Comments for Just Announced: Disneyland Paris Now Requiring Health Pass For Guests

Sleeping Beauty Castle

Credit: Disney


  1. Sue

    This begs the question of who decided this; the French government or Disney? Regardless, it is a complete violation of the world’s population of its God given rights to freedom, to breath oxygen and privacy. Anyone abiding with these outrageous policies, whether working or visiting Paris Disney, is complying with tyranny. We need to put a stop this.
    All this garbage over a virus that has proven therapies and is now up to 99% recovery rate. Do take an experimental vaccine or cover your face to make the wealthy elite happy. All they want to do is control you and Bob Iger is apart of the problem.

    1. Jim

      Calm down Karen…Their parks, their rules, not God’s. Don’t like it don’t go.

      1. TacoCat

        Thank you Jim for your comment. The other commenter was probably stomping their foot as they screamed their comment.

  2. Veronica

    Actually, Sue, you are 100% correct. And to think, it was just a couple of generations ago men barely 20 stormed the beaches of Normandy to certain death to preserve freedom. Now they don their masks, forego freedom and cower in fear from a virus with a very high survivability rate. Baa baa, little sheep. Uh oh, is that the Thought Police banging at my door?

  3. A.

    Sad news. The insanity around an illness with such a low mortality rate is unbelievable.

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