Comments for ‘Little Mermaid’ Set Photos Leak “Kiss The Girl” Scene

left Ariel, right Prince Eric

Credit: Disney


  1. Dustin Bollnow

    Not just “Kiss The Girl” for me, but also “Part Of Your World” & “Under the Sea.” I still can’t wait to see the live action film while still loving and liking the original animated film.

  2. ?

    This is going to the live action action remake that will finally DESTROY all the live action remakes once and for all.

    I hope.

  3. Misty

    I’m just not happy that they’re going this way. Should be boycotted this film . it’s just not original I know it’s supposed to be in its own way uniquely. but still it’s not following exactly the story. And there’s never going to be an end to constant propaganda race junk

    1. Queenie

      First, learn proper english. Two, grow up it is original and will be great!

  4. KenR

    I’m fine with a reimagined idea as it is their IP, but I think they may not hit the numbers with this one. Probably would have been better to stick more closely to the version everyone is familiar with and loves. But we will see.

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