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  1. Nancy

    Definitely heart warming….if mickey & minnie were signing that fast, they must already be familiar with ASL….one cannot duplicate the hand movements that fast if it is new to them.( I am familiar with the Deaf/HOH community; have a few friends who are deaf and I am a member of the Virginia Newborn Hearing Advisory Board, RN Representative). Disney really is magical & this is just one more example♡♡♡

  2. Elva

    I started crying when seeing this video because I have several family members who are deaf. Thanks Disney for your thoughtfulness and thinking of the kids. Warms my heart.

  3. Lorie

    This is an extremely heartwarming story but I just spent 2 days at Disney with my grandson and never once laid eyes on Mickey or Minnie. How do you explain to a 4 year old that Mickey isn’t there? We saw Goofy from a distance and the Disney princesses on a balcony. Also Tinker Belle on a float going down the street very fast. No Mickey at Disney????? When I ask several cast members about this, they had no idea when or if any characters would appear. There is no set schedule for them, they just show up when they feel like it. I won’t be wasting my money again. I understand the pandemic makes it difficult for safety reasons but Mickey and Minnie should have been seen on a balcony waving or on a float like Tinker Belle in a regular announced schedule. Come on Disney!

    1. TRE

      During our trip to WDW in December 2020, Mickey & Minnie appears at the Main Street Train Station in MK at the beginning of each day, and we saw them appear in cavalcades at all 4 of the parks. (I have blue hair, and during cavalcades, I was thrilled when both Mickey and Sully gestured to me that they really liked my hair!) Your comment about Tinker Belle being on a “float going down the street very fast” makes me think that you must have just missed the very end of a cavalcade, since the characters and floats actually went by at a nice, unrushed speed. And Disney didn’t set up a schedule because instead, the cavalcades went through about every 20 minutes. If you and your grandson had just hung around in the area for a few more minutes, the two of you would have had another chance very soon to see Mickey & Minnie and the entire cavalcade.

  4. Marjorie Barebo

    Disney was different due to Covid, but understand we are still in a pandemic. Our granddaughter was happy just to be able to be outdoors.

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