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robin williams with butterfly

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  1. Rebel

    It’s impossible to express how deeply Robin is missed and what an incredible blessing he was to humanity. He made us laugh and helped us learn that there is love with the humor in our lives, Thank you Robin.

  2. Theresa Quiroz

    The picture of him & the Monarch butterfly is beautiful! So very Robin Williams in my heart & mind. Thank you for reminding us all of him & his legacy, especially that of his family & the work they’re doing in his honor. I know I still miss him so much, I cannot begin to imagine how much he is missed by those who were closest to him, kin & all, who he loved & cherished as they did him. He was truly a bright, blessed, beacon we all get a chance to experience, if only for a flash of time in this Universe.

  3. joann Hart

    My father had Parkinsons disease with dementia (I guess now they call it lewy body). The one thing we found that helped him was wheat grass juice. I know it sounds weird but it was the juiceman power of juicing that turned us that direction. Tremors stopped and he could follow a conversation again. And he didn’t smell bad (from the meds in his system).

  4. Colleen Rogers

    My husband also passed away in 2014 in April 17 days after his 66th birthday. He died from complications due to his Ulcerative Colitis and an infection. He was in the beginning stages of Alzheimers. As much as it hurts to have lost him sometimes I know it was for the best.
    When Robin passed I was shocked and Darell would have been also but I can understand why he did it. No one wants to lose themselves.

  5. Florentina Balbuena

    He was a great actor and comedian! I love his movies and my condolences to all of the family and friends affected by this tragedy. Robin Williams may your legacy live and bring the good.

  6. I loved him very much and still mourn him.

  7. Bob

    Disappointed in your article about Mr. Williams as I was hopeful you would explain the medical reasons Robin took his own life. I loved him as an actor and feel there was no one better at improvational comedy. Just hoped to learn more as it scares me that not more is published about it…

  8. mary belinda

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  9. Susan Matthiesen

    There are no words to describe the immense talent and beauty of Robin Williams. My family considered him a member of our family, and his films were like a visit with a dearly loved family member, after the loss of my 13 year old daughter in 2006 I was broken and your father was so instrumental in helping me and my son finding our way out of the darkness and being able to laugh again, I am so sorry that you have had to experience the pain of losing your father, and happy for you to have been able to find joy once again. With love and respect Susan…

  10. Christopher

    For me perhaps the greatest tragedy is knowing that due to the devastating physical effect of Lewy Body Dementia on his brain, when Robin took his life he was literally not in his right mind. I have wept knowing that it was not the ‘real’ Robin that took his own life – it was that damned disease that stole this beautiful jester from the world. We love you, Robin!

  11. Jeni heugel

    My father died having Lewy Body. This is something I don’t ever wish on anyone. The hell he went through stills haunts me. It was very hard to diagnose him at first until the hallucinations started. My prayers to all who have gone through this with their loved ones and those going through it now.

  12. Heidi Guitreau

    He was literally my favorite human being that ever existed.

  13. Syl

    Nice article. I loved Robin and miss him still. One correction, in 2nd paragraph: He died by suicide in 2015, rather than 2015. Otherwise, nice job.

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