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star wars sequels chewbacca, finn, rey (left) and tom hiddleston as loki (right)

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  1. Jombawa

    Thanks for the warning. I will remember never to watch this show.

    1. Jara

      Yeah, why should make your own opinion right? That article is comparing apples and oranges. I am not a hardcore comic book fan and I understood the show perfectly. It was a great, great show. Also, it is getting season 2. So the author either totally missed a point of a modern show making (that you just don´t answer all questions in the finale and open some more). Or she just needs to stick with CSI case of the week show.

      1. Qui gon

        As someone who detests the star wars sequels, I agree, this article is a load of nonsense. An actor giving their thoughts into their characters feelings is NOT extra background info necessary for the story as the article baits you into believing.

  2. Dave Dingbat

    None of those things in Loki really needed explaining – a person of normal intelligence would have got it.

    As for the Star Wars stuff – who cares? We all know it’s a bunch of incoherent made-up rubbish.

    If this was an English Literature essay you’d be getting a D- for conjuring up such a tenuous link between two unrelated franchises.

  3. C

    You don’t need supplemental material to get insight into Renslayers thoughts, you could’ve just—I dunno—watched the show. There aren’t any “materials” to read that would reveal that to you. You just needed to pay attention.

    Also, noting that the statue is a Variant of He Who Remains is excruciatingly obvious given the fact that this is precisely what he said would happen. Now knowing his name is Kang would be something you wouldn’t know, but honestly, that particular statute being Kang is only speculation. They have a BUNCH of Variants and it very well could be someone totally different. Whether that particular statue is Kang remains to be seen. And wasn’t necessary information to get the end of the show. The point of the show was to see Loki was in a different timeline ruled by a Variant.

    This article was clearly written by someone who needed to fill a writing quota, because it makes no sense.

  4. T

    With both properties, you have the ability to be a casual fan watching the story at face value enjoying what the creators present. You also can be a super fan lore junkie who spends tons of time and money devoted to the Fandom, reading every scrap of story possible, filling any gaps with dedication to the lore of the Fandom in question. I find that this is incredible, to be able to present something both for the many and the few. Negating the difficulty the creators have to try and please both sides while also making it appealing to new viewers is the failure here.

    1. Jay jay

      With Loki these things aren’t plot holes though. With Star Wars they were. Sequel mouth foamers will disagree of course.

      1. GoaceEx

        If you read the novels that take place around and leading to the sequels, the sequel trilogy.makes more sense, and most of them were released before each me vie came out in a series titled ‘Journey to [enter movie name here]’ that were intended to be read before you watched the movie

  5. Are you just blind or are you truly reaching for such a comparison?

  6. Sarah

    Well, as a lifetime fan of Star Wars who knew all those little intricacies and still utterly despised the sequel trilogy, I can say this article is a bit of a slap in the face. If you believe the problem with the sequels was that we had to do our “homework”, then clearly you haven’t watched them or aren’t a die-hard fan. The writing was lazy, at best. The execution of said lack of writing was piss poor. Snow White: A Space Odyssey, a more appropriate title for the third installment. For those of us not fooled by pretty flashing lights and lightsaber noises, it was insulting. I love the prequels, they were thrilling tales told well. Yes, they suffered some plot holes and stupidity, like dying of a broken heart when Padme was an outright warrior in her own right–and damn intelligent. Smart people get duped by love every day, even her falling for Anakin’s obviously questionable infatuation was forgivable. We’ve all been there, the great tragedy of life. But the sequel movies have very, very few redeeming qualities. The sheer laziness of bringing back Palpatine, for instance. A new foe would have been far more intriguing and threatening than that old crispy boot. My point is, it was the Skywalker trilogy, NOT Rey’s. Not the Palpatine’s. It lost its vision, its purpose, and everything else in the process. The original idea Lucas had for the sequels was really and truly exciting. I hope to one day see something to that effect on screen. So far, the Mandalorian has saved the franchise for me. I will always love Star Wars, I can’t say with all honesty that I am regretful these sequels happened because Kylo Ren, Rey, even Luke being a shell of a Jedi in The Last Jedi, were all excellent concepts executed horrifically in writing. The actors, especially for our original characters, Driver, Ridley, and many others were wonderful in their parts–unfortunately their characters’ stories were miserable.

  7. Jim

    Another rubbish “article”

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