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universal orlando character meet and greets

Credit: Universal


  1. Joeybats

    Since when is the OK sign hateful? Can this be proven it was hateful and not just a quirk of how this person’s hands rested?

    1. Shaughn Hicks-Jackson

      Do you not watch the news? They have managed to turn the OK sign into a WP, which stands for white power. If you watch the video, you can see that he did it intentionally. Apparently, according to the story, he also did this to another child of color. Not so much a coincidence, is it?

      1. Joseph Kastner

        Paranoid much?

        1. It’s obvious he was trying to hide it. Paranoid? This is a hate symbol. How come he only used it with black children? By the way I’m white.

          1. Mattais

            How do you know he only used it with black children? Have you seen every photo taken with the this character? You sure are making a lot of assumptions. Also, the ADL added it to a growing list of hate symbols, and they state that it is mostly innocuous and it being a symbol for white power started out as a 4chan meme to trigger leftist people. Just for further reference 100% is a sign of hate, as is the numbers 18, 11, 23, and the bowlcut. Yes, the haircut style is deemed a hate symbol.

      2. EricJ

        That was “OK” when I was growing up, and I ask you to go out your door right now and find three people on the street who even KNOW that’s “White Power”.
        No, I’m not kidding: Door. Now.
        (Or maybe he was No. 2 from The Village, and saying “Be seeing you…”)

        I’m sensing a racial line between those posters who think it was a wishfully blown-up mistake, and those who think it was “Insidious white-supremacist racism in our own communities!”
        And the latter isn’t exactly helping the cause’s credibility for the former. And the lawsuit practically destroyed it.

      3. Linda K Foster

        How does anyone know he doesn’t hold his hand like that in every photo? Maybe others didn’t see anything wrong with it.

      4. Patty

        Seriously !!!!

      5. DJ

        People are getting stupider and stupider. That IS NOT a “white power” symbol. That is an OK sign meaning that person agrees with what is going on. This country has gone completely to the dogs. (Make what you will out of that).

    2. Bruce

      It is only a hate symbol because the Anti Defamation League says it is.

    3. Mickeba

      Trump made it racist at all of his rallies. 2019, when this happened was when “ok” was identified as racist.

      1. Stephanie Pena

        This is the first time I ever heard of the OK symbol being ” racist “…what’s the reasoning behind it ? Seems pretty ludicrous to me.

        1. Marc Disney

          I miss the days when people could be able to have fun and wear a harmless symbol wasn’t greeted by paranoia. God I miss the 90s! I don’t think they should have fired the team member because he or she may not have known what they were doing was offensive. It’s getting to the point where every little thing you do offend somebody. It’s ridiculous!

      2. MikebaIsAMoron

        LOL. No. LOL You’re an imbecile.

    4. Barb

      I was wondering the same thing. Nobody told me the OK signal was racist! How supid!

  2. Nick

    It’s pretty obvious that this entire… movement… is about one thing. Money.

    Wake up white knights

    1. Dth

      You got it! It’s about phony outrage and lots of moola.

  3. Chris

    When something like this happens, we have two choices:
    1. Be offended at every little detail and live a miserable existence because you get offended. Yeah, you can waste tax payers money and file lawsuits, you just keep your pain dragging on longer and longer rather than getting an apology and moving on.

    2. Move on, chalk it up to ignorance and be happy. Sure, report the incident and if you paid for the picture before realizing what happened, ask for a refund (chances are Universal would have sent more than that if they politely asked for a refund) destroy the picture, stinks, but you are made whole again since you are without the picture. And the best part is you can choose to live a happy life and not get offended at every little thing.

    Either way, Universal would have taken the incident very seriously, at least with the second option, you don’t waste tax payers dollars on getting the court involved, you don’t prolong your pain by going through a trial and you can choose to be happy.

    Yes, that is something so many forget:
    Each individual person chooses to be happy or miserable. Choosing to be happy doesn’t mean bad things don’t happen or that you don’t take appropriate actions to respond to them, but it does mean you don’t let the little things in life get to you. Yes, you still ask to be made whole when someone wrongs you, but you don’t go filing lawsuits over something like this, especially when it was already shown to be a particular employee and they have been removed from the company, meaning Universal took swift and appropriate action. You don’t let a bad picture give you emotional distress worth thousands of dollars, you instead go, that was a strange experience and we helped prevent it from happening to anyone else and move on.

    1. Tad

      What you’re missing Chris is we live in a litigious society. There are thousands of lawyers and law firms that promote that fact, just look at the billboards along most highways, the popularity of court shows on TV and the commercials that run during those shows. Civil litigation is the highest paying law practice and the ambulance chasers and race baiters will do whatever is necessary to perpetuate that. Many corporations “settle” versus fighting claims as it is less expensive and time consuming. Most lawyers get 30% or more of whatever the settlement is, not a bad payday for having a paralegal send a letter and file a complaint, petition or motion with the court. Not saying it’s right, just a fact.

  4. Chris

    Also, in the video it shows it happen at the Lowes resort, which means that Universal probably doesn’t have any responsibility here since they don’t own or operate the resort and technically license the characters to the character breakfast.

    1. GH

      I never knew the ok sign was racist
      It’s just an ok people get over it dam pretty b.s. worst things in this world. To worry about ok?

    2. GH

      I never knew the ok sign was racist
      It’s just an ok people get over it dam petty b.s. worst things in this world. To worry about ok?

    3. Julie

      Well said

  5. RT

    In this world people are displaced by war and being killed, famine and poverty are apparent everywhere, censorship and persecution for your religious or political beliefs are happening and we in this country have nothing better to do than bring a lawsuit because of a hand gesture.
    It may not happen in my time on earth but we will fail as a nation one day because of our selfishness and hatred toward our fellow citizens. All the while those in power and controlling us are laughing all the way to the bank.

    1. Dth

      You got it! It’s about phony outrage and lots of moola.

      1. PEGGIE


        1. Nightshade

          When I worked at dienay in ‘18 a youngteenage boy did this “sign” to me. Now everyone’s claiming it, newsflash the boy was white and so am I. Did you think he knew it meant racial hate? No because back at that time it was the whole new “made you look” gesture. When will society stop taking everything normal away from us?

  6. Most of today’s people don’t know the hand symbol, I’ve used it all the time, never known it to be a hate crime. Some people just want money so they don’t have to work.

  7. Jon Fla

    A law suit always beats heck out of getting a job.

  8. Grammy

    Wow. Just, wow. Never would known. I give thumbs up a lot, is this a hate sign too? Guess I need to just sit on my hands. But wait! THAT might be a hate sign! Not using my hand at all, is that socially acceptable? I’m more saddened by the fact the children have to be exposed to this, this, whatever one would call it. After all, the little girl was so happy about the picture she was sharing it! I’m guessing the parents weren’t aware of this “hate sign” either, or at least until it was pointed out to them? Shame. Just a total shame!

    1. Ken

      How do you know that he only did this with the children that are suing the park ??

      1. EricJ

        …Yyyyeah. The CHILDREN are suing the park employee.

    2. EricJ

      I assume everyone here knows about the Disney Point:
      Ie., that if you ask a cast member for directions, park policy has trained him to point the way with TWO fingers, because people from other countries might take offense at pointing with one.

      Or, because, if the cast member did point the way to Splash Mountain with just his index finger to a Middle Eastern tourist, he was clearly a loose cannon Trump supporter trying to sneak his racist anti-Muslim 4chan agenda into an unsuspecting family park…

  9. Anon

    Who decided that the OK sign is a hate sign? This is ridiculous. Sounds like someone is just looking to cash in on racism again. It’s just an OK sign so get over it Okay!

    1. Jordan

      If you’ve looked at recent events, hate groups have used that to say white power. Does it still mean ok? Yes. But just like other things that are innocent, some people will twist it and use it in a way that means something negative. Now whether or not they did this intestinally we may never know, but it’s a legitimate concern to some people.

      1. Ryan

        Yea, you know that this whole thing started as a joke on 4chan right? It was only ever meant to be a troll but the left media took the bait and ran with it. Now thanks to a stupid JOKE on the INTERNET we have people out there who legitimately believe this to be a hate symbol. WTF world?

        1. Jordan

          There are people who actually use it to mean it though. It doesn’t change the fact that it’s a real thing to people on the right that still believe that Trump was robbed of an election.

  10. Rich

    Recent articles in the media claim gypsy moths need to be renamed because it is racist, black holes in space are racist, bicycle helmet laws are racist, the United States founding is racist…..when everything is racist, no one believes anything is racist.

  11. Paul

    I love how the racists here try to justify this. The “OK” symbol was coopted on 4chan in 2019 originally as a hoax. But it was quickly picked up by white supremacists as symbol. It’s not even a question of what it means now when displayed inverted like in the video. Universal was right to fire this employee, and I hope the lawsuit is successful.

    1. SG

      That was my first reaction too, horrified! Those who commented that it’s just an OK sign, did you even read or watch the video? The character went out of his way to position his fingers on this innocent little girl ONLY to imply “he hates her and her biracial family with her”. He did that intentionally! He did not hold up his hand innocently to gesture OK, he did this with contempt to push his hateful agenda, signaling to his fellow racists. Yes the OK sign WE use openly and not how white supremists use it, can be misinterpreted but not in this instance.

    2. EricJ

      Ah, the eternal defense: “You know it’s racism because they would never ADMIT to it being racism!”

      Otherwise known as the Brian of Nazareth fallacy:
      “Only a true Messiah would renounce his claim!”
      “Well, what choice does that give me?…Okay, I am the Messiah!”
      “He is, he is!”

    3. D.

      They don’t agree with you Paul, so of course they have to be racists….Typical.

  12. Let past be the past

    Never heard of that sign being a racist sign before. Kids I grew up up with tried to make you see it so they could tag you is all. Everything is becoming racist now.how are we ever going to get along if we can’t to do anything without being accused of being racist.

  13. S.

    How ridiculous. This accusing people of things they didn’t do is getting out of control. Everybody is hungry to try and sue somebody over SOMETHING whether it be real or imagined just to make some easy money. The ambulance chaser lawyers are laughing all the way to the bank.

    1. Jordan

      If you’ve looked at recent events, hate groups have used that to say white power. Does it still mean ok? Yes. But just like other things that are innocent, some people will twist it and use it in a way that means something negative. Now whether or not they did this intestinally we may never know, but it’s a legitimate concern to some people.

  14. James

    Some people want to find racism in anything and everything. It’s the new “Satanic Panic.”

  15. Mike

    Wow…. So that’s a hate symbol? Guess guitar players need to figure out a different way to hold a pick now ?

    1. MrsCapt777

      Good one!

  16. C.D.

    Never ceases to amaze me the things people will manufacture to make a quick buck in a lawsuit. Beats working I guess.

  17. This is rediculous! So you can no longer use the ok sign?! Who decided it was a hate sign?!!

  18. Shaun

    Has no one ever played the circle game were you make a circle with your hand exactly like this character did? The point of the whole thing is to get another person to look at the circle which makes them lose said game. Never has it been a hate symbol. people need to stop taking everything as hate and exclusion and take things for what they are, which in this case is a stupid hand game.

    1. N305AS

      Yes! MADE YOU LOOK! That’s the game.

  19. Ryan

    Look it up ladies and gentlemen, this whole thing started as an internet JOKE on 4chan. It was meant to be a troll but the media took it as fact and ran with it. Now the OK symbol is forever branded a hate symbol tanks to a bunch of morons who couldn’t be bothered to do their homework.

    1. Pixie

      Ryan, you answered my question before I had a chance to read your post.

  20. Amy king

    People will do anything to try and get money for free.Get your ass up and work for your money. What is a ok ? sign hate. This is so crazy to me.And really a ? sign is causing stress. This world is so messed up.Its like every thing is a hate sign these days.

  21. Pixie

    I’m 61 years old and am wondering when did the meaning of the OK sign change and who changed it?
    What about the thumbs up sign, is that still OK to use?
    I’m from a rural community & I’m not at all up on the new changes that are happening in our country on hand signals. The only hand signal I know of that I thought was inappropriate was the middle finger, but is that one all right now to use? Everything seems to be changing so fast right now in American society that I wouldnt want to accidentally say or make a gesture that could be taken the wrong way.?

  22. Pixie

    Ryan, you answered my question before I had a chance to read your post.

  23. Kristie

    It is not the normal ok symbol, it’s modified ok symbol and is displayed upside down. The article fails to mention that. It is a symbol of a “hate” group, I don’t know which one.

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