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Josh Gad Disney Store

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  1. Josh

    I just don’t understand. They say that the focus is online shopping but Canada doesn’t even have a shop to order from. We can order from shopdisney but the prices are in US dollars and you pay duty on incoming shipments

  2. Angel

    What’s also interesting is they’re doing this not understanding the full backlash especially from the Canadian market. ShopDisney.com never ever catered to the Canadian market and even so, when people do try to order.. most of their orders arrived damaged, dented.. not the same kind of love that the physical stores can provide. (Even with in store guest ships, the items are carefully taken into wrapping for the guests rather than being hucked into a box)

    And then another note, many families out there cannot afford a trip to Disneyland as easy as you think. So coming to a local Disney store to experience that mini park magic WAS their only option. This is giving people two hard options and neither of them are viable: 1) order online and pay ridiculous prices and exchange rate or 2) buy tickets to fly to CA or FL and then spend more money on hotel and park tickets. There’s really no win-win situation for any of us except the business aspect of things yay they save on stuff but saving on the magic? Yea good luck with that.

  3. Ron

    The Disney Store was my first job and always holds a special place in my heart. It makes me terribly sad to see the company closing down these stores. For some, it’s the closest they’ll get to the magic of the theme parks. Cast members work there for their love of the brand and I feel like the company is just blowing them off as many have no future opportunities to stay with the company.

  4. Heidi

    As a current cast member about to close this week, I’m obviously a little biased… But I truly think this is a mistake. 1. Their online experience isn’t even fixed from all the times they’ve done releases and everything is broken/botshave a play day while real people wait in this “queue”. People came to the stores BECAUSE the website was awful. 2. This is a huge slap in the face to everything the Disney Difference stood for. Online where there’s no one to help or talk to? Target? …. Need I say more? It’s infuriating that they say we have that special magic that makes people want to come in and yet they dump our stores and keep open the ones without cast members – that Disney difference. 3. We were perfect marketing for the parks. Every single day I work, someone talks about wanting to go visit a park because of the magic the store ebbs. Not saying people would forget to go, but we definitely instigate the thought process a lot of times. 4. We’re more than just about buying stuff. We have events to promote the new movies and tv shows! We have summer play days and Halloween parties that keep that love for Disney going! I just don’t understand this decision. They think it will drive more business? I don’t think it will. I’m more than devastated. This was my home with a wonderful family; my pride and joy. This hurts more than just “I can’t shop here anymore” sadness. I’m losing a place I could forget about the world in – even for just a few hours of a shift. This place blossomed me and made me become the more confident person I am today.

    I guess on a separate note, that’s really cool that Josh Gad replied to that cast member. How truly special <3

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