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  1. Jennifer rittal

    We are going to be at Universal in 2 weeks and we were planning on purchasing the dining plan for three people for 6 days- in our past vacations we have found this to be a huge savings and convenience and I am very disappointed this is no longer available.

  2. Michelle

    I was planning on getting the AMEX dioscounted dining plan with the refillable drink bottle. AMEX is still advertising this.

  3. Harlow

    This has been a staple for my family and I for the past 8 years. It was so nice to go to all the amazing restaurants and feel like we could order anything. Whether or not it saves us money the convenience of not having to bring extra money or make sure your credit card has enough or getting home from your trip and continue to pay for it was really nice. It felt like an all inclusive resort and it took a lot of stress away from trips that sometimes have bumps in them and made one less thing to have to think or worry about.

  4. Steve

    It needs revamping. I was just there 2 weeks ago and didn’t think it was worth it. Couldn’t use it at hotels and only two restaurants in each park were on plan. Plus, only two places in park had full service breakfast. So, if you you weren’t going to park you had to pay for breakfast. All Quick Serve restaurants were packed the entire stay. If it comes back they must make a deal with their hotel partner (Lowe’s) to use at hotels.

  5. Cassie

    I wonder if this is in response to the current disaster that is UOR food service? The quick service card couldn’t be used with mobile order, which I’m sure was incredibly frustrating. Mobile order exacerbates already ridiculous lines by adding even more orders. Ppl have to check what entitlements they have left in dining plans. Removing everything but the basics *should* in theory make things move slightly faster.

  6. Matthew Brewster

    Just because Uni has removed the UDP from its website doesn’t mean it is being suspended. They could just reconfiguring it. Don’t jump to conclusions!

  7. Sam R

    How, Why,Whaaattt. I don’t understand they offered it for years now that the pandemic is So-Called over everyone is price gauging. From food to hotels,gas, everything is expensive now and went up beside our paychecks. We should over charge our hourly pay see how these companies would like that. I’m disappointed in UO for this. They went from 7day tickets being a reasonable price years ago to every year they went up and up and up and up even the express pass cost more than the admission tix how’s that even possible

  8. Yes, VERY disappointed with Universal’s decision to discontinue its meal plan. It is the middle of September now and nothing has “come back” or been “reconfigured.” Universal is already VERY pricey and the food plan was one way for families to be able to afford it more easily. I believe it never will come back: Universal is looking for a way to up revenue (as if this company needs that), probably to keep their shareholders happy, and as usual that will be done on the backs of those who can least afford it.

  9. Peggy Hillhouse

    My family and I have been coming to Universal Studio almost 10 years or not more and we always buy the dining plan because it is so easy to go to a restuarant set down an eat and go to have fun. We use the snack as butterbeer or ice cream. We really enjoy the meal plan . We have all really paid for this November and just find out about the meal pan. I know Disney World cancel dining plan and there are so many I mean many people are complain about it. I read where some people are not going back to Disney World but, I thought Universal was different and understand their customers.
    I guess people will start taking food inbecause I think the resturant will be pack .
    Universal be mindful and think of your customers. You never shut down like other parks so you I believed you did not loss revenue. The meal plan helps with my family so, please put it back like it was.

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