Comments for Individual Reportedly Sneaks Onto Splash Mountain Set

splash mountain animatronics

Credit: Disney


  1. What’s with people jumping off the rides? Now, I can clearly understand the time when the ride car on Splash Mountain actually sunk to the bottom of the track (totally submerged). The funny part was that the cast member was scolding the passenger for getting out. The passenger looked at the sunken ride and then look at the cast member and questioned, “you expected me to stay in that?”

  2. Chris

    I hope they at least tried to fix some of the broken animation while they were in the show scenes.

  3. M

    What is it with people trying to walk in the middle of the rides? First Living of the Land, now this?! Oh and #SaveSplashMountain

  4. Tamara

    The few idiots make it bad for the rest of us. Does Disney have to install automatic restraints to keep fools in their seats.

  5. Barb

    I’m just pleased to see Disney hasn’t yet butchered this ride!

  6. Jay

    Didn’t they listen to the song? Don’t go there, the fox is there!

  7. Bailey

    Maybe jyst looking for a souviner before they WRONGLY redo/change the ride to something absolutely stupid…. keep it as it is… political incorrectness rules…

  8. Art Collier

    Hoot, (as in Hoot & Chief)?

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