Comments for Does the Haunted Mansion Holiday Overlay Start Too Early?

Haunted Mansion Holiday at the Disneyland Park

Credit: Disney


  1. Nic

    I think Early December is perfect. It allows plenty of time to get in the mood for Halloween. There should be no debate here. Leave it as is.

    1. Alex Lue

      I agree!

  2. NBC is great, and I’ve been a Burton fan since Pee-wee’s Big Adventure came out when I was 16.

    That said, I’ve been a Disneyland fanatic since I was in a stroller (early 70s) and loved the Haunted Mansion for almost as long.
    Sorry, but Disney, Crump, Atencio, Frees, Davis, Coats, and Toombs (attorneys at law) will always win this debate for me.

    I enjoy the overlay, but as I see it, there are actually TWO problems with it: the first is covered in your article. But what really adds insult to injury for us Doombuggy-heads (is that a term? It is now. I’ve just decided) are the put-up and take-down periods. It essentially means that one of Disneyland’s most iconic attractions is available in its original form for maybe six months out of the year (less if there’s a refurb going on). This has never seemed fair to me. I used to hope that the overlay would wear out its welcome someday, but the crowds have demonstrated that that won’t be happening any time soon.

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