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trump hall of presidents

Credit: ITM


  1. EricJ

    However, the fact that only current presidents (ever since Clinton) get to speak in the attraction pretty much emphasizes what the rest of the country has been saying to “the Former President of the US”:
    Fine, you got your four years and your Wikipedia entry, now SHADDUP and SIDDOWN while the real elected president speaks! 😉

    1. Scott

      Can we take Clinton out then????
      He’s a fine example of a human being and what happened under the desk when he was in the Oval Office?

      1. Kathleen Johnson

        I should think that Biden would be the most controversial after that election mess. What part of history happened don’t people understand?

    2. Scott

      Can we take Clinton out then????
      He’s a fine example of a human and what happened under the desk when he was in the Oval Office?

    3. Traci

      President Trump will be reinstated.
      We now have 3 states conducting forensic audits with more to follow.

      1. oh brother

        lmao you people are unbelievable. all the forensics on the planet won’t be able to create the evidence you seek.

        1. Doc

          You people? Really?

          1. Kat

            “You people” as in lame GQP-ers.

        2. SG


        3. Lardy RobertLarry

          Clinton, Nixon are choir boys compared to Trump. I can’t believe this dirtbag of a human being is not in prison. What a corrupt SOB.

      2. Bozo


      3. Nora

        Even if the three states come back with evidence that Trump actually won their states, even if they are able to prove it was caused by a vast conspiracy against Trump, and not simple mistakes (think Hanlon’s Razor here) there is no mechanism either in the Constitution or Election law to “reinstate” Trump. Once the Senate certifies the ballots, it is over, the new President has been chosen.

        1. jackie

          How we got to the election from the Presidential animatronics I don’t know but first I want to state Disney did the right thing keeping all the Presidents and then I want to say, Nora, I think you are probably right and it won’t happen even with all the rightful proof even if there were a format in place, because those in charge falsified the elections to begin with (which everyone knows is true even those denying it the loudest) and will never let it be challenged. That’s why the Democratic Congress wants to take over the election laws of all states and have everyone vote without voter ID or signature verification. Saying that Voter ID is racist is saying that Black Americans don’t have, or don’t have the ability to get voter ID, that has got to make it to the top of the list of one of the most racist comments ever heard in this decade. It just goes to show you the Democratic Party is still the party of the KKK. It always has been and always will be. Honestly they should all be in jail. The Democrats in leadership are absolutely shameful!

          1. KMA

            AMEN SISTER!

          2. SilentBoy741

            “How we got to the election from the Presidential animatronics I don’t know”

            People who know about politics turn everything to politics. People who know nothing about politics turn everything to… politics.

        2. John Pope

          Well, first I would like to thank everyone for their opinions. As usual they are thoroughly caustic and reprehensible. As a reformed Democrat who votes Republican because the Democrats have proven themselves to be lying, thieving, murders of the almost and just born, I have to ask, of all the things he was accused of, what was he actually guilty of? Every week we find out another outrageous accusation made when he was President was a fabricated lie. Not just an accidental lie, but an out and out, deliberate lie! We’re going to be lucky to make it through the Biden Administration, without the stock market crashing, a race war starting, the economy collapsing, or going to war with China and Russia over Ukraine, or Taiwan, or both.

          1. KMA

            WELL SPOKEN!

    4. Nancy Kelly

      Of course President Trump should stay…he was a President of the United States! People need to keep their unkind opinions at home and not on an international platform.

      1. john wright

        President Trump is treated equally with all the other presidents and rightfully so. Every moral litmus test would eliminate Clinton for sure but even he is to be treated equally.

        1. David

          A moral litmus test would eliminate pretty much every President who ever served.

          Was Trump a genuinely awful person who did long term damage to the country? Sure, but that’s not a reason to remove him from the exhibit, unless you want to get rid of Reagan. But since they were both President, they both get to stay.

    5. Jim Anthony

      It’s important to have Trump there as an example to the American people of never repeating this embarrassing action ever again.

      1. SG

        That’s what I think too, lol. Trump was a president. He won the EC not the popular vote that’s one reason why he is so disliked. I’d rather not have him speak but he should be there. Learn from our mistakes. Do not let appalling history repeat itself.
        I look forward to going back to THOP. I didn’t go when Trump was in, you don’t have to go either if you don’t like Biden.

        1. Al

          So, if Trump wins in 2024 would you still claim it was a mistake? If you look at all the facts, Biden seems more of a mistake than Trump.
          Half of the country is with Trump, and just because you don’t like who was elected, he/she is still the president.

    6. SG

      Well said EricJ!

    7. john wright

      Trump still living in people’s heads. Love it!

      1. David

        He’s bigger than Jesus now, if the golden idol at the 2020 CPAC is any indication.

  2. Jdr

    Can’t wait for sleepy Joe and Aw Man speech

    1. Ash

      He’s barely a person as is so this will be interesting?

  3. Robert zarrillo

    Presidents remain. But should be seen and not heard after office. Of course Trump never leaves quietly…

    1. Gregory A Peterson

      and Barry rode off into the sunset whem his terms were over??? We The People are still living under bath houdser barry’s rule….Joe is a senile old fool….he’s running nothing but his stupid mouth….Maybe idiot Joe should explain WHY??? he threatened to take a sitting DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STYATES OF AMEREICA to the woodshed…..Bath House Barry still makes regular appoearances, George W. Bush wakes up from his finger painting coma long enough to inject his opinion into today’s politics….Jimmy Carter still thinks he’s relevant…..so in all honesty Presidents NEVER GO AWAY QUIETLY….

      1. SG

        Who is Barry?

        1. ap

          Pejorative nickname for Barack Obama.

          1. DAMON

            It’s not pejorative – that was the name he used!

  4. I think it’s beyond belief that they would even consider removing one of our Presidents from the hall of presidents. Weather you loved him or hated him, he was the president elected by the people of this country and to let people who has such hatred in their hearts to actually want a president removed from this attraction is absolutely ridiculous. These are the sort of actions that are tearing this country apart.

    1. Dan Wheeler

      If Trump gets indicted and sent to jail — which is somewhat possible with the grand jury convened in New York (Weisselberg is currently facing up to 15 years in prison). Then yes, obviously — his statue should be removed.

      1. Traci

        Dan he will be reinstated as President. Not sent to prison! ?

        1. Nelly

          ? reinstated…where he go one we go all…right to prison.

      2. Sue

        Yup I’d anyone is going to prison if would be old joe and his son. The man needs to be in a home . And I don’t mean in the White House.

    2. Steve

      Lol I hope your name is actually Karen… who said they even considered removing him?

    3. JJ Taylor

      He was absolutely NOT elected by the people of this country. He lost the popular vote by 3 million votes. He was elected by the electoral college (which didn’t do its job properly).

      1. Joseph

        At least Animatronic Biden will be able to remember his lines. If they want to make it more realistic, add a “Westworld”-like glitch…. Now if only we can do something about the Animatronic Biden in the Whitehouse…..

        As for Trump’s controversial doppelganger…. I said it then, and I said it now. It seriously needs a redo! It frankly looks like Disney expected Hillary to win, and when she didn’t just redressed her animatronic to more resemble (but not quite succeed) Trump.

        1. Jack snopes

          I kinda expected them to have trump interupting and spouting something when biden speaks, something like a SNL skit with Alwc Baldwin.

      2. Joseph

        JJ Taylor…. Where you are wrong is that we do not elect presidents by popular vote. Never have. So citing the “popular vote” tally is irrelevant at best, and also misleading. Depending on the State, presidents either win “all-or-nothing” popular vote contests for each state, which garners them all their Electoral Votes, or some states do the same thing by congressional district, and then awarding the remaining two electoral votes to the overall popular vote winner of the State. Otherwise elections would be dominated by the massively big cities, like NY and L.A.

        A lot of the time, the electoral and popular votes “sync” and no one cares. It’s when they do not, which is certainly possible, that people start crying “foul” because it didn’t go their way.

        He was elected by the States. Just not the way you would have wanted.

        1. JJ Taylor

          Apparently you didn’t notice that I was responding to someone who said that we do elect the president by popular vote, i.e., “the people of the country”. I was correcting her and pointing out who the people of the country voted for. See where I said he was elected by the electoral college? When commenting on a thread, you should start reading at the beginning of it.

      3. Sperry

        JJ, looks like you need a basic lesson in civics. Despite what the media and the Clinton’s fed you,, popular vote means nothing. Read the constitution. I’m no fan or Trump, but like him or not, he was president, and the thought of even removing him from this attraction, which includes all other presidents, is indicative of the craziness of our times.

        1. JJ Taylor

          Looks like you need a basic lesson in reading. I was responding to another post (it’s still up there) where someone said that “the people of the country” voted for and elected the orange one. I pointed out that they didn’t, and then stated that he was elected by the electoral college. How did you miss all that?

      4. john wright

        Trump still living in people’s heads. Love it!

      5. Linda F

        Amazing how the Trump election wasn’t done properly but the Biden election was without flaws despite evidence of discrepancies in voting. And Republicans are supposedly the only ones who believe in conspiracy theories.

      6. Al

        You obviously know how our Presidential election process work, so why complaint about the popular vote? The only reason Trump lost the popular vote is because of California and New York, 2 of the most populous states in the nation, whose population are mostly democrats. But if you count the number of States that Trump won, then it is a no contest for Trump.

    4. Traci

      Let me help you. “Whether”.
      Really irks me when grown adults cannot speak properly.

      1. Erik

        Let me help you. “Type” or “Write”
        Speak is when you say something out loud with your mouth.

    5. Buster Hymen

      He lost the popular vote. The people did not elect him.

    6. ap

      “I think it’s beyond belief that they would even consider removing one of our Presidents from the hall of presidents. ”

      “They” being Disney did not consider it. Their stance has always been to keep the presidents in the Hall. The manufactured controversy came from online petitions, the twitterverse, and other social media calling for the removal of the Trump animatronic.

      That said, releasing a statement to that fact was a good PR move and they are good at PR, if nothing else. We must learn from our history, including the painful, controversial, and ugly parts of it.

  5. The Donald Trump audio animatronic has no resemblance to him. He has Hillary Clinton’s face, especially the chin. It was completely obvious that Disney was hoping that Hillary would win. When she didn’t, all they did was put an awful wig on the created being. When I opened this article, I was hoping that Disney was going to fix the figure to actually look like President Trump, only disappointment. It doesn’t get much better with the Joe Biden model. It doesn’t look much like him either. Where do they get these “artists”? I know I am not standing in line for the Biden speech. Awkward pauses with the sounds of crickets in the background and word salad isn’t my jam.

    1. Nelly

      ? this is the best thing I’ve ever read. It does look like Clinton. In that case, I’m all for keeping it…just for laughs.

  6. Wil Smith

    President Trump is still very popular. He was very effective in doing exactly what he promised voters he would do once in office.

    1. Drumph

      Eat lots of Tacobell and stink up the joint?

    2. Bren

      You mean giving massive tax breaks to the rich, while screwing the average Americans? Yep, he did what he promised!

  7. Al M.

    To even consider removing President Trumps image from the Hall of Presidents is akin to the cancel culture we sadly find ourselves in. He was duly elected and has earned his place there. I applaud Disney’s position given the liberal attitude Disney typically displays on the television networks they own.

  8. Chris

    Glad they’re not considering removing Trump from the stage but they SHOULD do the right thing and make his likeness instead of using Hillary Clintons. They can just use the face from Spitting Image.

  9. C. Just plain C

    Ya. I’ll hold of on disney just bit more longer.
    I hope they don’t touch Abraham Lincoln one. I like that one.

  10. Mike

    I didn’t vote him, nor do I care for him. He was the worst president this country has seen, but he was the president and unfortunately he does belong there.

    1. Agreed! We must stop erasing parts of our history- albeit good or bad!

    2. I agree with you. Since it is a hall of presidents and he did win the electorial college as stated in the Constitution, he should be on the stage next to Andrew Johnson.

  11. FixNews

    Put him on the back where he belongs.

    1. Traci

      What does this mean? What is “on the back? On the back of what?

      1. rzrsh4rp

        Traci, I get what you’re doing… but at this point it just looks like you have terrible context recognition and reading comprehension.

  12. JoAnn Sylvester

    You cannot undo history! He was president. Period.

  13. Gail Rymal

    Whether considered a good or bad one- every POTUS needs to be part of this exhibit. Each one of them is part of our history. Let’s not erase any more of it than we have already.

  14. Reality Check

    Reinstated? lol. There is no provision in our system of democracy for “reinstatement”, even in the case of a “stolen” election, (which was NOT the case). Grow up and read a civics book.
    That being said, of course the former President should remain in the exhibit.

  15. Tamara

    Good or bad, liked or not liked, he was the President and its called The Hall of Presidents. Get over it.

  16. Randy W

    I saw the Hall of Presidents once, the first time I went to Disney in 1987. I never wanted to waste my time at that attraction in visits since then. What a boring attraction, regardless of your political bias. Mickey Mouse is more American than any actual human and their prejudices.

    Maybe its time to replace Hall of Presidents with a Mickey Mouse show about the Constitution, since people can’t seem to wrap their head around more than one amendment at a time.

    1. Ash

      That’s a great idea!! I think it would be cool to make it into something else. I’m not huge on the political attraction and I don’t like doing it myself.

  17. On that stage, Trump is the best example of a BAD example of leadership. Proof that the United States isn’t perfect.
    Unlike Arendell, Neverland, or the Hundred Acre Woods.

  18. Matthew Brewster

    Love him or hate him, DJT did serve a team as President, so he cannot be excluded from this show. However, as he is introduced, I would love it if the spotlight on him is forever darkened, so we only see him in silhouette.

  19. Dan Rather

    A highly controversial 2016 election? Where you serious? Trump smoke Hillary. Fair and square. They investigated it for 4 years! Fair and square. If any election was controversial, it would be the 2020 election, where drug companies sand bagged the Covid-19 vaccine until after the election, causing thousands, if not millions, to die. What a bunch of whiny, snowflake, hypocrites.

  20. Rich

    Sorry, cancel culture idiots. It’s the Hall of Presidents, not the Hall elected by Twitter.

  21. Will

    All I want to know is, is the animatronic Trump going to interrupt the other speakers and refuse to stop talking when his turn is up?

  22. KC

    Once a person is elected as President he becomes our President if you are an American Citizen whether you voted for him or not! Some I have voted for won, others did not but the bottom line is the one elected is or was still my President. ALL elected Presidents should be in the Hall of Presidents. You can not change history by leaving it out because you don’t like it but you can sure repeat it if it is forgotten and the best way to forget it is to hide it or omit it!

  23. Emma

    Donald Trump was a good president for 4 years !! You can’t change history !!

  24. yoyo

    politicians are just that, politicians. They are all crooked or they wouldn’t be politicians. Trump on the other hand was never a big boy politics player. He is a businessman and ran this county as such. We need him back. Granted he is straight forward and not all smooshing with the public. He is honest and had this country moving forward. Now look what we got stuck with. Slow Joe who can’t even read a prompter without messing it up.

  25. Warren

    Although Mr Trump was once of the worst presidents in our history (tied maybe with Buchanan?) he was a duly elected President and should remain in the Hall of Presidents (but maybe place him next to Buchanan? ?)

  26. JCM

    Leave Trump alone… you’ll be using him again in 2024.

  27. David

    I’m not a fan of Trump but unfortunately he was the President. He should stay with all the others Presidents and watch the current one speak to the American people for the next four to eight years.

    The best part wasn’t actually in this story when Stephen Miller demanded to be able to write a partisan speech and, since that would be antithetical to the neutral theme of the exhibit, Disney said either do things our way or Obama makes the speech for the next four years.

  28. Chris

    I’m not sure why keeping President Tump in the hall of President’s is even a question? Aren’t all presidents controversial to some extent?

  29. Jamie F

    Yes Trump should stay 100%. He was President. Just amazes me how it took over 2 years for them to open & put him in the Hall of President’s & Bumbling Biden is in within 8 months. They shouldn’t let him talk with all the lies coming out of his mouth. I’ve actually never visited the Hall of Presidents even during my last trip in December 2018, mainly because it was still closed. However if I’m going to a theme park for enjoyment, the last thing I want is political garbage to look at. I want a getaway from all outside world. Another reason I don’t watch sports anymore. More time with the family

  30. Lynne

    I could not stand Trump, but I think he should remain in the hall of presidents. We need to stop wiping out our history – be it good or bad. Let’s learn from it instead.

  31. Gene Davis

    President Trump should stay.

  32. DAMON

    Who still can’t accept the results of the 2016 election? Come on. Grow up.

  33. pete

    I am glad that they kept the trump figure because that will make it easier for Disney when Trump is elected president in 2024.

  34. Well I’m not a fan at all; however, he was President (and thank goodness he isn’t anymore). Just try to place him in the ack row – far “right” ?

  35. KMA


    1. Dan

      Congratulations to all that made a Disney attraction into a political cesspool. I’m sure Walt wanted us to take pride in what we are as Americans not start breeding a bunch of people that sound more like Brownshirts than the Greatest Generation. Leave the anger out of the Park, go in and come out inspired to be live up to the ideals each represented human on the stage tried to do. You might find yourself less perfect than the animatronics.

  36. KMA

    I’m sooo glad they have kept President Trump in the Hall of Presidents where he belongs with the rest of our history’s presidents! Disney does however need to redo his face, who were they looking at when they molded his!!

  37. Dan

    Congratulations to all that made a Disney attraction into a political cesspool. I’m sure Walt wanted us to take pride in what we are as Americans not start breeding a bunch of people that sound more like Brownshirts than the Greatest Generation. Leave the anger out of the Park, go in and come out inspired to be live up to the ideals each represented human on the stage tried to do. You might find yourself less perfect than the animatronics.

  38. Cathy

    I agree with Disney’s decision to keep Trump in the display. The 2016 election was no more controversial than the 2020 election. If you take out Trump you need to take out Biden. However, like it or not, both are part of our country’s history

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