Comments for Guests Seen Swimming in Flooded Magic Kingdom Walkway

magic kingdom flooding

Credit: Screenshot via Anne B.


  1. Me3

    Nothing like pesticide laden recycled water to play!!!

    1. Scott

      How are people not getting electrocuted?

  2. Disney’s Magic Kingdom is actually on a second floor and the underground utilidors is on ground level. Why all this extreme flooding? Is something wrong with their drainage system? I can’t walk without shoes due to a medical condition, so I would have to wait in a store or ask for bags to tie on my feet.

  3. Anthony Ugwu

    I was actually there yesterday. The drains were working but the rain came down so hard that the drains were ineffective

  4. Mason

    Disney World is going back to its roots- A big swampland in Central Florida.

  5. BernieTheMad

    At least they are getting rain ?

  6. Me2

    Hey…They’re just doing a surprise expansion of the jungle cruise

  7. Andrea

    We were there on the 29th! My daughter was playing with the other kids. She is in the last video in the neon green tank. We have plenty of pictures, too?

  8. Penny

    We were there during this storm and we all had a great time. It was just a moment in the day and we made it fun.

  9. Tacocat

    Why the big deal over this? It has happened several times before when the rain hits fast and hard. Have been at Disney several times when the walkways flooded. Residents know this.

  10. Lydia Bouza

    Yes. & they were closing the park because it was a hurricane? the rain was so bad that it was coming through the roofs in some buildings. It was still fun though, the rain was warm and not cold.

  11. Marilyn

    Yes, we got black garbage bags from one of the kiosks at the park and cut out head and arm holes and donned our “ponchos.”
    We then ran around in the rain visiting attractions and had a ball!

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