Video: Crowds Pour Into Hollywood Studios For Rope Drop - Inside the Magic

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  1. Jon T

    We already got COVID at DW. We’re ready to go back now.

  2. B.

    Welcome to Summertime at a theme park. How is this news?

  3. SG

    Huge lines at Hollywood opening can be directly blamed on the virtual que for Rise of the Resistance. You HAVE to be in the park just to get into the virtual que and you have your app open and ready because it’ll fill up in less than 1 minute! And you never really know exactly when your Boarding Pass will come up so. You get a second chance at 2pm to go through the whole process again. I miss Fast Pass where you can get into a que from anywhere around the world and know the hour/appointment of your FP. Of course the downside of that are those that can make a Fast Pass a year ahead where others, like us APs who only get 3 months ahead and by then all the FPs are taken for that popular ride. I guess lines will always be another downside of WDW -Prices the first downside!

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