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  1. Annie

    Ha! Funny that none of the cruise lines joined the Florida lawsuit but you can bet they’re all happy with the outcome! Go DeSantis!

    1. Sue

      You are 100% correct. DeSantis is the best.

      1. Frank

        Hahaha. Guess what, cruise lines still charging extra for anti vaxers and have restrictionswhere the may or may not go while on board. And they’ll be denied permission to participate in shore excursions if the country’s visited REQUIRE vaccine certificates.. just like in years past.. lolol

        1. Annie

          oh frank, none of that is true, those are what all the sheep were hoping would happen because they were still afraid of getting the virus after being fully vaccinated . . . . keep getting your medical advice from politicians and the media and I’ll get mine from an actual doctor 🙂

          1. C.D.

            Actually, Frank is partly right. Any shore excursion, if not on a US island, are subject to the laws of that country. If that country requires proof, anyone that does not have it will not be allowed on the island.

            1. SG

              Frank is right, you have to pay for your own PCR test which is just under $100, twice! Once a few days before and again the day of leave.

    2. Frank

      DOH!! Here’s a clue dear: the cruise lines were in favor of CDC restrictions. In fact, they’ve got their own mandatory restrictions. And they cost EXTRA!! And required on board testing. And masks. And certain areas on board are restricted to anti-vaxers. And the anti-vaxers will develop denied shore excursions if tge ports visited required a vaccine passport. Lolol.

  2. EricJ

    This COULD have been a big boost for Manhattan and New Orleans’s cruise terminals…

  3. Dana Sion

    The Boston, MA cuise terminals aswell.

  4. SirStephenH

    Just another part of DeSantis’ crusade against science. The funny thing is that he thinks this kind of numbskullery and total disregard for human life is going to get him the presidency.

    1. AW

      Unfortunately, there are enough anti-science morons in this country that it could very well happen.

      1. Kenr

        I love how people use the word “science” whenever they want to show support for government overreach, masking, and illegal shut downs. Are you people not able to take care of yourselves and need government to do it for you? Why should you care what the cruise industry does. Stay home and continue hiding.

        1. FrankFrankFfr

          That’s because in fact it is science.

    2. Sue

      You must be from the east coast where they believe in all this bull. If you don’t feel safe then stay out of Florida please we don’t want you down here. At least we don’t live in a Democratic state where are governor wants to control us. And if you want to believe in the government and there scientific facts then more power to you. Bc you think you got a vaccine and it safe well you better think twice. And you better enjoy what life you have left Bc you do t know what was I. The vaccine you got. That your go I told you to get.

      1. Frank

        By your lack of command of the English language and grammar, I’m guessing you’re a trump and his bb pal deaanus.

        1. Rich

          Follow the science and read CDC website. This vaccine has killed more people than any other in history.

    3. Sue

      DeSantis IS THE ONLY ONE following the science. Get your facts straight. It’s the democrats that want to kill you.

    4. SG

      Well said!

  5. At this point, I say let the Morons who don’t believe in science go on their cruises. They’ll be the ones that end up dealing with the death and sickness that happens on cruise ships. HaHaHa

    1. John J

      Dude..it’s the flu. You’re being a little dramatic

      1. Frank

        People who get the flu don’t require lung transplants, induced coma’s and life long multi-organ disabilities.

        1. SG

          So true!

          But the flu is a killer also. Those at risk and not, who are smart, take the vaccine and are alive now able to confirm.

        2. MikeT

          hey frank, and neither do 99.999% of the people who get covid-19

      2. SomeMumblingBum

        Again…your science is wrong.

    2. SG

      True! Remember March 2020 anyone?

  6. Kenr

    Masking on a cruise ship, no thank you.

    1. Frank

      Then don’t go?

  7. Brian D

    DeSantis actually is following the science. The only thing different between DeSantis and some of the others is that he’s assuming the grown-ups in his state, are actually grown-ups! Grown-ups who can make their own decisions. He’s never said “dont get the vaccine” he’s made the vaccine available for free just like every other state to anybody who wants it. So instead of getting your medical advice from politicians or the main stream media, maybe you big boys and girls (or whatever you call yourself these days) who claim DeSantis doesn’t care about science should make an appointment with an actual doctor and see if the vaccine is right for you. If it is then get it, and start living your life again and quit complaining and whining about everybody else!

    1. SomeMumblingBum

      That’s the problem with your governor. He assumes too much of the adult population. Look around you. Do you trust EVERYone you see to make good thoughtful choices about their lives? Ha!

  8. Sus

    wonder how you’ll feel when covid spreads on your cruise and your stranded out at sea and they won’t let you dock … like last year!
    Cruise ships had illness problems before Covid but this is deadly and a stupid DeSantis move AGAIN! All about the $$$ like Papa Trump!

    1. Kenr

      First of all, It won’t spread to a vaccinated person. And if it does, they won’t die or need a hospital. Just like the majority of illnesses human being face. And the risk of being quarantined out at sea is a risk that individuals can decide for themselves if they want to take or not. I personally don’t need another person to tell me what I should and should not do. So many, “sky is falling” sissies running around these days wanting someone to be in charge of them. Weird. Put your face diaper on and stay away from boats.

      1. Frank

        Soon proof of vaccination will be required to fly internationally. The world could care less what American anti-vaxers think. Btw, the cruise lines still win because anti-vaxers Re having to pay more to sail and face on board restrictions or port of call restrictions.

        1. pro-experimental-medicator

          Since I didn’t get the vaccine I’m assuming you’re calling me an “anti-vaxer”. I’ve had several vaccines and my family members too! The only thing different is the vaccines we’ve taken have all been approved by the FDA, and the manufacturers aren’t protected by the federal government, they can be held liable in case any issues arise. Since we’re gonna act like kids and resort to name calling, instead of calling me an “anti-vaxer” why don’t you call yourself a “pro-experimental-medicator”

    2. SG

      Amen sister!

  9. Matthew Brewster

    Only a total fool would take a “cruise” during this pandemic without vaccinations being mandatory for all the passengers and crew!

    1. Help me understand

      Please explain to me why you would not go on a cruise if you were vaccinated but everybody else wasn’t. Do you not believe the vaccine works? A lot of people make similar comments like yours but can’t explain why.

      1. Still Waiting

        Really? Nobody? I guess all the sheep are out to pasture! Come on matt! It was your comment!

      2. still waiting matt or anybody else

        That’s what I thought! 🙂

  10. Frank

    Someone watches alot of oan, fox and newsmax and swallows what their dear leader spews

    1. Annie

      Feel free to answer the question above frank! bahhhh

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