Comments for Want to Stay Inside Pirates of the Caribbean? Here’s How!

pirates of the caribbean ride exterior

Credit: Disney


  1. KenFromOC

    So I am confused…
    The headline of this article clearly states “Want to Stay INSIDE Pirates of the Caribbean…..”
    But in the article it says nothing about that, it’s about a house decorated like POC, and actually more “tiki” themed than POC.

    Am I missing something? Is it the wrong link?

    1. Jane

      It’s because the Airbnb person called it “Pirates of the Caribbean” getaway. So that is the theme he was going for. It does have tiki vibes through, so I get that.

    2. Jane

      It’s the same as the earlier Haunted Mansion article. Can’t really stay inside, but can give you the feeling that you are! Looks so fun to me!

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