Comments for Guests Compare Universal and Disneyland Holiday Weekend Crowd Photos

universal crowds

Credit: @hastin (left) @ladysparkleshoe (right)


  1. John

    Of course, the Universal park in Hollywood is really small compared to Disney, especially related to pathways.

  2. AMJ

    I think Universal hasn’t jacked all their prices for tickets up as high as Disney has. I know that Annual passes and day tickets at the Florida parks are way less for Universal. And their food and snacks are a bit less.Disney wants almost $7 for a pretzel, with “cheese” sauce at Animal Kingdom, the same venue has pork pulled sandwiches for 20 cents more. Universal is much less costly

  3. Mich

    Disney has reservations and limiting crowds , is Universal?

  4. Anon

    If I’m not able to be there I really don’t care if it’s packed or not.

    1. Dianne N

      Universa’s pic is in front of a ride and eatery. DCA is the walkway path. There are only 2,rides there; Soarin & the Rapids. At 10 – 11the park was just opening. Now what did Disneyland look like? What did Carsland or Avengers Campus look like?

  5. Barbara

    That’s because Disneyland still has lower attendance capacity! They care!!! Universal doesn’t care.

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