Marvel’s Tom Hiddleston’s Dance Moves Are a Real-Life Weapon

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Credit: @m4rvelcontent (left) Disney (right)

If you didn’t already have reason enough to love Marvel’s Tom Hiddleston, we have a few videos that will have you in Loki-heaven faster than a TemPad could bring you there. 

tom hiddleston as president loki and other loki variants
Credit: Marvel Studios

Loki just wrapped its six-episode season on Disney+, and fans cannot get enough. The show ends with a lot of questions that need to be answered, and lucky for us, Marvel used the end credits to announce that Season 2 has already been confirmed. Lately, all of the Disney+ series that we have seen added to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, such as WandaVision, have set up Phase Four of the MCU.

sophia di martino as lady loki sylvie (left) and tom hiddleston as loki (right) in loki series on disney plus
Credit: Marvel Studios

Loki’s ending leaves the God of Mischief looking more like an Avenger than a villain as he tries to stop Kang’s reign, to an unfortunate failure due to Sylvie’s trickery. Over the course of the six episodes, Marvel fans have been able to dive deeper into Hiddleston’s Loki to see the trickster’s quirks come out — but those silly antics don’t stop there.

left Sylvie right Loki kissing
Credit: Marvel Studios

Hiddleston seems to be quite the dancer, constantly busting a move during late-night shows and press junkets. TikTok account Marvel Content (@M4rvelContent) has posted a couple of videos of Hiddleston breaking out into a dance, and his moves are hilarious.

In the first video with James Cordon, Hiddleston dances so hard his mic pack falls out!



♬ sonido original – remember_song_music

In the second, his moves are so wild he literally kicks a chair over and doesn’t stop moving for a second!



♬ original sound – MarvelContent???

If there is one thing Hiddleston has shown us, it’s that his dance moves are almost as powerful (and possibly more feared) than the God of Mischief himself!

Tom is reportedly asked to dance very often after multiple videos of his moves have gone viral. Personally, I would love to see Loki at a bar with a few drinks and a jukebox in Season 2!

What do you think of Tom Hiddleston’s dance moves? Let us know in the comments below!

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