Comments for ‘Blade’ Actor Absolutely Slams “Garbage” ‘Black Widow’ Movie

Natasha Romanoff (left) with Yelena Belova (right) looking forward

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Nick

    Regardless of his lack luster career… he isn’t wrong.

  2. Wombat

    Proof reading is getting very lazy on here. The actor is Stephen Dorff, not Stephen Druff. Almost as good as your Toy Story post having Buzz Lightyear played by Woody Allen, not Tim Allen.

  3. HailHydra

    Stephen Dorff was great in True Detective Season 3…and I agree with him completely. I’m the biggest comic book fan I know, and people always expect me to be a big fan of the MCU. I’m not. There have been a couple of really enjoyable flicks, but I can barely sit through 90% of them.

    1. SMH

      Sorry you have no taste. You’re definitely in the minority.

  4. Chris

    She’s laughing all the way to the bank while he has no future anywhere

  5. Joe

    In spite of Scarlett’s comeliness in a body suit, her acting is nil. Scripts are written around her lack of expression or emoting as convincingly as Hayden Christiansen in Attack of the Clones. I have little hope for Black Widow, but I’ll still see it.

  6. Justin

    Dorf is definitely a dorf ! 80 percent of his movie catalog went strait to video and his 1980s career is cheesy as hell. This is what envy looks like to an actor where half the country has no idea who he is . Nobody cares what he thinks about the movie and good luck trying to find the next big director ,cause we all know they aren’t looking for him .

  7. vec

    Slammed it from watching the trailer, not the actual movie. Jealous much?

    1. Rick

      Don’t care for Marvel comic heroes in general, but this will be worth seeing if only for Florence Pugh.

      1. Gilga.esh

        Indeed. She’s so fine! I have only seen her in Midsommar and she’s just so thic in the best possible way.

  8. Roguefem76

    So some washed-up never-was whose biggest claim to fame was “Blade villain” is trashing a movie he hasn’t even seen, and someone thought that was worth the article title? This Dorff guy sounds like he’s just sour grapes because Marvel doesn’t return his calls.
    Personally I’m excited to see Black Widow, and haters can stay home.

  9. salad

    Dorff is an ass! Always has been, always will be. That’s why his career is so lackluster and he’s a laughing stock in Hollywood. Yeah, make comments that will DEFINITELY keep you out of ANY Marvel, Disney, or Star Wars projects. Not that he would have even been approached. Way to seal your fate idiot ? Loose lips sink ships!

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