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typoon lagoon

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  1. Colin McNair

    Was there not talk about concrete weakness in the water dump chambers that affected the hinged floor connection, could be they are using this time to get ahead of a maintenance time bomb, the impact every 90sec must stress the whole structure.

    1. Ray

      Why is Disney taking away so many attractions and benefits to their customers nobody can answer it

  2. Rachel Winiecki

    As with All attractions in any park they do require periodic maintenance to avoid failures. Perfect example is Miami when needed things go ignored. As usual Disney is keeping people safe and thus the Magic too.

    1. Joe

      Only, they did have that lake full of hungry gators next to their hotel resort. Who saw that coming…

  3. Vicki Matteson

    I would love to experience Typhoon Lagoon. Every time I visit Disney World, TL is closed. And it will be closed again this year. Maybe before I’m too old to enjoy it, they’ll get it open.

  4. Dean U.K.

    TL is one of my favourite days out – can’t beat listening to the Beach Boys while waiting for the big waves! ?. I won’t return until it’s back and running so hopefully will get fixed up soon

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