + their children.

        Even if that weren’t the case, lots of things don’t exist solely for the sake of the proliferation of the species. One example? Cartoons and theme parks. Those are just for fun.

        I hope some day you’re able to show some more respect to people in the world who just happen to be a little different than you – but who are still just as capable of having loving, fulfilling, consenting relationships as any heterosexual. Us “LGBTs” really aren’t that bad, promise. 😉

  2. Joseph Kastner

    She isn’t wrong

    1. Steph

      Agreed ?

    2. Smeather

      no she isn’t, Disney is doing exactly what she said they’re doing

    3. Eli

      No. She isn’t wrong. You just don’t share the same political beliefs, therefore you disagree with her. Disney is doing exactly what she said they’re doing. They’re putting the views of the minority at the forefront of their corporation, and forcing the majority to compromise their values and tolerate it. Nobody wants to tolerate the views of those who disagree, though.

  3. Jeremy

    I didn’t choose a homosexual lifestyle. I live by conservative rules and I see the news on ultra religious are often the first ones to fail at their own standards. I’m not telling anyone that they can’t do that and be apart of American Society and Culture. I agree with a lot of the material and content that the Walt Disney Company puts out there such as Soul and Luca. I think if every lifestyle was more vocal about their beliefs surrounding the topic of Soul some comparisons and compromise could be made. Disney World is still a place for all people who want to live the fantasy, the past, and the world of tomorrow.

    1. EricJ

      I didn’t “choose” a disabled lifestyle either when I sat down for wheelchair rights, but I feel I had a lot less choice in my lifestyle than you did…
      Or than those born of color or ethnic/religious backgrounds. You can’t market yourself into sympathy.

      And I know the wishful-thinking that’s been thrown around about Luca (oo, they’re two boys who are bestest friends, love to go swimming together, and have to HIDE who they are! 9_9 ), but Soul?
      Okay, I’ll bite, where the heck did that come from?

      1. VDog

        Actually Eric, you didn’t have less choice in being disabled. Neither of us would have “chosen” this life of uphill battles. Neither of us had any say in the matter.. I promise you. I do wish you some love and happiness in yours tho. And I mean that.

    2. Tdot626

      Being gay is not a choice! Nice try

      1. So gays and lesbian that change their minds are not real cause they surely do exist. So, it is a choice. Just like is a choice not to be with someone that doesn’t value you as a human being.Even with all the love in the world people can choose not to engage. And this another reason this stuff dont make sense. So that rule dont apply to the other genders cause dont believe that woman or man exist or the ones that claim their gender is fluid. Everyone having their own rules makes a really chaotic society.

      2. Lol….is not a choice. Everything we do is a choice. Just like is a choice to be good and do good things. There’s people out there that use to be gay or lesbian and choose a different path.Or the person that choose to cheat.Despite of their feelings they could of done the right thing. Sure I can be attract to the hot guy but maybe choose a better candidate. Nothing is set in stone not for anyone. Well ask the gender fluid people. Today I feel like man and tomorrow am a woman. They definitely dont live by that rule of no choice. Their possibility are endless. They are both or they are none or many who the heck knows.

        1. VDog

          Robinhood: unless you’ve stepped in my shoes for a single motherf**ken day in my life, don’t sit there and tell ME that I can choose what sex I am attracted to. Just like YOU can’t choose to stop being attracted to women and all of a sudden only be attracted to men. Don’t let your stupidity show, PLEASE.

  4. Beann

    I love how some conservatives seem so shocked that Disney wants to attract LGBT folks (along with everyone else). Disney is a for-profit company and it would be incredibly stupid for them NOT to try to attract as many people as possible.

    Anywho, the attitude expressed by the woman (and some commenters) is slowly going the way of the dinosaurs, and Disney has recognized this.

  5. Ralph Malph

    So, she is a homophobe and believes that this gives her the right to put everyone’s health at risk by not wearing a mask? warped.

    1. Senzuri Paizuri

      not everyone is a homophile.

      Many are agnostic towards them.

  6. The homosexual community aside, all of us know the drill on airlines. Masks on planes was supposed to end already and they got an extension into September. I hope it ends then. It seems to bring out the worst in people. The woman involved in this article was probably canceled (lost her job and became an outcast to society). Today, you are not allowed to lose your cool (someone is recording you).

    1. Beann

      “Today, you are not allowed to lose your cool (someone is recording you).”

      Putting other people’s health at risk for no good reason is not just “los[ing] your cool”. Also, it makes total sense that an employer would fire an employee for harming the employer’s reputation (no idea if this woman was fired, though).

      1. Sue

        What risk? You take a risk every single time you leave your home and/or get in a car. Besides new CDC guides are mask is useless and actually causes more harm.

        1. Beann

          Pretty sure that is incorrect, are you getting your health advice from Tucker Carlson or something?

  7. God loves fags

    I love it when someone is so triggered, she won’t be enjoying Disney anytime soon and neither will her poor kids.

    As for the homophobes here, it’s a known fact most closet cases are homophobic all your doing is make us gays think what a queer you are because those that are overly vocal in public always have something to hide just like deeply religious people who are the biggest sinners.

    1. EricJ

      So, apparently, I also harbor a secret love for Geico commercials, just because I rage about THOSE being obnoxiously in my face 24/7, and wish they’d just shut the heck up and get a life?
      Just trying to understand the logic on that.

  8. Charles

    Disney is pushing the liberal/marxist agenda, not worrying inclusion- to their detriment. They’ve alienated far more people than they’ve now “included” at this point.

    1. VDog

      If by those people, you mean straight white “ideal” American families, then so be it. If those type of “people” are so repulsed by Disney trying to make sure EVERYONE who passes their gates feels welcome, then it’s a great price to pay. Not everyone in America looks like your white picket fence, summer in the Hamptons cookie cutter family. And Disney has matured into realizing that diversity is beautiful. Thanks for staying away btw… shorter lines on Space Mountain.

      1. Paul

        There we go! I just knew somebody would bring race into this!

      2. Anthony

        You are not paying the price Disney is. I’m white, I’m straight with a family I have been to Disney over 20 times since 1993 spending on average about $5,000.00 a trip sometime more sometimes less depending on hotel and the length of the vacation. I have not been since 2017 and have no plans on ever setting foot on Disney property again Sure I would love to see Galaxy’s Edge but it not worth it to have a political agenda shoved down my throat So enjoy would short lines and the increasing prices you will be paying because people like me are not coming to the parks Disney will make it’s money

        1. VDog

          Ok Anthony, thank you. And I’m truly sorry that you can’t bear the idea that you might have to stand in line next to a Hispanic gay man while waiting for a Disneyland ride. Btw, I worked just as hard to pay the entranceticket price as you have.

          1. Anthony

            Come to think of it I have never met a Hispanic gay man and that’s after 16 years in correction I was the kitchen officer at saint brides and the best line I had were 4 gay guys on top of that I was hurt breaking up a fight on the kitchen floor when 2 guys were fighting over the affections of another guy You are going down the wrong road with me I don’t care if you gay It’s about a pollical agenda by Disney

    2. Tdot626

      Hahaha hahaha what an idiot you are

    3. Anonymouse ?

      You think Disney, à massive for-profit media conglomerate, is Marxist?

      Quick question: Do you have any idea what the word “Marxist” means????? ? ? ?

  9. Sue

    Disney is so hung up on inclusion they have totally alienated the conversative heterosexual. Walt Disney would not have stood for all of this BS virtue signaling. No animated movie or program needs to be about sex ever.
    Masks do NOT prevent the spread of anything so why do the airlines require same? Take your mask off once in the air, what are the flight attendants going to do?

    1. VDog

      Oh Sue.. I don’t even have the energy for you right now LOL. But I do invite you to one day soon, get yourself to Disneyland (Walt’s original baby), stand underneath the bridge that leads you into the park, and read the plaque right above you out loud to yourself… Walt’s very own words. then come back to your little comment about you knowing sooo much about what “Walt would want” Aiiight?? K, bye gurl.

      Oh, as for the mask thing?? Girl you’re on your own at this point.. you’re hopeless Lol.

    2. Tdot626

      Uh have u arrested. Are you stupid or what?

  10. Megdalina

    There was a time you could go to Disney and feel removed from all the stress of life and just enjoy yourself, but no longer. Now we must be bombarded with exclusivity at every turn and our favorite movies and attractions are no longer kosher ( cultural appropriation). I’m sick of all the LGBTQTXY mess. While I may not agree with certain lifestyles it’s not my place to tell others how to live and I don’t want or need to know how they live. I am sick of the degrading of women by turning them into men and the emasculated of men by super women. Our Children are so confused they don’t even know which set they are when the biology is staring them in the face., and Disney isn’t helping.

    1. VDog

      Actually, Magdalena, I think the young-uns of today are sooo much brighter than many of you antiquated, closed-minded and bigoted older folks of yesterday. Not all of you are like that, but so many of you grew up in a world where segregation and worse still existed, so I can kind of understand in a way why the stubbornness still remains… but I’m so glad young adults are growing up to become whoever they want to be now, instead of hiding it to the point where many have committed suicide. Would you rather YOUR child grow up being who they want to be, or suppressing it, and then ending their life because they can’t stand knowing that their own parents would never accept them?? It has happened. Way more than I care to think about.

      1. Robinhood

        Yeah same old argument. Lets point out who sins is the greatest.Foolish people sin is sin no matter what.Dont worry the cheater and the liar are on the list. Is disturbing to listen to people find ways to justify their evil ways.They love to bring up suicide but they never mention suicide after realizing their mistake. Or what about the gays or lesbians that deciding to drop the lifestyle they dont count any more. To be truly inclusive you must allow everyone which needs to be measure and control. Whats next pedo asking to marry young children. If you cant dicern evil from good than you got problems. These people love to attack God when all the wickedness come from them not God. They do evil things but cant face it and called it for what it is. To be good takes work. Stop making the LGBTQ community seem so delicate like they cant handle life.They are not the only ones in the world that suffer. And stop speaking for people you dont know. These people dont all think the same. A lot of them dont agree with the movement. There is nothing strong or lovable about the community. They acting like bullies with their sick agenda.

        1. CDog

          In your own ignorant words, “robinhood”… STOP SPEAKING FOR PEOPLE YOU DONT KNOW!!!” You have NO idea whether we were able to so called “choose” to be gay or not!! Why would I CHOOSE this, knowing I would have to put up with ignorant trash like yourself as part of the deal??!?

      2. Michelle

        I read about a young man who had reassignment surgery and is now regretting it so much he is suicidal. I also read the lyrics to the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus song entitled “We’re Coming For Your Children.” I think some of the young-uns of today and myself might continue to stubbornly not support these lifestyles. It’s not all sunshine and roses.

        1. Bren

          If you actually followed the story, which evidently you did not, it was a satirical piece. However, conservatives decided to take it out of context, not truly listen or realize what they were watching before going on their cancel/witch hunt. Please quit watching the news if you are not going to get the entire story. Oh, and you don’t need to spread the untruth of “fake” news which is what you’ve done.

  11. Harvey

    Totally agree! The latest pins being sold during Pride month are the perfect example. Selling pins that show the lesbian flag, or the bisexual flag are about one thing: How you have sex. A once family-friendly venue like Disney parks is no place for merchandise like that to be sold. The have NOTHING to do with making people feel welcome or included–just

    1. Vdog

      “ Selling pins that show the lesbian flag, or the bisexual flag are about one thing: How you have sex.”
      This line right here coming out of your mouth says it all my friend. If THATS what you think being gay is all about, you will NEVER understand. I guess being straight is ALL ABOUT how you go down on your wife in the bedroom. …pretty absurd comment when you read it from the other side isn’t it?? It’s ok. I’m all about love, but I can see what you’re all about.

  12. Harvey

    Totally agree

  13. vdog

    vdog and beann you two should totally hook up! in addition to the obvious, you at least have one other thing in common –> easily triggered!

    1. VDog

      First off, stop using my user name for your comments. It’s a sad attempt on your end. Yes, one thing in particular triggers me. Having straight people tell me what “choice” I had to make by being gay. You’ve never walked in my shoes and I promise you, if I had some kind of “choice” in loving who I love, I would have prevented it all from the get go had I known I would have to put up with so many hateful human beings. That much is true. Go give your wife a kiss and tell her how much you love her for me will you? Lucky you, that you get to do that without hateful people judging you about it. Think about that. Good night and take care.

  14. Trevor

    First of all, that woman has serious mental problems and I hope she gets the help she needs.

    Second, both homosexuality and heterosexuality are as ‘adult’ as you want them to be. You see straight romances in family-related media all the time, and somehow people don’t freak out about what these characters might do in their bedrooms, or what their kids might think about them. Hell, these TV shows and movies actually might leave innuendos about adult romance, and people wouldn’t care either.

    So how is a gay romance any different? You don’t make offspring, you have couples of the same gender, and you’re more likely to be murdered/jailed/disowned by idiots because of who you are. That’s pretty much it.

    Also, if you want the ‘gay agenda’ to stop being so visible to people, stop giving the LGBT movement a reason to be so loud. There are countries that put people in death row for being gay; parents who throw their own kids out of home for liking the same gender, or send them to abusive conversion therapy that’ll scar them for life. All of society have been trying to erase LGBT people for centuries, and you’re wondering why LGBT people have to keep showing they exist?

    Disney only cares about money, obviously. But allowing LGBT inclusivity is a good thing. The more kids find that they can be accepted for their orientation, the better.

  15. Trevor

    First of all, that woman has serious mental problems and I hope she gets the help she needs.

    Second, both homosexuality and heterosexuality are as ‘adult’ as you want them to be. You see straight romances in family-related media all the time, and somehow people don’t freak out about what these characters might do in their bedrooms, or what their kids might think about them. Hell, these TV shows and movies actually might leave innuendos about adult romance, and people wouldn’t care either.

    So how is a gay romance any different? You don’t make offspring, you have couples of the same gender, and you’re more likely to be murdered/jailed/disowned by idiots because of who you are. That’s pretty much it.

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