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Splash Mountain

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  1. Angela

    Splash Mountain is the Best Ride at Disney.

    Can’t believe they would even consider changing it.

  2. M

    You have to be crazy or delusional as a company to re-theme the most popular ride to please twitter crazies that probably don’t even go to Disney World. Wake up Disney!!! Listen to your real customers that love Splash Mountain. Build Princess Tiana somewhere else. #SaveSplashMountain

    1. Jordan

      For one, it’s not the most popular ride, it’s just a classic. Also, they were talking about changing the ride long before most people realize. I for one go to Disney all the time and I like the idea of them updating the theming a little. Stop complaining about something that literally doesn’t effect you at all.

      1. M

        I look at the line waits everyday. It has had the longest compared to other rides. The fact you are saying it’s not that popular shows how delusional you are. Of a rabbit outsmarting a a Fox and bear is too much for you too handle, you don’t have to go on it. If you don’t like the ride, don’t ride it.

        1. Jordan

          …long wait times does not mean it’s the most popular ride lol. Flight of passage has a longer wait time. Wouldn’t that mean you are wrong from your own logic? If you look up what is the most popular ride online, it’s up there, but it’s not the most popular ride. Seems the delusional one here is you.
          If you don’t like the changes, don’t go on the ride.

  3. M

    Apparently you don’t know a damn thing about ride statistics, if a ride has the longest waits, that means it’s the most popular, if it’s the most popular, people pay money to ride it. But showing your stupidity, you would close down a popular ride for years, waste millions to re-theme to please twitter crazies that don’t even pay to go to Disney. What’s next, you want to re-theme Space Mountain because it violates your space??!! A Rabbit outsmarting a Fox and Bear bothers you??!! Seek help

    1. Jordan

      lol, you talk about statistics like you took everything into account. How about the fact that they may not have as boats going or the ride keeps having issues? All of those things can lead to a longer wait time, but you still ignored my point about other rides having longer wait times throughout the entire day. So who’s the real stupid one here?
      How is it wasting money when people will still go see the ride and want to ride it? So many rides get updates and attention for it skyrockets which brings in more money. They are changing it to update the rides like they did with so many rides before it, not because they want to make a small group of people happy. They’ve been thinking about doing this long before all this happened. I think the one that needs help here is you because you clearly have no idea what the ride is based on and you are getting more triggered than the “twitter crazies” you like to keep mentioning lmao.

  4. M

    I’ve seen the movie moron. The movie takes place after the American Civil War and abolition of slavery. There’s no slaves in the movie. Uncle Remus had a choice to leave. James Baskett is the first African American To win a Academy Award. Nick Stewart who was voicing the characters said Disney treated us like Kings. Hattie McDaniel’s said she would have never have been in the movie if it was offensive to her people. You on the other hand, don’t know what the hell you are talking about. You’re just following along with the social media mob instead of reading a history book.

    1. Jordan

      lol, I like how you assume I’m following some mob just because I support the update. Also find it funny how you can’t defend against the fact that it’s not the most popular ride in the park anymore. What part of the history books does this fall under? I don’t remember Walt Disney movies being a subject in that class lol. The more you talk, the more I’m concerned that you are just arguing to argue.

      1. Marcus

        In all fairness Jordan, you also seem to be arguing just argue – you have commented on every single post here lol

        1. Jordan

          I’m just replying to him, I haven’t said anything to anyone else. I’m just making a point that I don’t think this guy cares to hear. Oh well

  5. Marcus

    With the popularity so high, as well with the petition that is now over 90,000 signatures you would think Disney would rethink the re-theming. Why ruin a classic ride when there is no need to redo it?
    Or if they’re going to do a re-theme, as much as I would be sad to see it go, do the one in Cali after Princess in the Frog since New Orleans Square is right there and leave the Florida one with the Brer’s in Frontierland. It would work perfect theme wise and be less money for the company to spend.

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