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Disneyland Paris standbypass

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  1. jo

    looks like not alot of people in Paris liked paying 10-20 bucks a ride. HUMM wonder what they do now to complicate things.

  2. jo

    so it looks like people in Paris not paying 10-20bucks a ride. HUMM wonder what they will to next to complicate vacations and capitalize on an illness??

  3. DB

    Would be nice if they could do it, but I don’t think it would work at the price point because of the number of visitors at Disney. If it was affordable for “most” then that exclusive pass would just be another long wait. Disney has way way more guests everyday than Universal and people are already willing to pay a lot more for that Disney experience. As expensive as it already is, I think you’d have 70% or more of the average Disney guests willing pay for that unlimited pass to skip the lines, and then you’d just have long fast pass lines. They are definitely testing the waters at Disney Paris to figure out what price point will eliminate enough people so that the “premium pass” really is a premium experience, i.e. those who pay don’t just have to wait in another long line. Once they figure out that price point it will be rolled out in the US. I figure if a premium pass is $10 per person per ride, my family of 4 can rides all the rides we want (really just the thrill rides) for around $600-$800 extra. While not cheap, that breaks down to about $150-$200 more per person. Something I’d be willing to do to skip the lines on the good rides. I know everyone hates this idea because fast passes have always been free, but I actually prefer not having to make a fast pass 60 days in advance and even then missing out on some of the really good rides (e.g. Avatar, Slinky). Even at 60 days some of those are already taken. What it boils down to is Disney has a capacity problem – they can’t reduce capacity without dropping revenues (and they are a for-profit public company and owe a duty to shareholders), but without reducing capacity the lines are just too long. They continue to build more resorts because the demand exists, without adding new parks. So this will be an ongoing problem. Until they hit a point where the lines are so long that people stop coming they won’t reduce prices for anything. But demand continues to increase every year.

    1. DB

      Sorry for confusion, this was a reply to the comment that they should implement a pass like what Universal has that allows you to skip all the lines a reasonable fee on top of the ticket price.

  4. Virginia

    Disney is getting greedy!
    I’m a major Disney fan and used to take my grandkids every year but the
    costs to get into Disney World are getting excessive, now they might charging extra for Fasr Passes, it’s all becoming to much.

  5. Jennie Duncan

    We’ve been going to Disney parks since the 70’s. In the last 10 to 12 years, fast passes were the only way that it was bearable in the Parks. Real fast passes, not the ones on your phone, so you have to be online all day long! If what Paris is doing happens here, we unfortunately will not be able to go 3-4 times a year. It’s ridiculous that what Walt wanted; for families to be able to “spend time together” has ended up being “Disney wants all of your money and you can’t come without a smart phone”! (Which, by the way, is one of the reasons we go to the parks so often: to unplug!) I’m hoping that Disney US and Shanghai and Tokyo put their feet down and won’t stand for this!

  6. laura

    What Disney is doing is trying to make more money while creating more line and more expense for the people that visit. the Passholders should still get the fast pass benefits as before, they do work, whom ever is not a pass holder then Disney can do as they like with them, but the fast pass did work, it was great, I personally will never make those lines again, rather not even go, The standby pass, on the app that you have wake up early and see if you even get on it, sucks, it does not work, for Star Wars, every time I went to the park I tried and tried and never got it, so I personally do not like that. Instead of changing everything including park hopping restrictions now, start getting employees in the parks to clean and keep Disney the way it should be

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