Comments for ‘Jungle Cruise’ Charts a Different Course With a NEW Trader Sam

Trader Sam in the theme parks and in the jungle cruise movie


  1. Keef Garga

    I could care less, nobody goes on The Jungle Cruise for some imaginary backstory that only a few Disney employees know. Trader Sam’s gender is irrelevant and if it makes little girls happy, whereas nobody was really connecting with the old Trader Sam, boy or girls, then all the better.

    What IS ridiculous, are a bunch of woke “liberals” finding everything problematic, while they are the ones whom are actually denigrating and erasing somebody else’s culture that they themselves were proud of. The Jivaro Indians of Northern Peru and Southern Ecuador were the fiercest warriors the Spanish ever faced back in the 1600’s, who refused to be subjugated and who staged an uprising, launching bloody raids and campaigns against their invaders. They are the ONLY indigenous people to have successfully resisted the intense colonization from Spain, and were considered the most savage warriors the Spanish invaders ever faced.

    They would shrink the heads of their enemies (by removing the skulls obviously) as part of a religious ceremony. The shrunken heads, or tsantsa, had deep ceremonial and spiritual significance to these people. Who are we to destroy and erase somebody else’s belief system that has been practiced for thousands of years? Selling these tsantsas to British and American explorers of the 19th century became one their most lucrative forms of income, bringing them outside wealth they had never seen before. But, I digress …

    So proud of you Disney for finding other people’s beliefs and culture so problematic! Yaaaaaaaass, erase all hiiiiiiistory lol

    1. Chuck

      Well said

  2. Joseph Kastner

    Hollywood originality … just gender flip it

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