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Astro Orbiter Disney World Tomorrowland

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  1. Karen

    Perhaps it’s the hefty price tag of entry that’s hurting the crowds… maybe Disney should give a break on their constantly rising ticket prices considering the circumstances and bank accounts of the past two years.

    1. Sue

      Yup. Bring back annual passes and fast pass. More people will
      Come. Also it’s 95 outside who wants to wait in line 2 hours in the heat for a ride. Disney is not hurting for money. They have way to much construction going on at one time. You can’t enjoy the parks.

      1. FormerDisneyFan

        Couldn’t say it better myself

        1. vkmuz

          We went to Epcot this weekend after not being able to go to Magic Kingdom (our first choice) as the rsvps were SOLD OUT.
          Looks like those who reserved, decided not to attend. That’s too bad as we would’ve been there. I think the rsvps qre hurting qttendance and keeping away those people who DO want to be there. All around big mistake.

          1. Sheila

            We were at Magic Kingdom yesterday 7/10 and it was packed with people. Don’t believe this picture.

          2. chris

            Agree I was there friday (epcot) and it was packed… and saturday was at MK and it was packed as well… Disney Springs was also packed Thurs – Sat when I was there… so this story is not true….

      2. Sherri S Stone

        I haven’t been to Disney in 3 years. I would love to go back, but I keep seeing so many things going up in price, and so many perks taken away.

        1. Kathy L Bales

          Or the very rude security people. I have not been in 20 years!

        2. Dawn M Wart

          Going in December….disappointed that you have to get your luggage, before going to get on the Magical Express. With the price we are paying, you think they would of kept the same service as we had 3 years ago…getting our luggage is going to be a pain and inconvenience, especially for families with children

      3. chris

        AP’s are still available if you had one… I currently have an active AP …. FP’s they have something because when I got stuck on Space mountain Saturday and the fire department had to come get us off the ride we were given a fast pass to use on any ride except mine train… but when we came up to ride the ride again the guy asked what time was our timeslot to ride.. so there is some form of fast pass going on… I think its the pay for play model that universal now has…

    2. Kathleen Cheslett rose

      Maybe its the wokeness i am so surprised that they have taken the stance that so many people hate ” woke ” they should go broke they have ruined a fantastic place

      1. Misty Provo

        I agree 100%. It’s the reason my family isn’t there. We canceled multiple trips due to all the wokeness and won’t be returning until things start to change. We have seen changes that are really hurting Disney…even the staff is rude these days…things that were never acceptable previously.

        1. Kelley

          Canceled multiple trips.. lol

      2. Bella

        Agree! It could be that, the changing of rides, parades and beloved, classic fireworks shows.

      3. yoyo

        yes, Bob is fast trying to run Disney Worlds magic into the ground. He wants another boring rides only theme park, Not a magical fun family place.

  2. Denise

    Maybe Disney’s woke joke view of firing actors unfairly, pulling classic movies, changing rides, changing dress code policy and all the other kiss butt actions to the few making waves! It cost Disney true fans that actually have and make money! Disney snubbed a huge fan base and followers by their actions. Disney should of stayed neutral and non political! Their own fault if they are losing money!

    1. GG Washington

      Oh boo hoo…Cry me a river. What a snowflake. “Disney caters to people who don’t look and act like me…waaaaah!”

      1. Lynda

        Go back to normal 100% and maybe most will forgive your nonsense this past year and a half.

        1. Doug

          Anyone who supports a racist dictator does not need to be at the parks anyway, will not miss you two losers.

    2. BatBoy

      Spot on. 100% true. Catering to the freaks.

      1. Rollyn

        We’ve been here all week (7/04-10), and if the crowds are a “4/10,” I would HATE to see what 10/10 looks like. Not the most crowded time I’ve been here but it’s definitely pretty packed.

      2. Rachel Winiecki

        Freaks being WHO??

  3. Denise

    Why would you be reading this if your at MK and commenting? I have to question your honesty cause most people I know would never read n comment on an article while at MK!

    1. Scharlotte

      Lots of down time waiting in lines to read and comment on lots of things.

    2. Nobs

      This is an old photo, see the people wearing masks, and the trash cans with mask wearing instructions, which have been removed since May.
      Its Saturday, its busy. I was there today and it was busy.

  4. Carol Walton

    Maybe if it didn’t cost so much people could afford to go!! I won’t ever go back because you can’t smoke anywhere inside the park!! If I want to smoke anywhere outdoors I should be able too!! Oh well I’ll spend my money elsewhere

    1. Kathy L Bales

      Or the very rude security people. I have not been in 20 years!

      1. Brett

        You’ve not been in 20 years and, yet, here you are reading and commenting on a Disney parks fan site. Strange.

  5. Everyone is going to universal!

  6. The prices for everything there are just way too high for the average person. Sadly, I cannot afford it.

  7. Max

    We would have been there this week but the inability to purchase APs has limited our trips. We usually use our DVC and make trips to Fort Wilderness. Disney could care less for DVC members, not just the non DVC folks.

  8. Rebecca Killick

    Am deaf and learn disability single mum to my two girls I look at cost BLOODY HELL! We are NOT rich. I only can save around 30pound a week really is taking forever NO I ain’t bother so I never go we happy go nice cheaper hoildays in Greece or Turkey or Spain more amazing. Is ain’t helping poor people poor kids cannot go but we all have lots adventures naturally

  9. Nicholas Reale

    This story is very untrue, # 1 the early afternoon was empty, by the afternoon is was packed. # 2 after 4th of the July weekend is usually slow. Let’s try and focus on important Disney news.

    1. yoyo

      you must work Bob, right Nicholas.

  10. Julie Distefano

    The prices are out of control for visiting guest not just annual pass holders.
    Then to plan on charging more for fast passes thats
    Unreasonable. Pixie

  11. Adrian

    Disney is an interesting company, for decades they could do no wrong at Disney World and people came. Today we are coming out of a pandemic and I feel they may have overplayed their hand. They decided to put annual pass holders out to pasture (Disneyland) and stop Floridians from purchasing new passes at all. They assumed that pent up demand would come roaring back and they wouldn’t need locals or DVC members. I don’t believe Disney will hurt for money but they will not do as well as they might have. In the mean time Universal has resumed construction on Epic and have bent over backwards to imbed themselves in the community with passes and deals. In the end this Disney misstep will bring Universal within striking distance and with more competition both will invest more in their parks which is a win for all consumers.

  12. Barbara

    It’s honestly a hassle to reserve a park and then knowing you can’t change your mind. It’s horrible guessing what time you are going to be hungry because you have to reserve a time slot for quick service. Nope . All the fun has been sucked out . I used to love Disney until it became a privilege to attend. I am sure I am not the only one with universal annual passes now

  13. Tvnutt

    Disney needs to end the reservation system and reinstate APs for Floridians. Personally I don’t find Universal any better. They charged for.parking even if going to City Walk for lunch! At least you can park for free at Disney Springs, shop and eat!

  14. sam

    if you snapshot the queue wait times for these “quiet” periods, you’ll see this article is false as most rides are 45mins, going up to 100+ for Avatar flight of passage.

  15. Kate

    Get woke go broke. Americans aren’t quite as stupid as you think. We Know what you did, & we’re Pissed.

    Also, we’ve got other stuff to do. You’ve no idea how far off mark you were, do you?

    1. Shokev

      What exactly does “woke” mean to you?

    2. Brett

      Sorry, Kate. Disney theme parks are more popular than ever. You will keep giving Disney your money, too.

  16. Emily

    I was there this weekend. This is not true at all. I had to wait 60 minutes to get into a restaurant and then another 45 to place my order and 30 to get my food. Most lines for food were out the door. As far as social distancing it did not happen. Most rides were 60-120 min and we were told to cram in as much as we could”if you can see floor your not moved in enough”most hand sanitizer was empty as well.

    1. Mike

      The hand sanitizer thing is spot on. It was gross. I would say crowd levels were pretty standard, which I guess is what a 4-5 out of 10 means.

      That said, it felt like they were understaffed for the crowds they did get. All the sanitizers were empty. Very few windows at restaurants open. Overall just understaffed. I get that they’re a business, but they are going after efficiency a little too much right now. It’s starting to not feel like a premium experience anymore, and that’s a big issue because it’s got a premium price tag.

  17. Rachel Winiecki

    Maybe could it be the huge Ticket Prices????????

  18. I can understand why coming out of a pandemic a business would have to raise prices to make up for all their losses and their loyal customers would surely understand but when you start cutting the things that got you your customers in the first place that’s where you lose me as a customer, examples that lost me as returning Disney guest are changing rides to cater to the cancel culture, dropping the Magical express, not bringing back the actors for the shows, no annual passes, no fast passes, and then maybe charging when bringing it back, only deluxe hotel guests for extended after hours, charging to park at resorts even before pandemic just to name a few and I’m sure some of the readers on the comment section could name a few I missed. Our family for time being are done with Disney till we see a more guest friendly change.

  19. vkmuz

    We went to Epcot this weekend after not being able to go to Magic Kingdom (our first choice) as the rsvps were SOLD OUT.
    Looks like those who reserved, decided not to attend. That’s too bad as we would’ve been there. I think the rsvps are hurting attendance and keeping away those people who DO want to be there. All around big mistake.

    1. Sheila

      Believe me…Magic Kingdom was packed with people…that is an old, outdated picture. Clou did not miss out, it was wall to wall people and ride lines were ALL 45+, even the A-ticket rides

  20. Jack is Back

    Pass holders get 15% off and all these other out of park perks and no one scans anything to get those deals from what I can see. Maybe Disney will bring back annual passes when people start getting robbed for their annual passes to get the free perks. The pass holder stickers gives it away so watch yourselves passholders. I know If I find someone’s annual pass on the ground, you can guarantee I’ll be using it to get 15% off on merch etc. and won’t be returning it to its original owners. Just another reason they need to launch annual passes again at Disney World. People will start to get robbed for their passes, it’s only a matter of time.

  21. Megan

    I was in both Hollywood studios and Magic Kingdom on Friday and I don’t agree with those numbers . It was pretty crowded at both parks .

  22. Zeida

    I don’t blame Guests!!! I visited Disney 21 times with our kids and it’s not cheap. Now they have catered to political correctness, choosing political sides that many guests do not agree with. They’ve taken away perks and prices are still going up. Their new marketing tools may be their downfall . There are many other parks where folks can have fun without STILL feeling the impact of a virus that is dwindling and defined lives for so long . No meal plan offers ended our desire to visit again , as well as complimentary transportation from airport to resort and automatic upgrades. For Disney,Money TALKS and it’s not saying many positive things, lately.

  23. NG

    I was at all 4 parks this week. Park hopping 4/5-4/10. The park was packed. EPCOT was the biggest mess when it came to construction. All the other park wait times seem normal as ever. Don’t believe this article.

  24. Victor

    Umm, haven’t they been talking about Hurricane Elsa and the subsequent tropical storm passing through Florida for a week? The Gulf coast, an hour away, got hammered. I know people who cancelled their Florida vacations because of the storm.

  25. Janet

    Tried to go but can’t get reservations. you should check your sources. Disney is still limiting the number of guests. I guess they like it that way.

    1. Nikki

      We are here, and there is no “sparse”. There are people everywhere, wait times are long. We still love it. We know going in, it is what it is and enjoy everything in the moment.

  26. Sarah

    We are here right now, and have been for past 3 days. It’s as crowded as all get out. Not sure why someone thinks it’s a 4/10. Tons of people, but parks are not fully back
    ( dining and entertainment) there is no where to go but to just stand in lines. Definitely NOT a 4/10 when Small World was a 45 minutes standby wait today….

  27. Peter and Diane Mitros

    VERY well stated!!!

  28. Mick

    Does anyone in their right frame of mind want to visit a Theme-park in Mid-July? Heat Indexes have been well over 100.

  29. yoyo

    yes, Bob is fast trying to run Disney Worlds magic into the ground. He wants another boring rides only theme park, Not a magical fun family place.

  30. Jason Taylor

    I was at Magic Kingdom on July 8th and it was packed. I don’t know what they’re smoking.

  31. Cyndi

    The cost is too damn high!
    They raised their prices twice last year! It’s ridiculous with the way the economy and unemployment is right now.
    Shame on these billionaires.

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