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  1. Keef Garga

    Oh I like the sound of this! I loved the episode “The Honorable Ones” (very similar to Chapter 10: The Passenger)! My brother and I had a friendly wager on which characters will be making their live action debuts first (outside of Thrawn), with he picking Hera and Chopper, and myself going for the less obvious Agent Kallus and/or Hondo Ohnaka. I can’t wait to rub it in if it’s Kallus lol!

    Now, what I would really love to see is Asajj Ventress and Quinlan Vos brought to life with a limited series Dark Disciple adaptation following the 8 scripts from the Clone Wars that went unmade. It would give us that passionate, dangerous, and conflicted love story that we could never really get into with the Anakin and Padmé story arc. That would be killer! Or, a very dark animated series coinciding with The Bad Batch that follows Quinlan Vos surviving order 66, giving us a haunting perspective from the Jedi most resembling a brutal bounty hunter. Such an underrated character (along with Asajj)!

  2. Allen

    Ok so you need to do your research. Before you think you know the one that he will meet is Darthmall you need to take sometime and look in to the store. Before to say it’s going or might be this Character.

  3. Stephen

    Calling Thrawn a Rebels character is like calling Bilbo Baggins “the character from the Peter Jackson movies.” His history is quite a bit older than that. If more people know him from Rebels than from Timothy Zahn’s novels, that’s sad. Understandable, but sad.

  4. Andrew

    If Kallus is in anything, it should be the Andor show. Pretty sure that’s what Saw was rumored to be in as well, not the Kenobi show.

    1. David Ellefson

      So….If everyone knows where Obi wan is then what was the point in him hiding?

      1. You jerks

        It’s because Disney wants to sell action figures to grown men who apparently like helicopter lightsaber sith lords.

  5. Haveityourway

    Dave Filoni is out of ideas.


  6. Lisa

    If someone is gonna hunt obi wan that would be interesting to see,but instead of a rebel, bring back one of the Fetts, that would be cool.

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