Comments for ‘Star Wars’ Is Bizarrely Retconning ‘Return of the Jedi’

endor return of the jedi

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. T

    Just make sure I’m dead and gone before someone has a good idea to live action this with new actors. Otherwise, I love it!

  2. Joe

    I feel the sequel trilogy and some of the new content has pretty much ruined the original trilogy.

    I know, people wanted more Star Wars but they should have pursued other storylines not related (or only vaguely related) to the original trilogy.

  3. Yep just ruin star wars like Kathleen Kennedy did, way to go.???

  4. Mr. Shanntastic

    Why would Fett have to escape the Sarlac pit to steal Han from Vader when he hasn’t even fallen into the Sarlac pit yet? Was that supposed to be an attempt at a joke, or does the writer not know what happens in ROTJ even though they’re talking about changes to canon?

    1. Jeff A

      Exactly what I was thinking too.

    2. Exactly!

      This writer needs to rewatch Star Wars a couple dozen more times before writing further about it.

  5. IDH

    This article is sort of unreadable.

  6. Westphalian

    This article is a mess and the timeline of events is all over the map here.

    1. David

      Since when was the Emperor or Vader trying to destroy Luke? They were trying to get him to join them….or is this part of the rewrite?

  7. Victoria Hernandez

    There already was a good comic/book/game that covered this point and explained way better and even had an amazing soundtrack, but Disney ruins everything like usual

  8. Sean Shamblin

    I don’t think this makes any sense. Vader is the one who gave Han to Boba Fett in the first place. Why would he be trying to get him right back? That was the whole deal, since Boba Fett tracked him down for the Empire.

  9. Backcountry164

    Just more garbage from the star wars story group. All of the books and comics are being written by people who check boxes rather than have any interest in Star Wars. They aren’t “retconning” anything, they just don’t have the first clue what they’re writing about nor do they care in the slightest if their garbage fits in with the existing story line.

  10. Tiffany

    Shadows of the Empire was great! But, like everything else great that the EU/Legends had, Disney has to overwrite and usually ruins it in the process.

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