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  1. Chris

    At least the patrons are wearing masks.
    I took the family to Magic Kingdom Florida last week and less than 1% of patrons had masks on.
    (Not a guess. I had time to count. Aside from my own family, less than 1 in 100 people in a queue were covered.)

    1. MMC

      Yes because you dont need to wear a mask……Glad they are gone……..Why would you wear a mask?

      1. Kevin

        Science > your opinion

        1. Ed

          @Kevin What science?? A bunch of people would still get the virus even while wearing a mask. ??

          1. Dk

            And how do you think that occurs? It’s due to OTHERS not wearing masks that have the virus. Common sense > You….Science > You….Basic knowledge of viruses > You….Where did you go to school? As this was taught in elementary and middle school. No excuse for not knowing basic information.

            1. DB


              Basic knowledge of viruses?? The particles are much to small to be stopped by a mask. And while I didn’t go to med school my physician did, and I’ll take his advice, which is get the d$%# vaccine and don’t worry about masks anymore. At this point, any adult who wants a vaccine can get it. Except for the extremely rare case, children (who still can’t get the vaccine) are not the ones becoming ill and dying. Its adults who chose not to get vaccinated. If they choose not to, then its not for me to say they have to get it, but don’t expect me (someone who is vaccinated) to spend the rest of my life wearing a mask because someone else chooses not to get a vaccine. 99% of those getting ill and dying from the Delta variant are adults who are not vaccinated. If you got the vaccine then live your life, enjoy it fully, and don’t worry about the mask.

      2. Yoda

        It’s the honor system for mask wearing. Evidently only people who have been vaccinated are going to Disney World. It is surprising how all those kids who they are still not vaccinating must have been vaccinated since they have no masks on.

        However with the increased cases in Orlando, I wouldn’t be surprised and actually hope that Disney World starts to require masks again.

        1. Kohn

          If they do I’m canceling my trip in December.

          1. Yohn

            Glad to hear.. One less virus spreader..

        2. jo

          Its not fair the vaccinated have to be punished for the foolish people not vaccinated that are now getting sick.

        3. J.

          Yoda, you realize it is all lip service or they wouldn’t have dropped masks to begin with. It is just a way to have people be comfortable so they come back and spend money yet still keep the optics in place to “look” like they care about safety. Apart from a few rabid Karens and Kyles, nobody cares if those without masks have actually had the virus already or been vaccinated. Least of all Disney.

      3. chris

        – Florida, similar to most of the USA, is only at 47% vaccination rate.
        – My child is under 12 and cannot be vaccinated.
        (like all the other unmasked children there)
        – I agree that masks are a hassle, but I stand in solidarity with my child.
        – Understanding that the vaccines are not 100% effective against transmission.
        – Muffles my complaints about the long lines.

      4. Jk

        Absolutely agree. Most people are vaccinated or have had the virus so there is no reason to make people suffer outdoors!

        1. Laura

          Exactly, vaccinated are getting the delta virus as well with no symptoms and spreading it to everyone because they do not know they have it, no matter what their status is, which is even more dangerous, the ones that already had the virus have the less percentage of getting it again, specially if they have antibodies, the ones that don’t will feel sick and get tested and do what they need to do, and not spread it like the vaccinated ones that most do not even know. So it’s not a matter of who is what, is a matter of who is spreading it

      5. Janel Scott White

        U will wish u had once u see family dies from covid and no mask

    2. Melissa Milward

      Stay out of Florida then Chris. We Floridians enjoy our freedom and couldn’t of asked for a better governor!

      1. VDog

        It always amazes me when I read so may anti-masker comments after a Disney related story, but as much as I hate to say it, it absolutely matches the fact that most people who can afford Disney trips these days are white.
        And can probably guarantee that all you nonchalant privileged brats didn’t lose loved ones to covid. The smart ass comments like “duh, WHY would you wear a mask?” Says everything that needs to be said about most you privileged asses that have never experienced a day of struggle in your lives.

        1. Chance Huiet

          Ahh there is the race card. Amazing. Pretty funny how science and doctors have PROVEN masks do not work. The Covid-19 largest molecules are still smaller than the smallest perforation in a surgical mask. So in layman’s terms, all Covid-19 molecules will go right through a surgical mask. But by all means if it makes you feel safer please wear one.

        2. Jk

          Wake up! Do you really think because people are white they haven’t experienced suffering in their lives?? That is a foolish and ridiculous comment. It is person specific

        3. Htk

          You are disturbed.

        4. EM

          Really, the race card? Seek help.

        5. mike

          When this started all of us white people ran to the drug store to buy all sorts of disinfectants and such . When it was vaccination times we stood in long lines and waited to immunize ourselves . We didn’t hang out on the corner looking for an excuse to burn down our own neighborhood in the name of a known terrorist group called BLM. See any black looters on TV running out of CVS with bottles of clorox & disinfectants?

          1. Jordan

            Um…I don’t know what you are talking about because BLM isn’t a terrorist group. They aren’t the ones that stormed the capital because they didn’t get their way. Also, I know all white people didn’t go and get vaccinated because I still see too many people who are saying they refuse to get it because they think it’s a scam lol.
            Way to fight a racist comment with an even more racist comment :P.

      2. Yep

        Free to die

        1. DB

          While your comment was made in jest, it is the truth. Americans are free to take the vaccine and at worst have a mild case, or free to not take the vaccine and risk dying if they get sick. The ones dying from the Delta variant elected not to get the vaccine to their own detriment. Anyone who wants the vaccine can now get it regardless of wealth, race, religion, color of car they drive, etc. Some choose to listen to the conspiracy theories on the vaccine and won’t get it. That’s their choice. Natural selection at its finest.

      3. Kathy

        Maybe Disney should stop trying to make money off of everything and think more of their guest’s experience. I mean they already spent a horrendous amount of money to just get in the parks. Now instead of fast past they want to charge an outrageous price to ride rides without waiting hours. Enough Disney!

        1. DB

          “Maybe Disney should stop trying to make money…”

          My family and I love Disney, but we’re also realists and understand that Disney is a corporation. Not an evil, heartless corporation like some would put it, but a for-profit public company owing a duty to shareholders to maximize revenues and profit. If thinking all about the guests’ experience and how to make it affordable for everyone would result in increased revenues they would do that. But today there is no demand issue for Disney, only a supply issue. Basic economics tells us when demand outstrips supply prices will rise. Until people finally get priced out of Disney and stop going and the demand goes down, prices will continue to increase. I don’t mean to be negative, but the truth is that Disney exists not for the guests, but for the shareholders. Don’t take it personal that they want to maximize profits – as a public company they have a duty to do that. At some point, they will see demand go down because the average guests will be priced out and have a negative experience at the parks. But the fact that we still have wait times over 2 hours for some rides and people still willing to go at this price and wait in those lines tells us that we’re not there yet.

          1. em

            It seems like the parks will always be full but they also need all the hotels they built to be full also. If people stop using the hotels in WDW something might change. Just a thought

      4. Greg Fountain

        Sorry, Melissa, this (as well as most people I know) Floridian does not love DeSantis!

        1. C.

          I guess you must move in a very insulated bubble then Greg, because the governor’s popularity numbers are soaring. He must be doing something right.

          1. D.

            DeSantis is doing everything he can to kill his supporters with disinformation on mask and anti vaccination message. I can’t think of a better way that could help him and his goons to loose the next election! Keep doing what you doing DeSantis!

            1. R.D.

              D., you sure have a lot of hate. Maybe switch to decaff buddy.

    3. Lilmadkat

      Mask are optional for vaccinated guest at Waly Disney world. Expect on Disney transportation.

    4. Alan

      It is the law in France to wear a mask and hence they are being worn. In Florida you give people a choice and what do you know they take them off,

    5. jo

      masks are no longer required so y wear one. The non vaccinated people aren’t going to be honest. So why does this surprise you?

    6. Then please don’t come back to Florida we can do without you done here go someplace where mask are mandatory. Plus if you believe they work then you are a very special person.

    7. Z.

      Kind of weird this little group of people that seem angry that things are going back to normal. Do they WANT things to be messed up forever? Ok buddy, you do you. The rest of us are happy to have regular life back.

    8. Jeanne

      California has just reinstated mask wearing. But people who arent vaccinated could lie and say they are, no one is checking…a ridiculous honor system.

      1. Daniel

        False. Only Los Angeles County has reinstated mask wearing in complete contradiction to the CDC guidance. The rest of California is not under such a mandate.

    9. Daniel Graham

      Per the CDC: vaccinated people don’t need to wear masks indoors nor outdoors.

      Per all known virology science: humans who are immune to a virus aren’t major contributors to the spread of said virus.

      Per Democrat High Priest Overlords: wear your mask and clutch your pearls when you see another maskless human (because they probably value freedom and must be converted).

  2. Sam

    No it’s not paid fastpass yet. It’s a standby line. That means you need to register for free to access the ride. You still have to queue, but it’s free, and you need to do it otherwise you can’t do the ride.

    1. Sarah

      There is a paid version of fast pass and a new stand by system, both of which seem like terrible ideas. Paying an extra $9 a ride to not wait in the same line goes against everything Disney is supposed to stand for. Their solution for long lines for those who don’t want to shell out even more money just proves that they never should have gotten rid of the Fastpass. Fastpass+ was super convenient, fully integrated, incredibly easy, and FREE! They need to bring it back and not place corporate losses during Covid on the shoulders of also hurting consumers.

  3. Phoebe L Ho

    I absolutely do NOT think this system is a good idea, especially not here in the States. Aside from the fact that expecting us to shill out more money to ride our favorites while denying their own employees a decent living is corporate greed of the worst sort, what is the point?

  4. John

    No matter what Disney does, there will always be lines, only thing Disney can do is limit the number of guests into the parks, but than that would be limiting Disney profits!

  5. Missy

    8f it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Making FP something you have to pay for is just corporates way of squeezing more money out of each guest and punishing those who don’t have the expendable income to pay an extra $9/ride. For a family of 4, that would be $36 per ride…. on top of a $120 admission, $30 to park, approximately a minimum of $300 for 2 meals and snacks, not to mention the cost of a possible hotel stay and transportation to and from Disney. Just another way to make it more impossible for those in lower to middle income brackets to visit. Mickey sure has become an Elitist Mouse in his old age.

    1. CJ

      It’s not Mickey. It’s Scrooge running the show.

    2. Daryl-Rhys Taylor

      You don’t have to use the fast pass access thing though. THAT”S THE WHOLE POINT. They know less people will use it, it’s the same principle as supermarkets charging you to use plastic bags. TO ENCOURAGE YOU NOT TO DO IT. Stop acting like hippies.

  6. Matt Brewster

    What about the service that costs nine bucks per ride? How have the French responded? You didn’t say!!!

  7. Chance Huiet

    Bob has proven he doesn’t care about your happiness. He cares about the overall net profit Disney can make. Squeeze it out like a tube of toothpaste.

  8. Lore_sully

    I was in the parks last weekend, with standby pass still not in use. To be honest social distancing in the lines has been gone since the reopening, apart from some people nobody seems to care. So it’s not a standby pass issue as some tweets (of people who didn’t go to the parks yet, probably) are saying.

  9. Chris

    I think it’s great that Disney is raising its prices and pricing out the riff raft. I’ve been say for years increase prices to lower capacity and it will work out perfectly for all the right people to be there. 2 years ago some broke ass lady filled a gallon ziplock bag full of pickles to take home. I know their pickles are good but that’s absolutely ridiculous. Keep raising the prices to keep people like her out of the parks and if you have a problem with people not wearing a mask then you need to just stay home!

    1. L

      Who hurt you?

    2. CJ

      You’re a little entitled aren’t you?

      1. Chris

        Absolutely I am and I work my ass off every day to earn it

        1. Bren

          Last time I checked most people don’t get in for free. So I truthfully don’t think you’re the only one out there working your ass off to go to Disney World. Reality check time dude.

  10. Is disneyland Paris admission cheaper than wdw? Americans probably won’t stand for it. The 1% will pay. Disney will be dividing us into 2 groups: the haves and the have nots.

  11. M. R

    The best solution for the fast pass problem would be to take a page from Universal Studio: pay for a Fast Pass exclusive use ticket, and enter ride at a specified kiosk. Cast Member scans your ticket and lets guest thru. Ticket is slightly higher in price than regular ticket, but an affordable option for guests to have. Simple in use. No pre booking on spotty app, no confusion on time frames. Just scan and ride.

  12. Disney fan

    Yikes the lines look long. And am I right in thinking that countries like the UK from whom thousands of people go to Disney Paris, aren’t allowed in yet? So the crowds do not reflect the potential number of people who will visit in the future? And just for the record Chris I work my backside off too. In 2 jobs both on zero hour contracts. I work over 40 hours a week, which I am sure you agree is enough and I won’t be able to afford to pay extra for our favourite rides so I guess that means I am one of the people you think should not visit anymore? Leaving the parks for the privileged few? Just think about the employees at the park who are also on low wages, people in supermarkets, hospitals, all supporting your sense of self worth but not entitled to benefit from a nice visit to the magic.

    1. Chris

      I recommend you find a higher paying job. You choose to make what you make make a choice to make more. Too many people settle for less and choose to be stuck where they are. I challenge you to find a better paying job so you can improve your way of life and join me at the parks. If the parks were full of people like me everyone would have the best experience every time. I’m very polite, spend a lot of money and tip extremely well. I’ve never once complained about anything even if I have received bad service or had a bad experience. If you can’t afford to do the things in life you want to do that is because you made a choice to accept a career that doesn’t afford you the lifestyle you want or deserve. I agree we do need low wage workers but they can go to six flags or a carnival.

      1. Will

        You sound like a such an unbelievable tool. Wow. I’d rather Disney ban just you

        1. Chris

          Disney would love to have everyone in their parks like me it’s in their best interest. It’s people like you they’re trying to keep out.

          1. Will

            Sniff your own farts a bit more deeply. Hahaha, what a freakin’ douche.

  13. Steph

    They had a fast pass option at Disneyland years ago that I thought was perfect. You go to the attraction, if you don’t want to wait at that time hit the button on the machine, gives you a return time, on paper, and off you go to another experience. It was unlimited but it never seemed like the lines were bonkers like what they are showing in Paris. It was one of those situations that I felt they broke something that didn’t need fixing. Then I got to experience the FastPass system in Florida. That’s a joke because of technology. They lost my times on a couple different occasions and have heard the same from other folks.

  14. Disney fan

    You’ve got me there Chris. Guess my choice of working within the care profession means I should have a second class life. Shucks, I should have decided to work as a Disney exec or maybe an owner of a business that exploits its staff and overpays it’s management. If I earned the big bucks would I pay extra? Not sure, will think about it

    1. Chris

      It’s never too late to better yourself. We have enough nurses out there dancing in the halls making tik Tok videos they won’t miss one less.

      1. Will

        I didn’t realize it was possible to come off as such a massive jerk in so few sentences. Do everyone a favor and stay home.

        1. Chris

          Have a magical day at six flags you little peasant ?

          1. WillWillWill

            I’m actually staying at the Swan Reserve for a week in October. Enjoy being a self-righteous, unlikeable douche.

  15. Trey

    Since we’re talking about lines… masks

  16. Rroe

    Do what you want to do with your mask, but until people start getting vaccinated the cases will climb. Don’t say no because Florida leads the nation in Covid cases and Covid Deaths……..Have Fun at Disney!!

    1. Jan

      They don’t lead in covid deaths. I heard this week they are 26th in that area. Perhaps do a little research first. No mask required outside. Inside they are for some. If you open your eyes you’ll notice about 40% of cast members still wear a mask. It’s proven even by the lame stream media that masks don’t work. Wish they did. And the jab only lessens your symptoms, it doesn’t make you immune. That’s why it’s technically not a vaccine.

      1. DubC

        Wow, you tell someone to do their research when you don’t even understand how a vaccine works. The COVID-19 Vaccine works just like any other, it doesn’t prevent you from catching the Virus, it greatly prevents illness from the Virus, especially serious illness or death, which the Vaccine is 95% effective in preventing. More importantly the “Jab” virtually illuminates transmission of the Virus, which is how we build herd immunity. If majority of people were vaccinated the Virus would have no one to infect, and nowhere to mutate. That is the only way to end a pandemic.

  17. Christopher L Unsworth

    I will never go back!….
    Biggest waste of money ever!
    I had a 11 and 13 year old with me. They were ready to leave just hours into the visit….
    Would not recommend to anyone.
    Note: I went there in the early 90s as a kid and it was a great experience!

    1. Jan

      That’s too bad. Unlike you, millions still love WDW. My grandkids ages 5-19 absolutely love WDW. It’s probably best for you to not go. So many others are anxious to get in and enjoy the day ?

  18. AK

    I hardly ever comment here because its mostly just a bunch of complaining old people, but I had to ask…

    Isn’t “Standby pass” just the old Fastpass system? Before it had the “+”? Except now they are coming to the standby line instead of their own line, causing a bottleneck.

    I do miss the old system–much more spontaneous and hardly any waiting in lines–so I wouldn’t mind seeing it back in some form. I’d like to see more than just these few pictures of the crowding, Twitter has a tendency to post sensational stuff that may or may not reflect the actual state of things.

  19. ChadMC

    I miss the days when I didn’t NEED to buried in my phone the entire time I was trying to enjoy a Disney park. WDW has been that way for a while now, but you could at least just go and wait in line whenever you want. If that option is gone there will be zero options for just being sporadic and enjoying free-roaming time. If you have to stay buried in your phone all day just for the opportunity to go and wait in line, that does not create much of a magical time. I get the creativity aspect, but it’s a lot of work just to take a holiday.

  20. Greg Xpresley

    Stand-By Pass = free ‘service’ = you get what you pay for.
    Stand-By Pass = Standing Room Only.
    Stand-By Pass = the best way to make sure you never get on a ride.
    Stand-By Pass = you will stand until it’s time to wave By-By.

  21. jo

    looks like not alot of people in Paris liked paying 10-20 bucks a ride. HUMM wonder what they do now to complicate things.

  22. jo

    so it looks like people in Paris not paying 10-20bucks a ride. HUMM wonder what they will to next to complicate vacations and capitalize on an illness??

  23. DB

    Would be nice if they could do it, but I don’t think it would work at the price point because of the number of visitors at Disney. If it was affordable for “most” then that exclusive pass would just be another long wait. Disney has way way more guests everyday than Universal and people are already willing to pay a lot more for that Disney experience. As expensive as it already is, I think you’d have 70% or more of the average Disney guests willing pay for that unlimited pass to skip the lines, and then you’d just have long fast pass lines. They are definitely testing the waters at Disney Paris to figure out what price point will eliminate enough people so that the “premium pass” really is a premium experience, i.e. those who pay don’t just have to wait in another long line. Once they figure out that price point it will be rolled out in the US. I figure if a premium pass is $10 per person per ride, my family of 4 can rides all the rides we want (really just the thrill rides) for around $600-$800 extra. While not cheap, that breaks down to about $150-$200 more per person. Something I’d be willing to do to skip the lines on the good rides. I know everyone hates this idea because fast passes have always been free, but I actually prefer not having to make a fast pass 60 days in advance and even then missing out on some of the really good rides (e.g. Avatar, Slinky). Even at 60 days some of those are already taken. What it boils down to is Disney has a capacity problem – they can’t reduce capacity without dropping revenues (and they are a for-profit public company and owe a duty to shareholders), but without reducing capacity the lines are just too long. They continue to build more resorts because the demand exists, without adding new parks. So this will be an ongoing problem. Until they hit a point where the lines are so long that people stop coming they won’t reduce prices for anything. But demand continues to increase every year.

    1. DB

      Sorry for confusion, this was a reply to the comment that they should implement a pass like what Universal has that allows you to skip all the lines a reasonable fee on top of the ticket price.

  24. Virginia

    Disney is getting greedy!
    I’m a major Disney fan and used to take my grandkids every year but the
    costs to get into Disney World are getting excessive, now they might charging extra for Fasr Passes, it’s all becoming to much.

  25. Jennie Duncan

    We’ve been going to Disney parks since the 70’s. In the last 10 to 12 years, fast passes were the only way that it was bearable in the Parks. Real fast passes, not the ones on your phone, so you have to be online all day long! If what Paris is doing happens here, we unfortunately will not be able to go 3-4 times a year. It’s ridiculous that what Walt wanted; for families to be able to “spend time together” has ended up being “Disney wants all of your money and you can’t come without a smart phone”! (Which, by the way, is one of the reasons we go to the parks so often: to unplug!) I’m hoping that Disney US and Shanghai and Tokyo put their feet down and won’t stand for this!

  26. laura

    What Disney is doing is trying to make more money while creating more line and more expense for the people that visit. the Passholders should still get the fast pass benefits as before, they do work, whom ever is not a pass holder then Disney can do as they like with them, but the fast pass did work, it was great, I personally will never make those lines again, rather not even go, The standby pass, on the app that you have wake up early and see if you even get on it, sucks, it does not work, for Star Wars, every time I went to the park I tried and tried and never got it, so I personally do not like that. Instead of changing everything including park hopping restrictions now, start getting employees in the parks to clean and keep Disney the way it should be

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