Comments for No Emmy Nom For Gina Carano, Despite Disney’s Recommendation

gina carano

Credit: Gina Carano Instagram


  1. Mary

    Why do you have such a hard on for her? She didn’t deserve it regardless of her being fired. She wasn’t “snubbed”

  2. John

    She was terrible. Bill Burr acted circles around her.

  3. Benwahbob

    Amy Sedaris deserved it more than Carano. You wasted your time writing, she wasn’t snubbed.
    She’s not a good a good actress.

  4. Steve

    Drop it like Disney dropped her. This site pops up on Google news, always some BS story about her. There’s a lot of actors not nominated – some rightly so, add her to the heap and forget about her. This isn’t a MMA website after all.

    Yes, first time commenting so hopefully this site stops associating her with the franchise and move on.

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