Comments for Social Distancing Ends, But One Disney Ride Line Still Extends Outdoors

mickey and minnies runaway railway queue aerial view

Credit: @bioreconstruct


  1. Marci

    We were in the park two days but the line never went under 60 minutes. It was either too hot or raining too much to stand in an outdoor line for that long. The park has to be more than 50% if not more. Crazy crowds and lines everywhere.

  2. JB

    I was at Disney July 1-2. Very crowded and long lines. Maybe 0.5% of the attendees/staff were wearing masks. No social distancing. In addition , many things are closed which then forces the crowds into smaller places due to less options ie. rides, shows and restaurants. I had to make my non refundable final payment weeks ahead of my trip. Disney Covid rules changed multiple times from when I paid off my trip. Even with the fact I wore my mask and am vaccinated, I still got Covid! Very disappointing! The whole experience was awful. And now I’m very sick. My assessment is Disney is putting profits over safety of people. They are ripping people off by charging full price for the use of the parks that are not themselves fully open.

  3. JasonPeterson

    Bring back the 3:00 parade then it will be back to normal

  4. Erjen

    It’s long, because these are summer like crowds and there is no longer the huge queue line inside the building.

  5. SG

    People don’t waste your time. M&M Train ride is terrible, boring! Just because it’s new doesn’t mean it’s good. I’d stand in that line if they just updated The Great Movie Ride – it’s Hollywood after all!

  6. T.

    If more things will open up, it will soak up some more of the crowds. As it stands, too few things are open or still at lowered capacity and there is no place for a lot of these crowds to disperse to. Getting restaurants back open and up to capacity will help a lot. So will opening more shows and bringing back parades as a place for people to go.

  7. Matthew Brewster

    Based on the many videos I have seen, MMRR is not worth waiting more than five or ten minutes to see. Its predecessor, though was worth waiting ONE FULL HOUR!!

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