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Credit: Universal Orlando Resort


  1. Edward

    Excelent move by universal, unlike their Disney counterparts, universal used common sense. I’m so glad I can go mask less to universal in August, not so much for Disney, not really excited to go to Disney anymore… I guess I’ll be spending more time and money in both Universal parks. Masks DON’T work!!

    1. Chris

      Disneys policy is the same thing. Only wear masks indoors.

      1. Amy

        Not the same. Universal is “encouraging” guests to wear masks indoors. As of today, it’s mandatory for guests indoors at Disney. Mandatory for team/cast members at both parks.

      2. AD

        Not the same. Universal is “encouraging” guests to wear masks indoors. As of today, it’s mandatory for guests indoors at Disney. Mandatory for team/cast members at both parks. This is not a duplicate comment!

      3. Nick

        Chris as always. You can’t read.

      4. Chris

        No where near the same, Universal is recommending, Disney is requiring. Universal will get a lot more business unless Disney changes to the same.

    2. Hope

      I don’t understand why it isn’t “encouraged” for employees as well.

  2. Smile

    Cancelled Disney. Booked Universal.

    1. Sam Kimmel

      Me TOO! Disney will have to wait!

  3. Matt

    This is what happens when Disney makes the first move. I’m just hoping the Disney mask police have calmed down this time around.

    1. Sue

      In Florida the new law is there will be NO enforcement of the mask. So I don’t see how Disney will enforce it.

      1. Matt

        I got yelled at on Space Mountain last time… lol

      2. Walt's Ghost

        They just throw you out of the park. They can make up whatever BS rule they want, that’s not the issue, it’s up to US the public to stop giving them business and drag them in the press.

        But that won’t happen. Disney parks continue to be packed and sell out so they have no incentive to give a crap about what you want. If you keep throwing money at them, they’ll just keep treating you this way.

  4. Christopher B

    Disneys policy is the same thing. Wear masks indoors only. Not sure why people think its different than Universals.

    1. Sue

      Did you not read the 2 articles? Universal is encouraging, requesting guest to please wear a mask indoors. Disney on the otherhand is mandating, no demanding, that guests wear masks indoors. That is a big difference.

  5. Sue

    The CDC has gone crazy over a REJECTED medical study in India. The health and cleanliness standards in the US are much higher than India so, of course, India’s covid19 rate is higher than the US. The medical study conducted in India was rejected by the majority of doctors in India, Europe and the US, yet the CDC, because of Dr. Fauci, is using this rejected medical study to reinstitute masks. I guess the vaccine really doesn’t work, but neither do masks. Ignore the mandates and live your life.

    1. Matt


    2. Its people who think like you that had Florida so screwed up right now. Congratulations

  6. Joanna Coors

    Always felt that Universal didn’t care about their guests by the way I was treated there. Now I know it’s true.

    1. Chris

      To me this policy shows they really do care about their guests, as there are wildly varying opinions on masks and this accommodates them and keeps issues down to a minimum.

  7. B.

    Guess I’ll go to Universal instead.

  8. Chris

    This makes so much more sense to me, shows Universal actually care about their guests and how they feel. Provides an option for those that don’t feel masks are necessary while encouraging them.

    They could even take it a step further and offer additional discounts (even just 5%) to those that are wearing masks indoors at shops and restaurants I suppose, but short of that, this makes sense.

    Mandatory mask wearing just ticks people off and many will refuse, you make it optional, but strongly encouraged and you will have far greater compliance. Additionally, their team members don’t have to try to be the mask police this way like they have to at Disney.

    So, I applaud Universal for having a well thought out, common sense approach.

  9. Smyrnasurf

    This overall common sense approach by Universal is why I left Disney behind during covid 101. Now that it appears 102 might be heading our way, I’m sticking with the big blue globe that actually can think about it’s customers rather than the mouse ears that just seems to operate reflexively.

  10. Thats a excellent idea. I think you should spend all your time at Universal .

  11. Charlene

    This is ridiculous!!!! We got the vaccine like the government asked us to and they want us to wear a mask. Get heck out of here. Me and my husband have gone into work during the entire Covid craze. Neither of us got Covid. My mother had cancer and we were not allowed to see her until we were vaccinated. My mom died. We lost a year of seeing her.
    We need to pull the band aid off. Let us live our lives. If people are afraid or have an illnesses then they should stay at home. But that means they should stay at home. Not going out everywhere and claim they can’t work because they are afraid….
    If I can work then I should be able to vacation without a mask.
    This is the United States of America. If I wanted socialism or control I would like somewhere else.

  12. Allie

    Sea world and Lego Land also recommending or encouraging as opposed to mandating. I have toddlers so Disney was ideal over universal for rides but because of the change I will be going to Legoland and SeaWorld instead of Disney. If they were older I’d 100% support universal over Disney. Hope everyone else does as well and Disney realizes what a stupid choice they made.

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