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  1. E.

    Let’s hope so. I miss Fastpass!

    1. SueB

      I agree!!!!

  2. Victoria

    I’m sorry this is a super random question, but would you happen to be the person who sings “Promise” on one of the park soundtracks? Because it’s one of my favorite songs!


    I said it before, I’ll say it again,fastpass should come back to disney because it doesn’t make any sense that people are paying to stay on site at disney and not getting any extra bang for their buck. I can stay off disney resorts for cheaper and get the same experience as any one else.Thats y people were staying at the disney resorts to get fastpass it gave them a sense that they were getting something extra than the person just buying a daily ticket. Next disney is noticing lines like before the pandemic and people are mad getting on only 3 or 4 rides per day and for a 100 dollars a day per person that’s not going to cut it. So I feel and hope that disney is going to bring back fast pass for the people that stay at their resorts… IT ONLY MAKES SENSE DISNEY..

    1. Karen

      Totally agree people won’t stay on disney resorts if fast passes & disney dining is gone & you have to pay extra, families won’t be able to pay for this which disney will lose people going to Disney

  4. Trish Blaseg

    Please, Disney, bring back FastPass+!!! So much has been taken from those of us who stay on property!! Give us this back!! We have still visited but, not the same without FastPass+!! Give it back to those who love Disney!!

  5. Clive

    No not fast pass + again. I hated it. I do not want to plan my rides months in advance. The original fast pass was much better

    1. Diane

      Not only planning your attractions months in advance, but NOT getting the rides you actually wanted coz they are sold out immediately! I HATE FP+, but I also do not want to pay an extra $9. per ride with Premium Access.

  6. Ben

    I so want to see fast pass come back. If it gets replaced with premier access, my wife and I decided we wont be going back.

  7. John

    Why should I have to stay on Disney property to get on a ride faster? Didn’t seem to be such a problem in the old days.

    1. Kathy

      In the old days, there was not such high numbers of people at the Disney parks.

    2. David A

      I have used fastpass+ on our last two visits to WDW and did not stay on Disney property. I thought the only difference was that if you stay on Disney property you could reserve your slot 60 days in advance whereas staying anywhere else you could reserve 30 days in advance which meant that for rides light Flight of Passage it was almost impossible to get a slot If not staying on Disney property. The biggest problem with this system is people booking a slot for multiple days because they don’t know which day they will be going to that park and then not cancelling the unneeded ones

  8. Todd landy

    This website is awful. The amount of ads and auto play video ads is insulting.
    Also fastpass+ sucks. Go back to day of.

  9. Yes , bring it back please

    1. Vincent Prezioso

      Fast Pass should come back as it was , many of us stay on property , spend thousands on flights and hotels , DVC membership etc , so we need to an months in advance . Standby lines are longer without fast pass so it actually helps people on stand by lines. Trust me I am at Disney the past 13 days and lines are longer than in the 90’s . Walk on Rides are at 45 to 60 minutes , Flight of Passage 240 minutes at 9 am, Soarin 130 minutes, trust me you want free fast pass back.

  10. Rebecca Kostrach

    Those kiosks have been uncovered since at least October 2020 when my husband and I were there. We have a photo.

  11. Karen

    Original fastpass saystem was much better. Get them day of at ride entrances. You could easily scan your magic band/phone instead of getting a paper ticket like you used to! I HATED planning rides months out but day of was great!

  12. Justin

    If they bring fast pass back I hope they give some people who booked further in advance an opportunity to select their rides first. I’ve had my trip booked for months and I would have done my fast pass selections the day I was able to.

  13. Mimi

    Yes please

  14. mF

    Bring it back, but only let people get one after they enter the park.

  15. Randy W

    Bring back Fastpass, but add a virtual queue for EVERY ride too. The less time we are wasting in line, the more time we are eating and shopping. Imagine never having to wait in a line longer than a few minutes ever again!

  16. C.M

    Most covers are being removed due to 2 factors one they can catch trash under them and 2 are a reminder of covid. They are trying to make it less obvious of the issue and more magical. No fat pad return date at this time.

  17. jo

    Part of the fun of planning a Disney Vac. is the planning part. Getting the kid on the comp. and looking at the rides and decide which ride to pick. With park reservation you have to pick your park for a certain day so we planned that. Planning fast pass is part of the fun experience and gets the kid all excited. Bring it back please. Waiting in line for 45 min to an hour with a 6yr. old is NO fun and ruins the magic. Maybe just for people staying on property. It should be a perk and free as usual..

  18. Rosemary

    Please, Disney needs to bring them back. I love Disney but all the magic and feeling “special” has truly changed. There are no perks anymore for being on property. They are taking away magic express, if you drive and park a car you have to pay parking… now you want us to basically pay for rides?!?! A typical family of 4 cannot afford Disney anymore.

  19. Debbie

    Bring it back. Fast pass is why I kept going back to Disney. Now people are bypassing the lines with expensive club memberships and VIP tours for a hefty price. Walt would say shame on you.

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